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Internet of Things: The Complete Reimaginative Force.


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The TCS Global Trend Study 2015 looks at findings on how IoT technologies are being used in four regions of the world and 13 industries, as well as the keys to generating business benefits from them.

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Internet of Things: The Complete Reimaginative Force.

  1. 1. TCS Global Trend Study – July 2015 Internet of Things: The Complete Reimaginative Force
  2. 2. − N Chandrasekaran CEO and Managing Director "Most of the companies we studied are committed to investing big in their IoT initiatives this year−an average $86 million per company. What sets IoT leaders apart is what they are investing in, and how they are changing the way they do business to capitalize on the investment."
  3. 3. based on a TCS survey of 795 companies with $22b average revenue from 13 industries in 4 regions of the world 8 Key $ $ $ $ Findings on how they use IoT technologies for Premises Monitoring Product Monitoring Customer Monitoring Supply Chain Monitoring $ $ $
  4. 4. IoT has Arrived Four out of five companies use IoT technologies to track their products, customers, premises, or supply chains 1 in a Big Way KEY FINDING Already significant, average investments in IoT set to grow $103mn $86mn2015 2018 Tweet
  5. 5. Companies with higher priced offerings are investing more in the IoT Average Expenditure on the IoT > $10mn< $100 $39mn $335mn Sticker Price Drives IoT Investments2KEY FINDING Tweet
  6. 6. Track consumer behavior using mobile apps 47% Track goods moving through production and distribution on their way to customers 45% Track products after sale using embedded sensors 26% Monitor business locations with digital sensors 25% Mobile Apps Most Frequently Used IoT Technology3KEY FINDING Tweet
  7. 7. North America Europe Latin America 4KEY FINDING Percentage of total revenue spent on IoT initiatives by companies across four regions North American & European Companies Lead in IoT Adoption 0.45% 0.40% 0.23% 0.34% Asia Pacific Tweet
  8. 8. Average rise in revenues in 2014 Rise in revenues for 9% of companies 16% 60% Impact Areas More customized offerings Better tailored marketing campaigns Faster product improvements More effective customer service The Impact IoT Initiatives Drive Revenue Growth5KEY FINDING $ Tweet
  9. 9. Have and project more than 25% revenue growth from IoT initiatives Lead in the use of the IoT to monitor products sold, with around 40% companies doing so Second in average IoT spend ($121 mn) across sectors, only next to travel industry ($129 mn) Industrial Manufacturers Ahead of Other Sectors6KEY FINDING Tweet
  10. 10. Strategic & Cultural Factors Key to IoT Adoption; 7KEY FINDING Technology a Key Challenge Strategic Cultural Identifying NEW business opportunities made possible by the IoT Changing how managers THINK about customers, products, and processes Determining the RIGHT data to collect using the IoT Having top executives who BELIEVE in the IoT Handling BIG DATA Deciding which IoT systems to DEVELOP internally vs. externally Technology Tweet
  11. 11. Digitally reimagine their businesses to create value for customers —not just for themselves Deliver value through new business models, product and service offerings, product bundles, and data Understand the breakthrough potential of the IoT in delivering real insights on how products and services perform and are used by customers Respond swiftly to insights revealed by data Deal better with organizational resistance to the truth IoT technologies can reveal Make the IoT reliable in the field by reducing security risks Invest selectively before making large, across-the-board commitments 7 Things that Set IoT Leaders Apart8KEY FINDING Tweet
  12. 12. What IoT Pioneers Say William Ruh, VP and Global Technology Director, General Electric Co. The two primary things we look at as success: enabling a change in the services business at GE and enabling the outcomes we see with our customers. Everything is based on an outcome. Do we make pipelines safer? Do we save fuel for a customer? Jonathan Ballon, VP, IoT Group, Intel Corp. We are using image analytics to detect defects in about a tenth of the time it takes through manual inspection. Naresh Shanker, CIO, HP Inc. Hyper integration offers endless possibilities... There are now millions of HP printers that can provide services in homes. John Canosa, Chief Strategist, Connected Products at ThingWorx, PTC A company that’s doing IoT right is putting together cross-functional teams that involve R&D and IT at a minimum... Tweet
  13. 13. IT Services Business Solutions Consulting Contact a Consultant TCS Global Trend Study – July 2015 Internet of Things: The Complete Reimaginative Force