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TCS SocialSoccer - England vs. Uruguay Prediction!


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TCS SocialSoccer - England vs. Uruguay Prediction!

  1. 1. The UK is the most World Cup obsessed with 16% of tweets about the tournament coming from there. Surprisingly, in third place, behind the US, is Indonesia who make up 12% of tweets. 16% 12% 14% 75% Raheem Sterling is a cause for a lot of excitement amongst England fans, with a huge 75% of positive tweets, eclipsing captain Steven Gerrard (25%) and rookie Adam Lallana (61%). 25% 61% The PlayersThe MoodThe Audience England Vs. Uruguay8pm | 19.06.2014 | Arena de São Paulo, São Paulo, Brasil 65% 35% 33% #ENG win 11% #URU56% Draw Ahead of England’s crunch match tonight, TCS SocialSoccer has been finding out what fans from across the world are saying on Twitter. Over half feel a draw is most likely, which wouldn’t greatly help either team. However, overall optimism for the chances of each country is nearly opposite, with 65% of #ENG fans optimistic for their teams chances this year in Brazil, compared to the hopes of 35% Uruguayan. +17 Million Tweets The Prediction Vs. 69% 51% Match WinnerTop Five UK Cities 1. London 33% 2. Manchester 13% 3. Liverpool 11% 4. Birmingham 5% 5. Sheffield 3% Top Five Countries 1. UK 16% 2. United States 14% 3. Indonesia 12% 4. Brazil 10% 5. Spain 7%