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SUPPORTERS DIRECT                           FANS’ WEEKEND                           CHESTER 15TH–16TH JULY 2011           ...
WELCOmE TO THE SD     FANS’ WEEKEND                                     the past year has been                            ...
OPENING PLENARY                                                                                            COLONNADES SUIT...
WORKSHOPS       stRANd ONE: INsPIRING ANd ENAbLING suPPORtER OwNERshIP                                                    ...
All workshop strands except the AFC Telford Peer review and the European Supporters’ Groups session can be     attended by...
cLOsING PLENARY                                                                                      COLONNADES SUITE     ...
FANS’ DAY     saturday 16th July, Exacta stadium, chester fc, bumpers Lane, ch1 4Lt           The Fans’ Day begins at 12pm...
3rd Floor Victoria House,     Bloomsbury Square     London     WC1B 4SE     t. 020 7273 1592     w.
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Sd programme 2012_final (3)


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Sd programme 2012_final (3)

  1. 1. SUPPORTERS DIRECT FANS’ WEEKEND CHESTER 15TH–16TH JULY 2011 sponsored bySD_Programme_2012.indd 1 12/07/2011 14:01
  2. 2. WELCOmE TO THE SD FANS’ WEEKEND the past year has been the launch of two well received briefing papers at westminster and our contribution to the work of the house of commons The Co-operative and a network of experienced select committee. this is Supporters Direct are united co-operative development part of the continued drive in their shared passion and advisers to offer support to embed our philosophy ambitions for co-operation. to enterprises that are of a more sustainable For The Co-operative, this seeking to become co- game with greater fan and means a business model that operatives, or co-operatives community involvement, puts members at the heart that are at critical points It is my pleasure to something that both the of our governance, rewards in their development. We welcome you to the 12th coalition and them with a share in our were delighted to recently Annual conference of Labour have committed profits and has, at its core, welcome Supporters Direct supporters direct. to. we also continue to a steadfast commitment to into our network of experts, grow our reputation across social responsibility. For where their expertise can despite the challenging Europe as experts on Supporters Direct, this be drawn on to promote a times, I believe the engaging supporters in their means promoting a model more sustainable future movement itself is in good clubs. for sports clubs that builds for the next generation of health. I am delighted on the unique sense of community-owned clubs. that we are receiving this is only made possible solidarity borne of loyalty to sponsorship from the because of the work that a team, to give fans a greater In all sorts of areas, people co-operative for today’s you all carry out at your voice in the running of their are coming together to conference and the fans own supporters’ trusts and clubs. For both, there is an create mutual solutions to day on saturday. In addition football clubs. explicit recognition that the ensure that they have a say to providing us with Over the last 11 years we long-term sustainability of in the running of services resources, the co-operative have grown and developed their concerns is best served and enterprises that they also helps us to tap into the supporters’ trust by involving in decision- hold dear. In sport, we find a far wider and growing movement together. Yes, making the very people communities of passionate support for mutualism and sd may be living through on whom their long-term people who are united by co-operation that covers so a difficult moment, but the success is dependent. a bond that will tie them many sectors of business support and encouragement together throughout their and society. this is critical we have received from so At The Co-operative, we are lives. It is a ripe area for for the success of an many of you has given us investing £7.5m over the community ownership organisation like sd, and I great heart over recent next three years to build and Supporters Direct have hope to continue building weeks. I believe, working a stronger co-operative our full support in their on those relationships. together, we can continue economy in the UK through efforts to support fans to to build the number and the provision of free, tailored take control. we have wide support strength of our supporters’ advice and training to new across the political trusts in the coming and trading co-operatives. Michael Fairclough, Head of spectrum, and one of the decades. The Co-operative Enterprise Community and Campaigns, notable successes of -chair dame Pauline Green Hub has brought together The Co-operative Group co-operative for their business case for supporter I’d like to thank all those sponsorship of the weekend. ownership and how that can who have given up their time be financed. to lead sessions or be part I have clearly taken this of the day. position at a difficult time In the closing plenary, for sd. fortunately we have the emphasis will be on whilst today’s conference is an extremely committed the direction and relevance intended to be very much a and hard working team all of sd and the wider trust formal event, including our dedicated to maintaining movement in a game which Annual General meeting, the excellent work for which looks quite different from tomorrow is a little more w elcome to today’s sd is known. that of eleven years ago free-form and fun. annual conference when sd was created. I am of supporters the focus of today’s grateful to william Gaillard, I hope you enjoy both days. direct, and my first as conference, with the launch special Advisor to michel Acting chief Executive. of our two briefing papers, Platini, for agreeing to my sincere thanks to the is on strengthening the join us. -Acting CEO Brian Burgess 2 | SD FANS’ WEEKENDSD_Programme_2012.indd 2 12/07/2011 14:01
  3. 3. OPENING PLENARY COLONNADES SUITE (12.00-13.00) LAuNch Of thE bRIEfING PAPERs ‘fINANcING suPPORtER cOmmuNItY OwNERshIP’ ANd ‘busINEss AdvANtAGEs Of suPPORtER cOmmuNItY OwNERshIP’ We’re launching the last two of our four briefing papers for 2011; ‘Financing Supporter Community Ownership’ and ‘business Advantages of supporter community Ownership’. these papers should both inspire and inform supporters’ trusts and the fans alike as to why and how they should have more influence in the ownership of their clubs. the session will be introduced by brian burgess, Acting chief Executive of supporters direct with tom hall, head of Policy and development at supporters direct, Jim brown of baker brown Associates and Adam brown of substance presenting. Brian Burgess Brian is a business advisor specialising in the development of sports stadia,multi-purpose community hubs and social enterprise models for linking sport, health, education, and social inclusion. He is currently leading the development of a new 20,000 seat Brentford Community Stadium for Brentford Football Club and trustee of Brentford FC Community Sports Trust. From 2003 to 2007 he chaired the supporters’ trust, Bees United. Following a 30-year career in industry, Brian joined Community Action Network (CAN) in 2002, and until 2007 was Managing Director CAN Health and Sport Ltd, a social enterprise advisory service working with the public, private and third sectors to promote the development of community hubs delivering public services Tom Hall Tom Hall is Head of Policy and Development at Supporters Direct, whom he joined in 2007 as a Development Manager. His background is in sports and community development having worked for Sport England for a number of years and previous to that in regeneration for local government. He has a Masters in Business Strategy, Politics and the Environment from Birkbeck College and is a qualified project manager Jim Brown Jim Brown is the principal consultant at Baker Brown Associates, a policy research and development co-operative. Jim has worked with co-operatives over 30 years. His main areas of interest are equity investment, community engagement, innovation, business strategy and training. He was the lead consultant for Community Shares, a two year action research programme funded by the Cabinet Office and the Department of Communities and Local Government, which was completed earlier this year, and the author of The Practitioners Guide to Community Shares, published in July 2011. Adam Brown Adam Brown is a founder and Director of Substance, helping organisations delivering personal, community and social development. He led the Social Value of Football research for SD, and also its four recent briefing papers. He was Deputy Director and Senior Research Fellow at the Manchester Institute for Popular Culture at Manchester Metropolitan University from 1996 to 2006. He was also a leading member of the Government Football Task Force and is a board member of both FC United of Manchester and Cornerhouse arts centre. SD FANS’ WEEKEND | 3SD_Programme_2012.indd 3 12/07/2011 14:01
  4. 4. WORKSHOPS stRANd ONE: INsPIRING ANd ENAbLING suPPORtER OwNERshIP COLONNADES SUITE These workshops will take a closer and practical look at the two papers launched at the Conference including case studies and presentations from some clubs. sEssION 1 BUSINESS ADvANTAgES OF SUPPORTER COmmUNITY OWNERSHIP IN FOOTBALL 14:00 to 15:00 Led by: James Mathie (SD) with Fiona McGee (Substance) and Mark Howells (Chester FC) The session will hopefully inspire and give confidence to supporters’ trusts and individuals alike as to the advantages and positive stories from supporter owned clubs. It will provide further detail from the opening plenary on advantages our research has identified on being supporter owned. sEssION 2 FINANCINg SUPPORTER COmmUNITY OWNERSHIP IN FOOTBALL 15:15 to 16:15 Led by: Tom Hall (SD), with Adam Brown (Substance), Kevin Jaquiss (Cobbetts) and Andy Walsh (FC United) One of the major obstacles to extending current supporter community ownership – whether for wholly owned, majority or minority ownership – is the ability of trusts to raise capital finance. This briefing paper outlines the various methods of raising finance to enable supporter ownership. stRANd twO: POLIcY ANd REGuLAtION (ONE sEssION ONLY) DISRAELI ROOm sEssION 1 BRIEFINg PAPERS 1 & 2 14:00 to 15:00 (‘Developing Public Policy to Encourage Supporter Community Ownership in Football’ and ‘Developing Football Regulation to Encourage Supporters Community Ownership in Football’) Led by: Adam Brown (Substance) The workshop will major on the two Policy and Regulation papers launched in May and will also consider both the current DCMS inquiry plus touch upon the relevant elements of the Localism Bill. It will both review the current landscape, consider current opportunities and outline what anyone interested can do in these areas to help create the political will for change. stRANd thREE: tRAINING fOR suPPORtERs’ tRusts EDWARD ROOm sEssION 1 mODEL RULES 14:00 to 15:00 Led by: Jacqui Forster (SD) with Tom Wainwright (Cobbetts) This session will focus on the introduction of the revised set of model rules which we have been working on with the help of Co-operatives UK and Cobbetts. It will give participants a better understanding of the changes that have been made, new powers that they enable and the process to implementing them. sEssION 2 WORKINg WITH OTHER FAN gROUPS 15:15 to 16:15 Led by: Jacqui Forster (SD) The second session will take a look at the role of supporters’ trusts and how they can work effectively with other supporters groups on a local level. It will include case studies from different approaches from supporters’ trusts that have been successful in developing strong working relationships with other groups or working towards their aims. 4 | SD FANS’ WEEKENDSD_Programme_2012.indd 4 12/07/2011 14:01
  5. 5. All workshop strands except the AFC Telford Peer review and the European Supporters’ Groups session can be attended by delegates. A comfort break of 15 minutes will be provided between the first and second sessions stRANd fOuR: EuROPE PRINCE ALBERT ROOm sEssION 1 UEFA FINANCIAL FAIR PLAY 14:00 to 15:00 Led by: Antonia Hagemann The first session will explain the UEFA Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulation which is due to be adopted from the start of the 2011/12 season for clubs seeking to play in UEFA competitions and in particular the introduction of the Supporter Liaison Officers - something SD has worked closely with UEFA on. sEssION 1 CLOSED SESSION: EUROPEAN SUPPORTER gROUPS ONLY 15:15 to 16:15 Led by: Antonia Hagemann The second session will be a closed session for supporters groups from mainland Europe to discuss the work of SD Europe and how groups can work better together. stRANd fIvE: suPPORtER ANd cOmmuNItY-OwNEd cLubs vICTORIA ROOm This strand will be for supporter owned clubs to share good ideas and identify ways SD can provide more support to these clubs. sEssION 1 mARKETINg YOUR CLUB TO YOUR FAN BASE 14:00 to 15:00 Led by: James Proctor (SD) with Mark Bradley (Mark Bradley Projects) The first session will feature Mark Bradley, an industry expert on the fans experience of games. The session will focus on how supporter owned clubs can market themselves better, with particular focus on how to engage their fanbase. vICTORIA ROOm sEssION 2 AFC TELFORD PEER REvIEW/COmmUNITY OWNED CLUBS 15:15 to 16:15 Led by: James Proctor (SD) with Peter Jackson (Consultant) The club recently undertook a comprehensive review of the club with key stakeholders including fans’, local business and the local authority to understand what these groups thought of the club, and how they can improve these relationships. This interactive session will provide a brief summary of the review, its key findings and how it can apply at other clubs. This session will also provide an opportunity for our supporter owned clubs to discuss how they can provide mutual support and where SD can assist. Start time End time Session 11.00 12.00 Registration 12.00 13.00 Opening Plenary 13.00 14.00 Lunch (Kings’ Quarter) 14.00 15.00 Workshop Strands 15.15 16.15 Workshop Strands 16.15 16.45 Break (Palazzo Suite) 16.45 17.45 Closing Plenary 18.00 Agm 20.00 23.00 Comedy Night SD FANS’ WEEKEND | 5SD_Programme_2012.indd 5 12/07/2011 14:01
  6. 6. cLOsING PLENARY COLONNADES SUITE (16.45-17.45) thE tRust mOvEmENt: sEIzING thE OPPORtuNItY Since its inception in 2000, SD has been at the forefront of arguing for better regulation of football, and we’re now in an age where the argument about regulation is not about ‘if’ but ‘what’ and ‘how’. Leagues are gradually adopting more stringent controls on finances and the ownership of clubs. UEFA’s new licensing criteria is becoming a reality with the eventual aim that debt be more-or-less eradicated from clubs. Within UEFA’s licence – and as a consequence, most Premier League clubs – the new Supporter Liaison Officer requirement means that fans will have more of a formal channel to be listened to and their views acted upon. So what does that mean for SD? What will be the impact on fan ownership? And how will the Culture media and Sport Select Committee report, due to be published shortly, affect this climate? This plenary will feature a discussion and speeches from SD Acting Chief Executive Brian Burgess, and two special guests: William gaillard and mark Bradley. WILLIAm gAILLARD William gaillard is currently the Director of Communications & Public Affairs for UEFA, and Senior Adviser to UEFA President michel Platini. He has recently appeared before the DCmS Select Committee’ football governance enquiry. mARK BRADLEY The author of Inconvenience Stores (2004) and Retails of the Unexpected (2008), Mark uses ‘real fan experiences’ to encourage Clubs, Leagues and Associations to think differently about growth. The Football League has credited The Fan Experience Company with increasing family attendance at fixtures by over 12% (more than 2 million people) in the 4 years since the Family Excellence Awards were established to let Clubs see themselves through new fans’ eyes. Mark also works with the SPL (Scottish Premier League), the FAI (Airtricity League) and the Football Association (Non-League / ‘grass roots’ levels and the new FA WSL). He also works for a number of individual Clubs, at all levels of the game, helping them to develop a much deeper understanding of the potential, existing and lapsed supporter and to renew fan consultation, increase engagement and grow attendances. Mark can be contacted via Twitter @FanExperienceCo AGm vICTORIA ROOm (18.00) supporters direct is a democratically owned organisation. members are entitled to elect the board, and make decisions at General meetings. If you want to know more about renewing or joining as a full or associate member, please contact or call 0044 (0)20 7273 1576 cOmEdY NIGht COLONNADES SUITE from 20.00 to 23.00 there will be a comedy night, with canapés served in the palazzo suite from 19:00, for people with a comedy night ticket who have attended the conference. 6 | SD FANS’ WEEKENDSD_Programme_2012.indd 6 12/07/2011 14:01
  7. 7. FANS’ DAY saturday 16th July, Exacta stadium, chester fc, bumpers Lane, ch1 4Lt The Fans’ Day begins at 12pm in the marquee at Chester FC. There will be a BBQ, stalls, fans’ penalty shoot-out and keynote speeches. Following this will be The SD Cup: Chester FC vs. FC United of manchester. 3.00pm kick-off SPEAKERS AT THE FANS’ DAY INCLUDE: TOm gREATREX mP Tom is the Labour/Co-Operative member of Parliament for Rutherglen and Hamilton West. Prior to his election in 2010, he worked at gmB, East Dunbartonshire Council, NHS 24, and as a Policy Adviser to three Secretaries of State for Scotland. Outside of politics, his interests include family, films and football - he is a former Chair of Fulham Supporters’ Trust! Tom was kind enough to host the May launch of two Supporters Direct briefing papers at Portcullis House. DAvID CONN David Conn is an award-winning writer for the guardian newspaper and author of two acclaimed books chronicling English football’s commercial transformation: ‘The Football Business’ and ‘The Beautiful game? Searching for the Soul of Football’. He has earned a reputation as the foremost journalist critically investigating football’s structure and governance, as well as ownership and takeover sagas at individual clubs. He has always been a strong advocate of supporter representation at clubs, and continues to argue, that clubs should ideally be mutually owned by their supporters, and be primarily community organisations. David qualified first as a lawyer before embarking on a career in journalism. He has written for all England’s broadsheet newspapers on a range of issues including football, and made documentaries for BBC television and radio. He wrote a weekly investigative column for the Independent for six years before moving to the guardian in 2005. He was last year voted UK sports news reporter of the year by the Sports Journalists Association, an award he also won in 2005. He has been named football writer of the year by the Football Supporters Federation three times, in 2002, 2005 and 2009. CHRIS PILSBURY Chris Pilsbury has spent his career in teaching, retiring early four years ago. In October 2009 he was elected to the board of City Fans United, subsequently becoming chairman. The early months of work with his colleagues on the board of CFU were concerned with preparing for the inevitable collapse of the club, which finally occurred in March 2010. He cites as critical the dedication of the fans and the help and advice of many, at the forefront of which was Supporters’ Direct. Following the Club’s collapse, he became the first Chairman of the reborn Chester F.C., something he describes as “a huge honour, an enormous responsibility and, most particularly, a great joy”. ANDY WALSH Andy Walsh is a seasoned community activist and a fervent campaigner for fan involvement in football clubs. As Chair of the Independent manchester United Supporters’ Association he led the successful campaign to stop the takeover of manchester United by Rupert murdoch’s BSkyB. Andy was one of the prime movers in uniting the football supporters’ movement through the establishment of the Football Supporters’ Federation bringing together the National Federation of Football Supporters and the Football Supporters Association. As the general manager of fan-owned FC United of manchester he is leading the club’s project to build a new 5,000 capacity community football ground and sports complex in manchester. Start Time End Time Session Venue 12.00 14.00 Activities begin including: bar, stalls and bbQ marquee 13.00 14.00 Keynote speakers marquee 14.45 14.55 fans’ penalty shoot-out: chester fc v fc united Pitch 15.00 17.00 sd cup Pitch 17.00 18.00 man of the match presentation marquee SD FANS’ WEEKEND | 7SD_Programme_2012.indd 7 12/07/2011 14:01
  8. 8. 3rd Floor Victoria House, Bloomsbury Square London WC1B 4SE t. 020 7273 1592 w. supporters-direct.coopSD_Programme_2012.indd 8 12/07/2011 14:01