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  1. 1. All Images are from Google Image
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  3. 3. Alcohol is created when grains, fruit or vegetables arefermented. Alcohol in this subject is a drink made ofcorn, barley, grain, rye or beverage containing ethyl.After a person drinks alcohol the stomach absorbs 20%and 80% by the small intestine.From the website Avon’s nhs uk/ alcohol- about 5 millionpeople are non-drinkers, 40 million social drinkers, 10million at risk drinkers, 1 million problem drinkers and200, 000 dependent drinkers. This is how many peopledrink alcohol. The percentage is 27% men and 14%women drink over recommended units in UK.
  4. 4. Most people know that alcohol damage the liverand of course if they drink continuous they can diefrom cancer so why drink? Drinking is like drugsand is like committing suicide.•It will make the liver•You can also make you have Cancer•It will increase the chances of Heart Attack.•Liver failure which leads to death.•CirrhosesCirrhosesCirrhoses is a liver disease, it replaces the liver tissuewith fibrosis.This picture is from Wikipedia.
  5. 5. Alcohol effects the nerve system this why people who getdrunk cannot control themselves. This could lead to accidents.•Impaired senses such as hearing and vision.•Slow reactions•Mood and personality changes•Confusion•Hallucinations•Feeling anxious or worried•Black outs•Loss of sensation in feet and hands.
  6. 6. Pancreas General Body Intestine• Painful and inflamed • Weight gain. •Irritation of lining • Headaches •Inflammation and ulcersbleeding. •Muscle weakness •Cancer of intestine and colon.Circulatory system•High blood pressure•Irregular heartbeat•Damage to the heart andmuscle•Increased risk of heartattack and stroke
  7. 7. Hom e
  8. 8. Alcohol and sport•Alcohol and sport performance•Sport•Negative Effects of Alcohol in Sport•What do I think•Conclusion
  9. 9. Alcohol & SportsPerformance It goes without saying that alcohol is more likely to affect your physical performance for the worse and that any serious athlete will avoid alcohol during training or sporting events. Whilst occasional drinking is acceptable, consuming alcohol in conjunction with physical activity is rarely recommendable.
  10. 10. Sport Is an organized, competitive, entertaining, and skillfulactivity requiring commitment, strategy, and fair play, inwhich a winner can be defined byobjective means. It is governed by a setOf rules or customs. Activities such ascard games and board games, are classifiedas "mind sports" and some are recognized asOlympic sports, requiring primarily mental skillsand mental physical involvement. Non-competitiveactivities, for example as jogging or playing catch areusually classified as forms of recreation.
  11. 11. Negative Effects of Alcohol in Sport Text was taken
  12. 12. What do I think? I think for the sportsmens alcohol is the most terrible thing that could be. Most of the people don’t think about this, but actually it’s really important. One of myfamily friends use to be a big champion in his time, but one day his friends asked him to try some VODKA(most popular drinkin Belarus) and he tried. After training hecame home and got drunk, it was horrible. Every day he was doing same. In onemonth he died. ONE STUPID ACT CANDESTROY ALL LIFE.
  13. 13. END Thank you!This file cant be coped.