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Prospectus                                            Technology
                rtunity | Specialis ms: Languages and
A W...
Welcome from
                              the Principal                                                      to engage ev...
AM  essage from
  the Sponsor                                                 needed. We shar
ting time in
“This is an exci
                we create
our history, as
                 at raises
an Academy th
about my
“The best thing
                  is very
school is that it
m ulticultural and
ng Community
Our Learni nity
A world of oppo                                                          ...
Our Curriculum
  A real world focu
Our Studentssful citizens
                                                  ces    c
r Opportunities
  Extra-curricula g individuality
  Nurturing and de
me here you
“When you co
                 the limit and
are pushed to
                  d by the
you are inspire          ...
Ou r Partnerships munity
                 comith the
  Learning in and w                                                  ...
’ Academy
The Crest Girls                                                                  Sponsor:
Crest Road            ...
CGA Prospectus 2010-11
CGA Prospectus 2010-11
CGA Prospectus 2010-11
CGA Prospectus 2010-11
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CGA Prospectus 2010-11


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CGA Prospectus 2010-11

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CGA Prospectus 2010-11

  1. 1. Prospectus Technology rtunity | Specialis ms: Languages and A World of Oppo
  2. 2. Welcome from the Principal to engage ever y student regardless of their y’s pleasure to introdu ce you ility. The Academ It gives me great background or ab nology ined nguages and Tech “We are determ emy. specialisms of La Crest Girls’ Acad m to to The hout the curriculu ucceed are woven throug that our girls s such this vibran t, ss to essential skills privilege to lead give students acce ications, s It is a ol and amwork, commun and leave us a multicultural and happy girls’ scho ship with our en thusiastic as leadership, te critical thinking an d innovation. ulate confident, artic to work in partner students, dedicate d staff and supp ortive al young 4 academic year , we will and aspiration parent s and governors. From the 2013/1 ti-million pound, specifically repared benefit from a mul women, fully p have a clear ilding, which w ill allow our s’ Academy, we designed new bu rt learning rk in the At The Crest Girl termined that in a state-of-the-a for life and wo are de students to flourish vision for the future. We nfident, inspire them to succeed. and leave us as co environment and 21st century.” our girls succeed culum, the nal youn g women, r innovative curri ate and aspiratio Combined with ou eving our aim pal articul support us in achi Bev Bell, Princi the r life and work in new facilities will en. fully prepared fo bitious young wom of crea ting confident, am 21st centur y. community tions for our stude nts deal to offer our have high expecta We have a great u in We environment in w hich to working with yo have created an and look forward ake a and supported and ch allenged genuinely do m each individual is ensuring that we r students. tential, bo th inside life chances of ou to ac hieve their full po gly, we difference to the e opportunities ssroom. Accordin create innovativ and outside the cla Together we can rents and be read y to learn, to new hope for pa ct our students to d for students and ard to expe take pride in thei r own an ity. I look forw work hard and to our wider commun ademy. evements. Ever yone’s The Crest Girls’ Ac thei r Academy’s achi ded so welcoming you to gnised and rewar successes are reco s valued. Bev Bell that ever yone feel tive Principal broad and innova Our curriculum is learning illed staff design and our highly sk The Crest Girls’ Academy | Prospectus | 03
  3. 3. AM essage from the Sponsor needed. We shar e our experience of best ith the that you are cons idering ng approaches w We are delighted practice in teachi links with daughter at The C rest Girls’ so have excellent a place for your Academy. We al sations onsor, E-ACT is co mmitted education organi Academy. As Sp further and higher siness Academy to beco me l and national bu to supporting the as well as the loca nt is ace of learning w ith an g that ever y stude an outstanding pl community, ensurin goals, at promotes tolera nce and nity to reach her inclusive ethos th given the opportu be. respect for others . whatever they may at me involved in th is to an Academy th We chose to beco We are committed w way, e we are committ ed to nts to think in a ne Academy becaus encourages stude and ucational lenge of learning d to improving ed to enjoy the chal young people an rtance also equipping th em with gnising the impo achieving, while achievement, reco rtunities needed for a succ essful ncing the oppo the lifelong skills of students experie nd the king adult life. them for life beyo personal and wor that will prepare education, er that is in higher Academy, wheth ton or the workplace . Sir Bruce Lidding Director General a ademy to deliver We support the Ac r flexibility E-ACT designed to offe curriculum that is ng needs to students’ learni of choice, a match ort where individual supp and interests with 04 | The Crest Girls’ Academy | Prospectus
  4. 4. ting time in “This is an exci we create our history, as at raises an Academy th gh innovation s tandards throu t.” and investmen pal Bev Bell, Princi
  5. 5. about my “The best thing is very school is that it welcoming.” m ulticultural and Year 9 student
  6. 6. ng Community Our Learni nity rtu A world of oppo p their students to develo Encouraging our d involved with The Crest in the Academy an We want ever yone own identity with dence know that they ar e part of by building confi Girls’ Academy to their own culture cated d multicultural co mmunity; to through our dedi an innovative an in languages and s our eir peers and to be proud of m, which include be inspired by th pastoral care syste munities te supportive com their successes. Houses that crea nts between our stude rents, We will achiev e this by: rtnership with pa W orking in close pa ity ultural, safe and e wider commun Providing a multic at is governors and th ng environment th purposeful learni ity commun ns are high at the heart of the Our expectatio e vative and inclusiv and we believe in: Offering an inno the lum that fires world-class curricu life Excellent behaviou r brings learning to imagination and of attendance nts’ individual ap titudes The highest levels Developing stude em and punctuality nurturing self-este and interests and ect for others and confidence Courtesy and resp nts to become all involved in Encouraging stude e Hard work from citizens who mak the Academy responsible global ciety ution to so learning a positive contrib The enjoyment of e best ff to ensure that th Developing our sta r drive tice underpins ou professional prac s for student succes The Crest Girls’ Academy | Prospectus | 07
  7. 7. Our Curriculum s A real world focu Specialism Our Technology es exciting, innovativ e and specialism provid Our curriculum is st centur y. Our Technology resources for teac hing women in the 21 s and relevant to young additional facilitie no logy and d approach mea ns that atics, design tech A truly personalise enjoy, science, mathem hing and learning the opportunity to ICT. This enhances teac all students have and has enabled their chosen subj ects. across the whole curriculum rise in all and succeed in, vation and enterp us to promote inno y life. Our Staff ality areas of Academ mitted to high qu Our staff are com students ges and motivates Our Sixth Form teaching that enga is creative, re to be part of Th e Crest ilities. Teaching Our students aspi g I want. of all ages and ab can do anythin sity. constantly evolving .A progress to univer “I Sixth Form and to inspirational and d activities culum is designed to build y to studying range of cross-cur ricular events an dents to use the sk ills they The post-16 curri laid by The Crest Girls’ I am on my wa on the foundations challenge our stu medicine now.” g e subject and ap ply them lop confident youn have learned in on Academy, to deve es enable d equal places in 8 A*s ect. These activiti GCSE student, full an to a different subj eness women who take and have the p a greater awar our changi ng global society students to develo k in our cceeding at unive rsity g of life and wor best chance of su and understandin careers. global society. and in their chosen s Specialism links with a range Our Language We have excellent ge and Languages enhanc es the ding Brunel, Oxbrid Our specialism in of universities inclu dents e of our stude nts and the universities. Past stu learning experienc the Russell Group edicine, . We teach a broa d range reers including m wider community have gone onto ca siness. n languages an d encourage accounting and bu of modern foreig s in law, psychology, nts to take GCSE and support stude ilds their ges, which bu their home langua lf-esteem. confidence and se 08 | The Crest Girls’ Academy | Prospectus
  8. 8. Our Studentssful citizens ces c Confident and su ach their t to ensure they re culture additional suppor e a rich, diverse full potential. We aim to provid nds to from all backgrou enabling students young s’ self-esteem and confidence lop into confident We build student flourish and deve d succeed. em to take qualifi cations in driven to learn an by encouraging th women who are alongside other su bjects. their first language ho support dedicated team w Our House Sy stem d We also have a develop their dual attention an over the world to All student s are given indivi belong to students from all succeed. Students skills in English. the opportunity to sures that l Houses, which en one of eight smal ivated and ership Team pported, kept mot Our Junior Lead each student is su y concerns. ship Team enable s girls to port of call for an The Junior Leader always has a first ide the le in the Academ y’s decision e system we prov play an active ro Through our Hous uraging preparing them to take their storal care, enco making process, k experience highest quality pa arners and of the future. Wor p as confident le place as citizens re that ever y students to develo gnised and s advice make su s. Success is reco and expert career responsible citizen cess to opportuni ties. hout the year. girl has equal ac celebrated throug ly delighted “I was absolute ct, Plus Faculty culture of self-respe Our Learning We encourage a willingness to take on s. It just ng those with my result r students includi and a We support all ou respect for others ards of y the highest stand rd work and e ditional needs. Th responsibility. Onl shows that ha individuals with ad Plus pected and acce pted. dicated Learning behaviour are ex Academy has a de pays off. ring determination Faculty that provid es support, mento nts with k all of my suring that stude I’d like to than and counselling en eds are ng or physical ne s their support emotional, learni udents who teachers; it wa achieve supported to achi eve their best. St d talented are also given tha t allowed me to are gifted, able an results.” these fantastic , 4 As, 3 Bs GCS E student 3 A*s The Crest Girls’ Academy | Prospectus | 11
  9. 9. r Opportunities Extra-curricula g individuality elopin v Nurturing and de trips and visits Sports, clubs, nge of s’ Academy there is a wealth ting and varied ra At The Crest Girl classroom. We offer an exci m sport clubs to learn outside the tivities fro of opportunity to extra-curricular ac Portugal and l, national and gl obal ucational tri ps to USA, Spain, Through our loca opportunities for all ed tantly extend the options partnerships, we provide Fr ance and we cons nity to rt in a range of vi sit s, trips s have the opportu students to take pa on offer. Our student d Cadet ing, the Combine and activities acro ss the gl obe. ta ke part in horse rid ic, fitness, sport, mus Fo rce (CCF), dance, rs. among many othe Leadership dr ama and football gain the opportunity to Ever y student has ademy perience sibilities in the Ac Real world ex additional respon m the regular Acad emy based house captains, fro In addition to – from prefects to clubs and being oad range of resid ential sports leaders to running clubs, there is a br theatre s. All our student s have ing speakers and ambassador experiences, visit students to apply p their own ch enable the opportunity to develo groups all of whi ch their skills. learning to re al life and approa . leadership exciting and creative way studies in a more al in terests pursuit of individu The Crest Chal lenge These may be in service to others, es students raising or The Crest C hallenge encourag local or following fund nts to experience the Academy and all of which enable our stude to participate in t, leadership al context. loping team spiri learning in a glob community, deve towards All students work and social skills. d Platinum ze, Silver, Gold an achieving a Bron events, pating in House Award by partici other e and a range of community servic nges. titions and challe activities, compe 12 | The Crest Girls’ Academy | Prospectus
  10. 10. me here you “When you co the limit and are pushed to d by the you are inspire go far in teach ers to aspire to tion making life. Not to men great friends.” t Year 11 studen
  11. 11. Ou r Partnerships munity comith the Learning in and w n of the facilities. The desig the fantastic new for our reflect our vision With parents… new buildings will t to being to forming a genu ine as our commitmen We are committed ongly students, as well families, as we str munity. partnership with achieving a hub for the com pport students in believe this will su tions… With organisa essful their potential. s developed succ rs to The Academy ha l area which l parents and care ss the loca We encourage al partnerships acro dents to rest in the Academ y provides oppo rtunities for our stu take an active inte ion. To help, we oad ra nge of activities and their child’s educat participate in a br parents and perience. communic ate regularly with informed and work ex that they are kept el carers to ensure rtnership with Brun ’s progress. We also have a pa of their daughter the Urban Sc holars University called fted and d Staff ch enables our gi vibrant Parent an programme whi ud of my We also have a Friends of The Crest Girls’ talented students to develop intellectual “I am very pro Association – The llow their interests and e standard aughter and th ever yone Academy, an d we encourage curiosity and fo supports them in d they organise. ined. Thank ramme events passions. The prog to take part in the she has mainta engaged in raising their aspirations to be arning. Brunel Un iversity also ers for their ou to the teach … With the community unity, higher levels of le e Crest y emy in the comm development of Th school is an Acad supports us in the for settling hard work and of nities for Our e offer a broad ra nge increasing opportu the community. W and Challenge and in demy.” for ion. hops for parents, carers cess higher educat courses and works mmunity. Th ere are language our students to ac Highgate her into the Aca members of the co matics classes partnership with courses, cook ery courses, mathe wever, Th rough our strong ol, students bene fit from Parent tions available. Ho Independent Scho and many other op im prove activities and initiatives looking at ways to a broad range of we are constantly mmunity and look Combined Cadet Force, a our links w ith the local co including the entoring for s. ogramme and m forward to hearing your view paired reading pr e, Highgate dents. Furthermor our sixth form stu SHINE y will be in e, funded by the 2014, the Academ runs a programm to extra From ildings, which will r students access emporary new bu Trust, that gives ou ning. cont even further the ra nge of a Saturday mor allow us to extend literacy support on the local com munity to use opportunities for 14 | The Crest Girls’ Academy | Prospectus
  12. 12. ’ Academy The Crest Girls Sponsor: Crest Road E-ACT Neasden Sixth Floor N 81 Oxford Street London NW2 7S 42 London T: 020 8452 48 24 W1D 2EU F: 020 8452 60 uk E: staff@thecrestg irlsa W: www.thecrestg y Associates: ww by Grebot Donnell Pro spectus produced