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Annual Report 2009
2 Board of Directors
3 A Note From our Founder
4–5 Stories From the Front
6–7 YF’s 3 Key Findings
8–9 Y...
Networking                                     Youth Frontiers Board of Directors

          Carol Culp
Dear Friends,

                               Throughout the nonprofit, government, and business sectors, the last 12
Stories From the Front

By the time it was my grade’s turn to attend the ever-famous
Youth Frontiers Courage Retreat, we had heard many stories ab...
Measuring Our Impact
             YF’S 3 KEY FINDINGS

    YF exists to support schools in their efforts to develop bot...
My act of courage is to stand up for other people. Jenny, I’m one of those people
          who called you names in the pa...
How Your Generosity
                        Impacts our Mission

                 Thank you! Because of our supporters’...
Your money makes a difference.
                        $35 gives “Courage” buttons to 250 seventh graders to remind

     Income Statement
                e                                        ...
$2,500,000                                                                                  $2,429,615
Revenue            ...
Honor Circle                       Respect Circle                       Leonette M. and Fred T. Lanners
     ($25,000 and ...
Mike and Erin Strommen                    Scott Lutz and Maureen Mara             Cecile Bedor
      Ten Times Ten Foundat...
Richard Dorn and Erika Malvey Dorn   Nicole Hanover                        Laurel and Richard Kroll
     Don and Mary Anne...
Jacquelyn Olson                           Charlie Silverson and Elaine Elnes         Skip and Beth Wyer
       Bjork Ostro...

                                                                                  6009 Excelsior Boule...
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Youth Frontiers Annual Report


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Youth Frontiers Annual Report

  1. 1. Annual Report 2009 2 Board of Directors 3 A Note From our Founder 4–5 Stories From the Front 6–7 YF’s 3 Key Findings 8–9 Your Impact 10–11 Financial Summary 12–15 Our Donors
  2. 2. Networking Youth Frontiers Board of Directors Team Carol Culp Community Leader John Estrem Expansion Executive Director Team Carmen Pampa Fund Connie Grady Nate Garvis Senior Director Senior Public Affairs Officer Cushman and Wakefield Target Corporation Jeff Heegaard Marialice Harwood Executive Director Publisher of Delta Sky Magazine 1000 Friends of Minnesota MSP Communications Mary Paoli Steven Kennedy Community Leader Partner Faegre & Benson LLP Colleen Needles Steward President Dean Phillips Tremendous! Entertainment President & The Family Catalog Phillips Distilling Company Tim Thorpe Rev. Efrem Smith Executive Director of Pathways Senior Pastor President of James R. Thorpe Foundation Sanctuary Covenant Church David Walsh President National Institute on Media and the Family Expertise Team Strategy Kenneth Dragseth Team Retired Superintendent of Edina Public Schools Joe Cavanaugh Dragseth Consulting Founder & CEO Craig Vana Youth Frontiers Executive Director for Dave Dorn Emergency Management and Safety President Minneapolis Public Schools Special Olympics Minnesota Paul Maenner, Chair Principal Excellence JMW Development, LLC Team Mike Maney Tony Enrico Partner President The Excelsior Group 2nd Wind Exercise Margrette Newhouse Scott Lutz Myers Chair in Management Chief Marketing Officer College of Saint Benedict/ Life Time Fitness St. John’s University David McFarland Mary Nord Senior Vice President & President Chief Credit Officer Weber-Nord Consulting Marquette Transportation Finance Hank Shea Senior Distinguished Fellow University of St. Thomas School of Law *As of October 1, 2009 2
  3. 3. Dear Friends, Throughout the nonprofit, government, and business sectors, the last 12 months presented a tremendous challenge. Schools faced budget deficits and many nonprofits suffered greatly as their donors’ resources dwindled. In our world at Youth Frontiers, we certainly weathered our share of storms. Facing the challenges of the economy head-on, we tightened our belts by cutting 1/6 of our spending to keep our organization and mission strong. And we did so while maintaining staff morale and providing the same quality programs to schools—90% of schools brought us back despite their own financial struggles. We pride ourselves on serving a critical mission and being a good investment for our donors, and this year was no exception. Sound fiscal management by our Board of Directors helped grow our revenue by double digits, beating our budget for the 7th consecutive year. This, of all years, was a record-breaking one for us. For the first time in our 22 years we: • Delivered 664 retreats in 15 states throughout the country; • Began a partnership with CAREI at the University of Minnesota to measure our impact and put data behind what we’ve intuitively known all along; and • Raised more than $1 million to support our important work with schools. Joe Cavanaugh, Founder & CEO We could not have done it without you, and we are truly grateful. With this in mind, we wanted to share the story of the past year with you from the perspective of our donors, staff, and students—past and present. After all, we could not realize our mission without them. Enjoy! Sincerely, I want to thank the Youth Frontiers Board members for their dedication and service. These are volunteer positions for which there is little recognition. The mission of Youth Frontiers drives each of us in different ways to contribute time and talents so that more schools can experience the power of YF’s programs. Thank you! — Paul Maenner, Chair, Youth Frontiers Board of Directors 3
  4. 4. Stories From the Front HOW YF’S PROGRAMS HAVE IMPACTED FORMER STUDENTS Eric Youth Frontiers Retreat Staff Musician I attended a Respect Retreat in 9th grade, and I remember— very vividly—the bus ride back to school. We were a changed class. The social barriers and cliques seemed to be broken down. And for that moment, we were united as a class. It was amazing to me, the power and impact that one day had on our class. I know that I took a lot from it personally, and our school was a better place because of Youth Frontiers. Fast forward 10 years... I had been working in radio for my entire professional career. I was ready for a change, for something more personally fulfilling. I had been a camp counselor for many years, so I knew that working with youth was something I enjoyed and was good at. It wasn’t until I went to the YF website and saw Joe Cavanaugh’s name that I realized it was the same company Eric, YF Retreat Staff Musician that had done my 9th grade Respect Retreat. Once I put the connection together, I knew where I wanted to be in my life. I’ve enjoyed the last 4 years. I love having a job that is new and different every day—a job that gets kids thinking about how they treat themselves and others. And, to have the opportunity to share my own personal experiences through music on retreats. I really couldn’t ask for a cooler job. — Eric 4
  5. 5. By the time it was my grade’s turn to attend the ever-famous Youth Frontiers Courage Retreat, we had heard many stories about past grades’ experiences. It had been referred to as “the day where all the girls cry” or simply “the day when all the 8th graders get to skip school.” These ideas were shattered within the first few activities of the day. Through the retreat, our grade was given the oppor- tunity to step up and take some responsibility for ourselves. As a part of my school’s senior year, each student chooses a place to intern for the month of May. Youth Frontiers was on our list and popped out at me immediately. A friend and I decided that this was where we wanted to spend our last few weeks of high school. I truly believe that many students and schools benefit from these retreats. It was awesome to be both a recipient of the benefits as Erin and Kevin, YF Interns well as a contributor, helping lead retreats and assisting in the administrative side of the organization. — Erin Student at Boston College Claire Youth Frontiers Retreats Participant I attended a Youth Frontiers retreat my sophomore year of high school and can still remember the impact upon leaving that afternoon. It gave me the unique opportunity to see my classmates in a new light and allowed me to see the incredible community of people that surrounded my high school experience. Youth Frontiers calls individuals to rise above the perils of not only school, but personal hardships and struggles. This takes an extreme amount of courage, respect, and kindness that in turn helps students become strong characters, role models, and leaders for all. — Claire M.Ed. candidate and high school teacher Claire, YF Retreat Participant Erin and Kevin (pictured with her brother at her Youth Frontiers Interns, May 2009 college graduation) 5
  6. 6. Measuring Our Impact YF’S 3 KEY FINDINGS YF exists to support schools in their efforts to develop both smart and good kids— because we know that both elements are essential for a positive school community. In our ongoing quest to learn more about the impact of our work, we have been pleased to see that students and educators perceive that their school community is more positive after a YF retreat, as evidenced by our 3 Key Findings. I have been bullied before, but the 3 rules you told me about are really helping. My life is really changing. — 5th grade participant on our Retreat 1. Students learn how to treat each other better. • 93% of students on the Kindness Retreat reported that they learned ways to be kinder to their peers and how to include others in activities. (Sass, 2005) • Over half of teachers surveyed regarding the Courage Retreat felt that there had been a noticeable change in the ways students treated each other even 60 days after the experience. (Sass, 2005) • 74% of students on the Respect Retreat reported that they had been more respectful of others since the retreat. (Sass, 2005) 6
  7. 7. My act of courage is to stand up for other people. Jenny, I’m one of those people who called you names in the past, and I want you to know I’m really sorry. I promise to stop and also to stand up for you if I hear my friends picking on you. — 7th grade participant on our d p n Courage. Retreat e e 2. Students are more engaged and willing to stand up for others. • 86% of students on the Courage Retreat reported that they learned what it means to act with courage, the impact of fear, and skills on how to show courage. (Sass, 2005) • Through the direct instruction on the retreat, students have an increased awareness of their choices and use this experience as a catalyst to change their behavior. (Johnston, 2008) • Youth Frontiers retreats assist educators with behavior management and problem-solving strategies. (Johnston, 2008) One of the best, realistic, eye-opening experiences. I’ve changed for the better. — 9th grade participant on our r d Retreat a 3. Youth Frontiers delivers a consistently high-quality retreat experience. • 95% of teachers reported that the Respect Retreat was of a very high quality. (Sass, 2005) • Youth Frontiers has incorporated many best practices into the retreat format, including using upper-class students as role models, using a variety of formats that are relational and youth-centered, and providing opportunities for personal reflection. (CAREI, 2009) • 100% of educators rated the quality of the Youth Frontiers retreat staff facilitation as very high. (Johnston, 2008) YF Longitudinal Evaluation Project, 2002-2005, Ed Sass, Ed.D. YF Client Review Evaluation Project, 2007-2008, Bill Johnston. Preliminary Report, 2009, Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement (CAREI), University of Minnesota. 7
  8. 8. How Your Generosity Impacts our Mission Thank you! Because of our supporters’ faithful and selfless generosity in a difficult year, YF was able to reach a record 100,000 students and educators, enriching character and building community in schools. During the 2008–2009 school year: $1,035,000 The total amount raised last year— up 7% from fiscal year 2008’s total of $968,000 42% of YF’s total revenue came from donors like you, which keeps the costs of our retreats affordable for all schools 100% of Youth Frontiers staff gave financially to YF—in addition to this generosity, every YF staff person sacrificed between 1 and 4 weeks of pay to help maintain our programs despite significant budget cuts 88 individual supporters and foundations generously increased their investment by a total of $203,831, over and above their previous year’s gift A special thanks to the Frey Foundation for their generous grant allowing Youth Frontiers to expand and professionalize our development department. 8
  9. 9. Your money makes a difference. $35 gives “Courage” buttons to 250 seventh graders to remind them to live out their Act of Courage $300 helps 30 kids attend 1 of our retreats $1000 covers our transportation costs to 30 rural and suburban schools for 1 week $10,000 reaches 4 more schools, impacting another 600, 800, or even 1000 students $25,000 covers salary and modest benefits for 1 new retreat staff person, which opens up capacity to work with 80 additional schools “I support Youth Frontiers because they’re everything a charity should be. They provide needed, innovative, and highly effective programs at a responsible and sustainable cost through dedicated, mission-focused leaders, staff, and volunteers.” — Dan Moore, YF Supporter p 9
  10. 10. Financial Summary Income Statement e TEMPORARILY TOTAL UNRESTRICTED RESTRICTED TOTAL FY 2008 2009 2009 FY 2009 Revenue $ 2,169,040 $ 2,403,085 $ 26,530 $ 2,429,615 Net Assets Released $ 0 $ 28,260 $ (28,260) $ 0 Expenses $ 2,273,845 $ 2,419,561 $ 0 $ 2,419,561 Change in Net Assets $ (104,805) $ 11,784 $ (1,730) $ 10,054 Balance Sheet e JUNE 30, JUNE 30, 2008 2009 Unrestricted Funds and Working Capital $ 352,665 $ 364,495 Temporarily Restricted Assets $ 32,165 $ 30,435 Net Property and Equipment $ 40,206 $ 40,160 Total Net Assets $ 425,036 $ 435,090 REVENUE EXPENSES FY ‘09 FY ‘09 14% 57% 10% 42% 76% Program Fees $1,380,205 Program $1,835,954 Donations $1,035,656 Development $337,886 Other $13,754 Mgmt & General $245,721 For fiscal year July 1, 2008 to June 30, 2009 10
  11. 11. $2,500,000 $2,429,615 Revenue Total Revenue $2,000,000 $1,500,000 $1,035,656 $1,000,000 Fundraising $500,000 FY ‘03 FY ‘04 FY ‘05 FY ‘06 FY ‘07 FY ‘08 FY ‘09 Net Assets $800,000 $600,000 $400,000 $435,090* $200,000 FY ‘05 FY ‘06 FY ‘07 FY ‘08 FY ‘09 A note from our President & COO, *Note: In June 2007, the Board of Directors Jack Lee made the strategic decision to invest in our organizational When we saw the economic storm coming early last school year, we growth, using financial realized that we would not meet our revenue goals. We made a reserves built up over commitment to our board not to exceed our planned loss of ($200K). the last 7 years. In response, we made significant spending cuts that impacted everyone For the second year in at Youth Frontiers. We kept staff informed and asked for their input, a row, we budgeted keeping the impact on our staff as minimal as possible (a challenge for a financial loss, when over 75% of our spending is payroll and benefits). and will continue to do so through FY 2010, Despite these difficult decisions, we were able to grow our sales returning to profitability revenue by 18% and our donations by 7%. in FY 2011. Given the Every single person at Youth Frontiers sacrificed, and together with , g current economic environment, we are our donors we achieved our financial goals. als. closely monitoring this investment. 11
  12. 12. Honor Circle Respect Circle Leonette M. and Fred T. Lanners ($25,000 and higher) ($1,000 to $9,999) Foundation John Lavander and Nan Owen Anonymous (2) Andy and Kristi Anderson Jack and Laura Lee ** Best Buy Children’s Foundation Deb and Mike Ayres Mike and Cathy Lee Best Buy Co. Best Buy Children’s Foundation Lee Family Foundation Charisma Foundation * Tag Team Awards—WoLF Patrick and Katherine Leighton Frey Foundation The Bieber Family Foundation Kathleen and David MacLennan Nate Garvis—Target Gary and Faye Burke Paul and Sally Maenner General Mills Foundation Ed and Judy Cannon Mike and Karen Maney Timothy and Mary Gray Kevin Cashman Brian Mark Family Fund McFarland Family Fund Joe Cavanaugh and of The Minneapolis Foundation of The Minneapolis Foundation Jane Leyden Cavanaugh ** Mike and Fran McCloskey Bob O’Rourke— Michael and Ann Ciresi Foundation Mike and Katie McElroy Target Stores Leadership Fund John and Kathy Cleveland David McFarland and Family Smikis Foundation Colorado Commercial Services Dick and Joyce McFarland The Cote Foundation Tom and Roberta McNellis Don and Sandy Craighead McVay Foundation Wisdom Circle Gretchen Crow Greg and Barb Melsen ($10,000 to $24,999) Dain Rauscher Rob and Nancy Mendel Chris and Margaret Davis John and Judy Mendesh Anonymous (1) Edward and Sherry Ann Dayton The John W. Mooty Foundation Trust 3M Community Affairs Carol E. and Charles M. Denny Fund Charles and Elizabeth Mooty David and Debra Andreas of the Minneapolis Foundation Thomas and Jeanne Mueller Fund The David Winton Bell Foundation Ernie and Mary Dorn of The Minneapolis Foundation Ned and Marlene Bixby Mike and Debbie Ducar Brent and Anne Oswald The Charlson Foundation * Kim and Dan Dyer ** Oswald Family Foundation Ron and Joan Cornwell The Emmerich Foundation Chris and Jane Pears Fritz and Glenda Corrigan Dick Enrico John and Sara Peterman Foundation Kim and Carol Culp Tony and Michelle Enrico Jeff and Suzanne Pope Duininck Companies Fiterman Foundation The Elizabeth C. Quinlan Foundation Jim and Mary Frey Chuck and Arlene Garrity Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi The George Family Foundation * Tim and Jill Geoffrion Arne and Edie Rovick Family Fund Verne and Carol Johnson Greystone Foundation of The Minneapolis Foundation Minnesota School of Business Jeff and Lucy Heegaard Benno and Marlys Gapstur Sand Phileona Foundation Hegman Family Foundation Family Fund of the Minneapolis Jay and Rose Phillips The Hendry Family Foundation Foundation Family Foundation Henkel Corporation Saunders Family Foundation Chris and Hank Shea Tom and Patty Holloran Schall Family Fund Jay and Heather Strommen Dave and Michelle Horan of The Minneapolis Foundation WEM Foundation Kathleen Humphries Mark and Ann Schulze Invision Services Charles and Zena Scimeca Charitable Steven and Mary Kennedy Fund at Boston Foundation Kiwanis Club of Edina Fred and Heidi Senn Golden K Foundation Smaby Family Foundation The Kopp Family Foundation Ted and Noa Staryk Joyce and I have been supporters of Youth Frontiers for many years. We have four grandchildren who have all experienced the benefits of Youth Frontiers’ retreats. There is no doubt in my mind that their self-confidence and compassion for others has been strengthened through their experience with Youth Frontiers. I am in awe of the fact that over 100,000 of our young people are experiencing these programs. Youth Frontiers has earned the respect and the support from all of us. — Dick McFarland, YF Supporter and Retired Chairman at RBC Dain Rauscher 12
  13. 13. Mike and Erin Strommen Scott Lutz and Maureen Mara Cecile Bedor Ten Times Ten Foundation John and Sarah Maney Kelly and Toby Bent John and Jill Trautz Bob and Mardie Marshall Nicolle and Michael Berg ** University of Notre Dame Paul and Jean Mooty Michael and Ruth Bettendorf Jeff and Mary Werbalowsky D. Bradford Neary and LaVonne Bigelow Peter and Christy Weum Suzette E. Sutherland Mary Birchard Dan and Carol Wolfe Margrette and John Newhouse The Blake School Steve and Kathy Woodley Open Door Foundation H.G. and Patricia Bloom The Palen Family Foundation of The Rita Boersma ** Minnesota Community Foundation Mark and Jane Borden Courage Circle Rice Family Fund of the Chris Borek ($500 to $999) Catholic Community Foundation Linda and David Borrell Meg and Tony Rodriguez Del and Patricia Bosacker Doug and Carole Baker Lucy Rogers and Larry Grant Fund of Tom Boulay Julie M. and Douglas M. Baker, Jr. Fund Headwaters Foundation for Justice Audrey Barrett Bower of the Minneapolis Foundation Denny and Maggie Russell Maureen and Chris Brackey Ed and Patty Beadle Tom and Gigi Schumacher Ralph and Mary Braun Frank and Carol Bennett Jeff and Mary Scott Jan Brown ** Dan and Judy Boulay Tom and Jessica Sipkins Mike and Connie Brown Bremer Bank Nancy Sonntag Joe and Carol Burke Amy Bryant and Rand Satoskar Colleen Needles Steward and Dick and Danis Byrd Lisa and Greg Buck Tom Steward Father Mike Byron Steve and Ann Burbidge Dave and Patsa Sullivan Eric and Constance Carlson Campbell Family Foundation Kenneth Swanson Cindy Carpenter and Gregg Roberts Jim and Carmen Campbell John Thysell Mary Lou Carpenter Tim and Jennifer Caron Phyllis Wagner Tom and Anne Carrier Citizens Independent Bank Barry Warren Tara Carroll ** Community Foundation Tom and Sophie Cavanaugh Greg and Krysta Clark Shannon Chambers ** Randy and Carol Cote Kindness Circle Reed and Lisa Christianson Crescendo—Lisa Griebel (up to $499) Robin and Dick Cohan Joe and Joan Cronin Steve and Kathy Coleman Pat and Molly Cronin Anonymous (1) John and Bonnie Collins Dave and Katie Dorn Sheri Ahl and Eric Haugen Julie and Duane Cologne Dean and Laurie Enrico Ryan and Jenn Alexander Leslie and Mike Connelly Rick Enrico Tom and Ann Althauser Kerry Cooley Carolyn and E. Robert Ernest Rick and Cynthia Anderson Julia Corneil-Smith John Estrem Tami and Todd Anderson ** Grace Cosgrove Jerry and Ellen Gallagher Jeff Arundel Mary Cosgrove Hallmark Insights Don and Geraldine Ayd Nicole Cosgrove Jason Howard and Chad Keast Beth and Lynn Babcock Sam and Mary Jo Cote Paul and Cindy Karos Cammy and Tim Baer Walt and Edie Couillard Troy and Lynne Kerin Ann Bancroft and Pam Arnold Kathleen Crandall Kent and Carolynn Kiewatt Jane and Ron Barnes ** Brian and Joy Crevoiserat Jerry and Cathy Koering Bryan and Sandy Barry Steve and Amy Culbert Kim Kuenzi Jodi Barthel ** Ingrid and Chris Culp Angela and Patrick Lee Bernie and Diana Bauman Jean Culp ** Jim and Kim Lesinski Jim and Brenda Becker ** Northrup and Erna Dawson Guy and Suzanne Logan Tom and Caroline Becker Roger Dick Michael and Denise Lorenz Joe and Jessica Beckman ** Christine Doran and Cory Hoeglund ** * Indicates a multi-year gift ** Indicates a YF staff person during FY ‘09 13
  14. 14. Richard Dorn and Erika Malvey Dorn Nicole Hanover Laurel and Richard Kroll Don and Mary Anne Draayer Judie Hansen and Ken Winden Robert and Kathy Kulus Ken and Mari Dragseth Steve and Jan Hansen Milford and Margaret Lager Delphine Duff Todd and Midi Hansen ** Eric Larsen Joe and Patsy Duffy Paul and Barb Hanson Tom LaSalle Maymie Ecker Wayne and Margaret Hanson Megan Lee-Erickson ** Jennifer Eckert Ken and Barb Hartwell Charles Legros and Karen Heegaard Edina Morningside Rotary Stewart Harvey and Mary Neal Harvey Richard and Sally Leider Janine Efferding Bill and Josie Heegaard Steve and Ellen Lepinski Erik and Marjorie Ellingson Eric and Carreen Heegaard Arlene Vail Leyden Jan Enrico Roger F. Heegaard Family Fund Peter Leyden and Pacy Erck of The Minneapolis Foundation Sharon Hawkins Leyden Art Erickson Rick and Elaine Heltne Chuck and Shirley Lindemann Mary and Richard Falvey Jon and Teresa Herchert ** Shannon Lorenz ** Kate Fandrey Bob Hildreth Tom Luing JoAnne Farley William and Ellen Hoeg Tom and Stephanie Lund Catherine Finch Karen Hohertz Kevin Lynch and Leslie Wilson Chris Fisher and Patty Hoolihan Jean and Kevin Holm Todd and Kristen Maas ** Mike and Diane Flood Mike and Kelley Hoolihan David Maenner Bill and Eileen Foley Carol Horan Joe Mailander ** Dave and Marti Foley Karen and David Hoops Jeanne Maki Paul and Nancy Foley James and Ann Howard Family Fund Eric Malmberg ** J. and Rebekah Forrest of The Minneapolis Foundation Thomas and Dorothy Maloney Joel and Mary Forseth John and Marilyn Howard Pam Marshall Lawrence and Mary Ann Frascella Mike Huberty Steve May J.P. and Krista Gallagher Ironwood Ridge High School Jon and Lindy McClure Earl and Virginia Geiger Student Activities Fund Jim McCorkell and Chris Greenhow Dorothy Gigante Frank and Peggy Johnson Sue McDonald and Sapphire Pilney Tony and Beth Gleekel Talton and Carol Johnson Pat McNamara Michael and Sharon Goergen Jessica Larson ** John and Molly McShane Connie Grady Adam Jones and Imma Caboti Hal and Wynn Meeker Debra Grahn ** Justus Corner Jean Mehrkens ** Grant R. Grissom Sally Kamps Marie and L.T. Merrigan Greta Grosch Chris and Tom Karki ** David Midthun and Vivien Williams Ernest Grumbles Bob and Donna Kasbohm Carrie Miller ** Guaranty Commercial Title Noam Kaufmann Kenneth and Sharon Miller Megan Guhl Peg and Kevin Keenan Minnetonka Middle School East Julie and Matt Guidry Dan and Lil Kelley Nicole Moore Woodhouse Dan and Erika Gulbrandson Martin and Esther Kellogg Jo Morton Lyn and Eric Gustafson ** Don Kelly and Megan Deignan Sydney and James Morton Fred Haberman and William Kenney and Annemarie Moss Sarah Bell Haberman Margaret Kilpatrick Bud and Sally Moss Nick and Pat Haddad Mike and Katie Kerfoot Chris Moss ** Rebecca Haddad ** Rob and Sue Kesselring ** Tom and Sue Moss Stephanie Haddad Stan and Lorna Kintigh David and Karen Nasby Rahn and Carol Hagberg ** Anne and Dick Klein Gunard and Carol Nelson Ralph and Ruby Hagberg Kesiah Kolbow ** Jennifer Nelson Bill and Donna Halverstadt Brad and Niki Koranda Mary Weber Nord Neil and Uve Hamilton Nick and Jodee Kozlak D. William O’Brien thank you 14
  15. 15. Jacquelyn Olson Charlie Silverson and Elaine Elnes Skip and Beth Wyer Bjork Ostrom ** Simons Family Foundation Zekeriya and Tulun Yargici Bob and Mary Panchot Alison Sipkins ** Seniz Yargici-Lennes ** Mary and Robert Paoli Robert and Elaine Skrentner Jason and Megan Yates ** Mark and Ruth Patzloff Joanne Smith Amanda Zimmerman ** PEO Sisterhood Wheeler and Guyla Smith Andy Zimney and Wayne and Fran Petersen Bob and Patti Solheim Sally Koering Zimney ** Nancy Hartwell Phinney John and Karen Somers Jamie and Missy Zuel ** Emily and Christoph Pitkin ** Sam Soule ** Donald J. Zurek James Poehler Jerry and Jane Squires Tony Poehling ** Bill Starr Elizabeth K. Pojar Carla and James Steffen In Honor of: Laura and Rich Polson Carol Steffen Jeremy Prahm and Alicia Majkrzak Pete and Laura Stoddart Joe Cavanaugh (from JP and Krista Bill and Donna Ramsay Pat and Sandy Stone Gallagher; from Megan Guhl) Tom Rock and Melissa Raphan Steven Stone and Dr. Kari Dahlquist (from Julie and Dan and Lynne Rectenwald Stephanie Volpe Stone Duane Cologne) Rose Reed Lowell and Deb Stortz Kim Dyer (from Robin and Dick Cohan) John and Betty Reichert Karla Sundem ** Dave and Cherie Friend (from Mike Kevin and Denise Reilly Pete Tanghe, Esq. and Katie McElroy) Loren and Connie Retzlaff Bill and Bryce Tenbroek Rebecca Haddad (from Ali Sipkins) Brent Reykdal Charlie and Marlyn Thomson Dave and Colleen McMahon RiverBridge Partners Tim and Diane Thorpe (from Cammy and Tim Baer) Michelle and Pete Rocheford Michael and Rachel Tierney Chad Miller (from Erica Ulstrom) Larry and Terrie Rose Dottie Titus Beverly Plante (from Luke and Herb and Cyrilla Royce Carol and Lynn Truesdell Janet Weisberg) Ryan Companies US Nina and John Tuttle Ali Sipkins (from Brad and Niki Koranda; Bryan Sandahl Erica Ulstrom ** from Tom and Jessica Sipkins) John Sandahl ** Jim and Pat Van Valkenburg Erica Ulstrom (from Connie Brown; Mike and Sue Sandahl Craig Vana from Ali Sipkins) Philomena Morrissey Satre Kay Vander Vort and Don Holt Jeffrey and Lea Scherer Brad and Kathy Veldboom James Schilling Ron and Betty Voltin In Memory of: Carol Schmidt David and Monica Walsh Ben Ayd (from Don and Geraldine Ayd) Joan and Ronald Schulz Ben and Joyce Walters Hermie Johnson (from Arlene Leyden) Susan Schulz and Bob Huff Holly Way Mary Kelly and Molly Kelly Sayles (from Greg and Stacy Schumacher Richard and Elizabeth Weigel Don Kelly and Megan Deignan) John and Barbara Schwarz Family Fund Mary Esther Marble (from Larry Marble) J. Paul Seifert Luke and Janet Weisberg Dave Nelson (from John McShane) Jack and Susan Sell Bill and Linda White Arlene Nogle (from Bob Panchot) Joe Selvaggio Krystal Wiesenberg and Eric Caron ** Jenny Flynn Sandahl (from Walt and Nina Seppi Dave and Marion Williams Edie Couillard) Michael and Maribeth Sherlock John and Renata Winsor Fund Darcy Secord (from LaVonne Bigelow) Gail Shore of The Minneapolis Foundation Linda Trummer (from Merrie Marinovich) Susan and Robert Shulze Kecia Winter ** C.G. Vail (from Arlene Leyden) Philip and Laurie Sieff Beverly Wise Jack Yarger (from Nina Seppi; from Loras and Rosemary Sieve Mike Witzany LaVonne Bigelow) Shannon and John Sieve Betsy Wren Annaka Sikkink and Tim Holton Canny Wright Youth Frontiers received financial or in-kind support from the listed foundations, corporations, and individuals between July 1, 2008 and June 30, 2009. Youth Frontiers is a not-for-profit organization incorporated under the laws of the State of Minnesota. The organization qualifies as tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to Youth Frontiers, Inc. are tax deductible as charitable gifts. We take every measure to ensure that all donors are listed correctly, as they were noted at the time of donation, and regret any inaccuracies in these lists. If you discover an error, please contact us at 952.922.0222 so that we may correct it. Thank you! 15
  16. 16. MINNEAPOLIS, MN 6009 Excelsior Boulevard NON-PROFIT ORG PERMIT NO. 550 US POSTAGE Minneapolis, MN 55416 952.922.0222 PAID Youth Frontiers is a nonprofit organization that builds positive school communities through programs that challenge young people to live a life of character and respect themselves and others more. Our vision is to change the way young people treat each other in every hallway, lunch line, and classroom of every school in America so that today’s young people can make tomorrow’s world better. Why does our work matter? • Today 160,000 students skipped school because of what they face in the hallways. • We can’t expect students to achieve academically until they can feel safe and connected to their school. • Today’s young people will be tomorrow’s leaders; they need guidance in order to live their lives with integrity and character. Visit our new website to learn more about our people and programs, YOUTHFRONTIERS.ORG Thanks to LaBreche for donating their time and talents to designing our new website.