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WLS & social media


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A look at how a fashion brand like Wills Lifestyle can utilise social media to increase consumer interaction and sales. This presentation is not for professional reasons. It has been created merely as a project.

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WLS & social media

  1. 1. • To create an online presence of the brand.• To connect with the customers digitally & socially.• Reach out to customers & enhance online experience of present & prospective customers.• Increase customer loyalty.
  2. 2. Total Facebook users in India 4,57,74,260Position in the global list 3Penetration of Population 3.9%Penetration of Online Population 56.51%
  3. 3. Facebook pros: Large user base, both international (900 million) and national(45 million). Visual medium allowing sharing and tagging of photos andvideos. User-friendly interface. Easier to share & receive ideas.Facebook utilisation: Regularly upload photos of currently available collections atall WL stores. Regularly upload photos of new, soon-to-be launchedcollections, offering users a sneak peek of offerings before theproducts hit the stores. This makes users feel special, as they are the ones who areacquainted with something to which not many people are.
  4. 4.  Fashions are fickle, that tend to changing with seasons. Create different albums for different seasons i.e. Spring/Summer,Fall/Winter and Monsoon (considering Indian diaspora) . Upload albums featuring dressing styles like ‘Workplace dressing’,‘Friday Dressing’, ‘Weekend Dressing’ & share photos giving the usersdifferent options & style tips regarding the same. Consumers will perceive these as efforts made by the brand to reachout to them and provide them complete style solutions for all seasons& trends.Tease users by uploading behind-the-scenes videos of photo shoots. Post links on the page which direct users to site where WLcollections can be viewed in 360⁰ providing users with ‘completeviewing experience’.
  5. 5.  Hold regular interactive polls on the Facebook page, askingmembers/users what they love to wear. Everyone loves aninteractive brand.e.g. “Summer’s here. What colour will you be sporting thissummer?” Conduct feedback interviews of willing customers in all majorWills Lifestyle stores across the country. Video-record responsesand upload them on the Facebook page. If the customers are members of WL’s Facebook page, tagthem in the videos. This achieves two things : • Videos are visible to the tagged members’ friends, generating more eyeballs. • This prompts more existing consumers to go ahead and give feedbacks of their shopping experiences.
  6. 6.  Regular competitions increase interactions of theconsumers with the brand. Organize fun competitions regularly so that interactiongoes beyond only giving fashion tips & suggestions. Hold competitions asking customers to design certainlooks using Wills Lifestyle creations. The best look & itsdesigner will be featured on the brand’s Facebook page &website. Give customers exciting incentives to increaseparticipation.E.g. Prize for winning a competition could be availing someWL stuff for free or at a special discount.
  7. 7.  Now-a-days, sales made by a brand’s showrooms in terms of sales/sq. ft. havegained importance too. More the no. of customers attracted into a showroom, possibility of moresales being registered by the particular showroom. Select the grandest WL showrooms across the country. Upload photos ofthese showrooms on the Facebook page, giving users & fans a sneak peek intothe detailing of the retail spaces. Contrary to the proverb, people do judge a book by its cover.
  8. 8.  ‘Lifestyle’ does not mean only fine clothing, butalso ‘fine living’. WL offers fine living through Club ITC. The rich indulgence of Club ITC can be showcasedonline through WL’s Facebook page. Upload photos & albums of ITC’s luxury hotels &elegant suites. Doing so allows users to experienceluxury online, an experience they would like to havein real life. Add a feature of scoring points. Users can invite acertain number of people to ‘Like’ WL’s Facebookpage, and score a certain number of points, whichcan either be encashed in a WL store, or whichentitle them to stays in some of ITC’s luxury hotels.
  9. 9.  The WLIFW is an importantevent sponsored by the brand,and very popular across India. To promote this event online,shoot teaser trailers of upcomingWLIFW events to excite theviewers. Upload separate videoscontaining montage of interviewsof celebrities that have gracedpast WLIFW events, designers whohave participated in the events &models who have walked theramp for such events.
  10. 10.  Twitter has a very young user base in India. It is home to the moresocially driven. Hashtags (#) are the most important part of Twitter. People create a hashtag relevant to the issue to be discussed & alltweets addressing that issue include that hashtag. This enableseveryone to check, at one place, what the world thinks about acertain incident/event.
  11. 11. • Create funny/quirky/engaging hashtags to get Twitterverse talking about the brand.• Keep tweeting information using this hashtag, and make it one of the top ‘trends’ on Twitter.• The more the issue is discussed, the more it trends. The more it trends, the more it is noticed, and hence, more discussed. E.g., tweet fashion tips using hashtags like discussions #lifestyletips or #WLTips• Twitter allows .gif files. Keep the display picture of the WL handle as gif files. Could be collage of models wearing WL creations, or just the creations sans models. Good for #trends @tweets instant notice.
  12. 12. • Live tweet about ongoing WLIFW events. Live tweets = text + related photos.• Ensure WLIFW trends on Twitter.• Tweet links to articles in newspapers & magazines featuring news, views & interviews of WLIFW officials, designers, etc. associated with WL & WLIFW.• Ensure designers participating in the WLIFW include the relevant # while tweeting on through their individual handles.• Ensure that questions asked by followers don’t go unnoticed. Online spats to be strictly avoided. Real or virtual, Image Is Everything.
  13. 13. • Instagram - Easy-to-use, photo- taking, editing & sharing mobile app.• Encourage users to take photos of their favourite WL collections, using one or all the 11 filters provided by the app & post them on Facebook & Twitter.• WL can post images of collections edited with Instagram.• Drive traffic to the website and social pages.• Hold visually stimulating competitions and giveaways.
  14. 14. • WL can take cues from other brands that have demonstrated use of Instagram in effective ways.• E.g. Levi’s used Instagram competitions to find new models for their campaigns.• GE asked users to take pictures of GE products that inspire them the most, and state the reason using tag #GeInspiredME• Adidas asked people to click pics of themselves in various Adidas styles & then chose ‘the city with the best style’.
  15. 15. Take Interest in because…
  16. 16. • Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard on which users can organize and share beautiful & interesting content that they come across on the web.• Goal is to connect people across the world through the things they find interesting.• Useful & effective platform for brands to share their images which help drive traffic to their website or even sell products.
  17. 17. • Create different Boards of various collections.• Spring/Summer board, Fall/Winter board, Corporate Look board, Casual Attire board, etc.• Include the ‘Pin It’ button on the brand’s official website, so that users can directly pin the products/accessories that they like onto their boards of interest.
  18. 18. • Polyvore is a fashion social-commercial website that allows users to assemble sets of clothing & accessories from the website’s database of items.• It is of special importance as it has been selected in the prestigious Time Magazine’s list of 50 Best Websites of 2011.
  19. 19. Like many other major brands,Wills Lifestyle can leverage thepopularity of Polyvore by releasingits products on the site for so thatfans can ‘play’ with them & create‘fashion collages’
  20. 20. • Wills Lifestyle can create its own YouTube channel & release all related videos on it.• It can also release Live HD streamings of WLIFW shows.