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S.suganya q. no. 4 levi's


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S.suganya q. no. 4 levi's

  1. 1. FASHION MARKETING & MERCHANDISING Study on Pricing & Promotion of LEVI’S Presentation By: S.SUGANYA B(D)/10/836 Knitwear Design Semester- 6
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION  Founded by Mr. Levis Strauss in 1853.  imported fine dry goods - clothing, bedding, combs, purses and handkerchiefs from New York and sold the goods to the small general stores.  In late 1870 Jacob Davis, a Reno, Nevada tailor, started making men's work pants with metal rivets at points of strain for greater strength.  On May 20, 1873, Strauss and Davis received United States patent #139121 for using copper rivets to strengthen the pockets of denim work pants.
  3. 3.  In the 19th century most of the jeans were sold to mainly to Sailors and men with rigorous occupations as Jeans was a very tough and sturdy clothing option.  The Modern Levi’s Jeans began to appear mainly after 1920, and experiences accelerated growth during world war 1 when it became an essential for the defense personnel.
  4. 4.  The organization grew in thirty years to include a sales force of more than 22,000, with 50 plants and offices in 35 countries.  In 1950’s and 60’s jeans became a rage amongst youth and various subcultures.
  5. 5. THE BRANDS  Levi’s  Levi’s Strauss Signature  Dockers  Denizen  The products and collections…  Levi’s 501 Original collection.  Red Tab etc…
  6. 6. A LEVI’S MEANS…  Levi’s is synonymous to Jeans.  Trust  Quality  Style  Comfort  Durability  A denim beyond age, time and fashion trends.
  8. 8. PROMOTION-AD CAMPAIGNS  Original Authentic Jeans  A sexier appeal to attract youth compete with competitors like Calvin Klein  Go Forth : U.S.A
  9. 9.  Asia Pacific  INDIA: Popular film stars.
  10. 10.  Levis has opted a more localized and Youthful approach in its offerings and marketing. But at the same it enjoys equal command over the elder population as well.  We can expect to see another 150 years of History from Levi’s.
  11. 11. PROMOTION OF LEVI’S CURVE_ID- PRE-LAUNCH • Before the main event a pre-launch can help to create buzz around the product. • Select 14 flagship stores located at shopping malls in metro cities, those will have trained fit experts to measure selected women and gift them their perfect fit. • Measure and present Curve id jeans to selected female fashion bloggers. • Make media and people aware about the launch and Atul Kasbekar’s photoshoot. • Prepare a video of women complaining about their shape and fit and share it on Facebook, twitter, YouTube and other social networking sites.
  12. 12. HIGH INTENSITY LAUNCH • A big fitting hall with a ramp. I. trained fit experts to measure customers and give them their Curve_id II. Customers’ ramp walk along with brand ambassadors. • Contest- Create your id with Curve_id. i. A photo-shoot with Atul Kasbekar ii. Select three women among the shoppers iii. They will be the next face in Curve_id bill board advertisements.
  13. 13. Media Plan: • Pre event: announcing the launch, press release • During Event: interactions, contest • Post event: interview with the winners, press release
  14. 14. SUSTAINING THE BUZZ • Launch event will be followed by ‘the Levi's Fit Festival’ which will be organized across some of the best malls in the top 10 cities in India. i. Spread over 4 weeks ii. Objective of the campaign is to get women to know their Curve ID and also get them to try the custom fit pair of denims. iii. During Fit Festival organize interactive competitions like tug of war among shoppers. • Press conference with Mr John Anderson, President & CEO, Levi Strauss & Co. and with curve_id’s brand ambassadors. • Levi’s Jeans Museum to showcase 138 years old legacy.
  15. 15. LEVERAGING CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT • All three brand ambassadors’ Chitrangada Singh, Ileana D’Cruz and Jacqueline Fernandez talking to the shoppers about Curve_id at shopping malls and events at various cities. • Buy a jeans for her then ditch her- a lucky guy will have a chance to go on a triple date. • Chitrangada Singh, Ileana D’Cruz and Jacqueline Fernandez give styling tips on shoes and clothes that go with Curve_id. • Release photographs and press note on success of the event.
  16. 16. A NEXUS IS REQUIRED BETWEEN SOCIAL MEDIA AND DIGITAL MEDIA TO GENERATE MAXIMUM ATTENTION AND LIKING SO SHARE, SHARE AND SHARE… • Create a different page for Curve_id and add a link in from Levi’s fan page. • Add applications like Take the quiz – four easy steps to find your curve-ID . • Mall world game: For the purposes of the survey, “social activity” advertising meant sending a virtual gift, playing a branded level within a game, completing a poll or quiz or entering a photo contest, among other activities. • Our jeans, your pictures: Organize a contest on Facebook where women can upload their pictures and reward best pictures. • Reminders about events and store locater application.
  17. 17. • Tweet on Curve_id and how its making a difference in the life of the Indian women. • Support competitions taking place on Facebook by tweeting about them. • Ask fans to tag videos, photos and tweets with #Curve_id. • Ask brand ambassadors to occasionally tweet about Curve_id. • Tweet about events and address customers’ queries.
  18. 18. • Hire fashion bloggers to blog about Curve_id. • Organize a bloggers event. • Ask brand ambassadors to blog.
  19. 19. MEDIA UNIVERSE Print Media: • Times of India: Market Section- Interview with John Anderson, president and CEO, Levi Strauss & Co to unveil Levi's Curve Id, part of a simultaneous global launch of a new range of jeans for women, and to mark the 15th anniversary of the Indian operations. • Financial Express: Brand or market- Cottons prices are going up and Levi’s will not compromise on the quality. Media briefing with Levi Strauss India Marketing Director Shumone Chatterjee where she also talks about Curve_id.
  20. 20. Electronic Media: • Zee trendz- Show- Smart Idea- Custom made jeans for women. • Ndtv- good times- The muse- take celebrity leverage. Lifestyle magazine: • Femina: New trendsetter in jeans market. • Vogue: celebrity leverage in addition to this Atul Kasbekar’s photo shoot. Tabloid:  Ht times: Talk about the contest and interview with winners, celebrities.  Delhi Times: Interviews with celebrities speaking about curve id.
  21. 21. PRICING  It can be simply defined as: “The currency value charged to a Client by the company for a product or service”.  Is one of the most important elements of the marketing mix, as it is the only mix, which generates a turnover for the organization.  The remaining 3p's are the variable cost for the organization.  It costs to produce and design a product, it costs to distribute a product and costs to promote it.
  22. 22. List Price:  Their products are sold at listed price, which are settled by the Levis Company (Singapore).  There is no discount to offer. Credit Sales:  They also deal with credit sales, but they don’t overcharges to the customers, they pay it th emselves to the bank (3 %).  Products are only sold for cash or on credit cards Discount:  They don’t give the discount to their customers, e ven to the employees of the Levis.  Their prices are fixed.
  23. 23. Payment period & credit terms  Payment Period & Credit Terms are settled by the company. Price Determination:  During the determination of the price company not considered the competitors, but the standard that is used is considered. The price is influenced by the following factors:-  Cost of the product  Affordable for the target market  Demand of the product Uniqueness and innovative features of the products.
  24. 24. Competitors:  We are much proud to say with surety that our products completely satisfy our consumers, that’s why we don’t face much competition in our business. But yet there are some competitors e.g.  Pepe Jeans  Leeds (US Apparels)  GAAP Jeans  Cambridge  Their prices are not influenced by the competitors.  Such a stuff, design and fashion which don’t have the enough sales are recall back to the company.  Again company issues this stuff to their own outlets for sale at discount prices.
  25. 25. Thank you