Learn to lose weight and build a lean body with Lean And Lovely


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Lean And Lovely is a new guide that shows you how to burn fat and get a lean and attractive body.

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Learn to lose weight and build a lean body with Lean And Lovely

  1. 1. Lean And Lovely
  2. 2. Was created by Neghar Fonooni
  3. 3. Is a downloadable product
  4. 4. The site Vkool.com provides a detailed review about Lean And Lovely at: http://vkool.com/lean-lovely-program/
  5. 5. This guide consists of 5 components Component 1 The Lean and Lovely Training Guide
  6. 6. This is the key to the 12-week program divided into 4-week phases
  7. 7. Component 2 The Lean and Lovely Nutrition Handbook
  8. 8. This e-book supplies you with nutrition tips for lean body
  9. 9. which will coincide with the phases in the main training manual to help you create radiant synergy for optimal benefit
  10. 10. Component 3 The Lean and Lovely Sweat Sessions
  11. 11. This e-guide contains easy to follow workouts
  12. 12. that allow you to increase your energy and lift your own spirits
  13. 13. In addition you will also get the feminine and sexy glow you wish
  14. 14. Component 4 The Lean and Lovely Video Exercise Database
  15. 15. There are 65 videos demonstrating each exercise, from the basics, such as lunges and squats to complexes
  16. 16. Component 5 The Lean and Lovely Training Log Sheets
  17. 17. This will encourage you to keep track of your progress exactly, helping you what to increase and what to decrease
  18. 18. There are two versions of each sheet that you can easily select to fit your demands
  19. 19. By using this guide, you can: Gain sexy body without depriving yourself
  20. 20. Improve your strength
  21. 21. enhance self- confidence and cultivate both of your inner and outer radiance
  22. 22. Be vibrant and strong without spending hours in the gym
  23. 23. Get to know exactly how to nurturing your inner strength and reinforce your outer strength
  24. 24. Experience a complete transformation from the appearance of your body to the way you view your food and yourself
  25. 25. Experience the dramatic improvement in your mindset and nutritional changes.
  26. 26. While we’re using fitness as the vehicle for your personal transformation
  27. 27. this program is really about changing your life from the inside out
  28. 28. Lean & Lovely Fitness is more than just exercise. It could become a way of life
  29. 29. Just 12 short weeks from now, you’ll be looking back today as the start of something amazing, incredible, rewarding, and transformational!
  30. 30. The price The guide costs $97.00
  31. 31. Money back guarantee 60 day money back guarantee