orthographic projections bar strength of materials mechanics of materials problems on simply supported beams shear stress mechanical members strut column shaft beam solid bodies cylinder cone pyramid display characters compute gain percentage income calculation assumes that all months have 30 days and all years months and days program to convert a given integer (in days) to ye convert the temperature in fahrenheit to degrees c compound interest simple interest sum of the digits of a three digit number swap two numbers practice programs in c oop pop natural language assembler interpreter compiler high level language assembly language machine level language history of computing programming languages t > d/20 hoop stress or circumferential stress and radial s shear load circular section t section unsymmetrical i section symmetric i section triangular section rectanular section weight saving % weight ratio of solid to hollow shaft problems on torsion overhanged beam and cantilever beam problems uvl and couple) (udl uniformly distributed load concentrated load method of section uvl udl point load shear force and bending moment diagram for simply calculation of support reactions for udl and uvl relation between load shear force and bending mome types of loads calculation of support reacions types of beams simple torsion equation hollow shaft solid shaft torsional stiffness torsional rigidity polar section modulus twisting moment problems on triaxial loading and stresses on incli bars with variable cross sections subjected to axi bars with variable cross sections subjected to axi toughness engineering strain vs true strain engineering stress vs true stress brittle material aluminium mild steel stress strain curve shear strain compressive strain tensile strain normal stress compressive stress tensile stress cube prism development of surfaces difference between isometric projections and isome isometric projections of prism orthographic projections of solids section of cone section of cylinder section plane parallel to v.p section plane inclined to v.p section plane inclined to h.p sectional plane parallel to h.p sections of solids axis parallel to h.p solids when axis inclined to v.p axis parallel to v.p solid axis inclined to h.p cnc controllers siemens fanuc cnc awp apc atc hmc vmc programming methods control systems configurations actuators industrial robots projections of lines pfa miclass opitz gt gcapp vcapp capp apt planes composites metals ceramics plastics steels
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