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Rangoli-A nature inspired art form. Rangolis are made to welcome festivals, special occasions. When seasons change Nature comes up with its own Rangoli!

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  1. 1. Rangoli designs by Rangoli designs by Anita Wagh Nature Inspires Art!
  2. 2. RANGOLI • Designs made with natural materials to usher in an auspicious occasion • In the North of India colourful rangolis welcome festivals-religious, cultural and special occasions. • In the South, Rangoli making or Kolam is an art of meditation, according to Anita Wagh, expert Rangoli maker.
  3. 3. Rangoli designs By Anita Wagh.using coloured rice powder
  4. 4. Rangoli designs By Anita Wagh.using coloured rice powder
  5. 5. Rangoli designs by Anita Wagh
  6. 6. Welcoming the festival of Onam in Kerala with a flower rangoli
  7. 7. Independence day rangoli
  8. 8. Rangoli to welcome visitors to a music festival in New Delhi
  9. 9. Rangoli to welcome a Tiger workshop in New Delhi
  10. 10. Glass Owl by Rakhi Prasad Of Glass.Apart
  11. 11. Nature welcoming fresh rains by sprouting a mushroom rangoli
  12. 12. Signalling the end of monsoon Another spiral fungii
  13. 13. Rangoli is a nature inspired art form!