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Toyota corrola


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A marketing presentation on toyota corolla altis

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Toyota corrola

  1. 1. Toyota
  2. 2. Design to inspire envy
  3. 3. Akoi Toyoda, CEO Toyota motor Co., Ltd.
  4. 4. • Toyota established in 1933. • Founded by kiichor Toyoda. • A Japanese Automobile Company with its network in 30 countries worldwide. • Is in contact with 19 million customers worldwide. • Ranks 8th on the overall Global Fortune 500 list. • Profits are more than $5200 million, which are an increase of 16.6% from last year!
  5. 5.  Toyota is the #1 selling brand in America  Toyota has the highest owner loyalty of any manufacturer  Toyota has won more "Best Car for the Money" awards than any other car manufacturer  1994 toyota was officially introduced in India
  6. 6. Nissan 6% Honda 9% Ford 16% Chrysler 13%Toyota 16% Others 17% GM 23% Auto Market Share Nissan Honda Ford Chrysler Toyota Others GM
  7. 7. • To Analyze the factors effecting the sales of Toyota corolla • To analyze the market strategies developed by the Company’s competitors. • To assess the Company’s accomplishments and performance by looking at the statistics. • To develop our project in such a way that it helps people to know the current standing of the company in the market of Automobiles. • To develop our project in an organized manner which can help the company to improve its sales in the market.
  8. 8. • Toyota Company performance in India. • Assuming Honda Civic to be the main competitor of Toyota Corolla (ALTIS) • Toyota Corolla Altis hits market in January 2011 with 2000 cc power
  9. 9. • Limited time • Limited Funds • Unavailability of Brand Manager
  10. 10. Interview With Sandeep Singh (CMO)
  11. 11. Sales of toyota altis Demand Income Market Strategies Government Policies Comfort After Sales Service Price Brand Image Fuel Consumption Competition Fashion Maintenance Cost Brand Loyalty Environment Friendly Political Situation Delivery Time Quantitative Variables Qualitative Variables
  12. 12. Price: Negative relation Fuel Consumption: Due to Toyota breakthrough technology VVT-I Fuel Consumption is Lowered thus increasing the sales. Environment Friendly: the euro 4 Emission standards greatly reduces carbon monoxide, which effects sales positively. Maintenance Cost: general misconception is that maintenance cost for Corolla is more then its rivals. which is just a misconception. back
  13. 13. • Marketing Strategies: Better Strategies Helps increase Sales • Income: Toyota Company Targets People with a disposable income of 25,000 Rs. To Rs.30,000 • Comfort: Amazing Comfort which no car has in India and the comfort of its competitor Honda CIVIC is Pure Worthless • Government Polices: Better Government Policies directly effect Sales. • back
  14. 14. Sales Of Toyota Altis & Honda Civic 2009-2010 Sales Of TOYOTA ALTIS Sales Of HONDA CIVIC May 518 324 June 497 270 July 418 322 August 630 352 September 308 198 October 581 337 Total Sales 2952 1803
  15. 15. Sales of Toyota Altis and Honda Civic back 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 May June July August September October
  16. 16. • Expansion of sales outlets. • Advertising campaigns. • Low-priced spare parts. • Check on Black market of Forged Spare Parts.
  17. 17. • Higher market share. • Image and Brand Loyalty. • Various awards achieved. • New Body design after every 3 to 4 years.
  18. 18. THANK YOU We hope you got an ENVY