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iARMS Condition Monitoring_Envision Enterprise Solutions


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iARMS Condition Monitoring from Envision Enterprise Solutions.

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iARMS Condition Monitoring_Envision Enterprise Solutions

  1. 1. Industry Challenges:  Discrete systems with limited historical data.  Vital parameters data is locked in closed systems like SCADA, DCS, BMS or other systems.  Plants with multiple productions lines with from different vendors and automation systems.  In ability to track the usage, performance of Equipment, Plants.  No consolidated view of information of indirect or associated information for Diagnostics.  Unable to leverage the historical information for predictive analysis.  SME’s located in various locations unable to collaborate.  Response management is reactive, rather than proactive.  Un able to execute the approved Risk Mitigation, response is adhoc most of the time.  Failure to have the stake holder’s data for response management or Risk Mitigation.  No historical data for failure analysis or what if scenarios. Integrated Alert and Response Management Solution. In the age of integrated world Machine Interface are seamlessly connected to control systems, opens up tremendous opportunity to manage, monitor, diagnostics, Predict and performance analysis of Plants, Facilities, Buildings or any things which is connected, can be connected. iARMS is a IOT platform to integrate with Sensor, Automation to enterprise systems. A big data complaint solution with scalability, security and an architecture to implement multi location and central solution. Key differentiators are ready made integrations with most of the standard Automa- tions systems like Modbus, SCADA, PLC, OPC and BMS systems. iARMS come with ready made integration with Maximo, SAP ECC, Oracle and other Enterprise Solutions I need Production Performance View I need Production Operations View I need Equipment performance View I need Productions Cost view How can I benchmark Multi- ple Plants performance with Diverse systems ? How can I fetch reliable data for my MES/MII integration with ERP Systems Maintenance Manager CIO CFO Production Manager Director Production Plant Manager iARMS Solution meeting the expectations of every stake holders All in real time !!!
  2. 2. Solution over view: Multi-layer architecture with robust frame work, of Application server, Portal with strong visualiza- tion tools, Rule Engine, work Flow Manager with Alerts and Notifications. Salient Features of the solution:  Role based security.  Web services/SOA based integration with open Architecture.  Deployable centrally and plant level.  High availability and load balancing configuration.  Rich functionality and configurable environment.  Robust event manager.  Configurable response management.  Built in report developer.  Integration with SMTP and SMS gateways.  Unified response management.  Ready made integration with Maximo, SAP, Oracle and other enterprise solutions Integrated Alert and Response Management Solution.
  3. 3. Deployment Scenarios for various Industries: © Product names, logos, brands, and other trademarks owned by respective organizations. Target Problem Solving Areas…...  Production & Operations Logs.  Equipment/Plant running hours.  Tools running hours and replacements.  Power, Energy, Water, Steam consumptions.  Shifts performance tracking  Productions Yields  Batch Production Records.  Work Center/Equipment Performance Track- ing  Condition monitoring.  Packaging Line performance.  Down Time Recording.  Failure Recording.  Alarms & Events aggregation and response planning. For more information write to Visit North America Envision Enterprise Solutions America Inc. 12 Roszel Road, Suite A-204, Princeton NJ 08540 USA Ph: +1 609 269 2198 Fax: +1 609 228 6378 Canada Envision Enterprise Solutions Canada Inc. 439 University Avenue, 5th Floor Toronto, ON M5G 1Y8. Ph : +1 437-836-3080 Fax No: +1 437-836-3101 Middle East and North Africa Envision Middle East Solutions FZ- LLC. PO BOX # 500415, G01, Building 9, Dubai Internet city, DUBAI, UAE Ph: +971 4 4456970, Fax: +971 4 4456971. Asia Pacific Envision Enterprise Solutions Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd 15 Enggor Street, #08-04, Realty Centre Singapore 079716. Ph: +65 62950102, Fax: +65 62955059. Global Delivery Center Envision Enterprise Solutions Pvt Ltd. 2nd Floor, Sai Vamsee, #645 Road no. 36, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad 500033, India Phone: +91 40 65343853. Fax: +91 40 40130892 Target Industry Verticals…...  Manufacturing  Power Generation  Water and Utilities  Transmission and Distribution  Oil & Gas  Mining  Transportation  Infrastructure Integrated Alert and Response Management Solution.