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Trojan Tribune April 8 Edition


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Trojan Tribune April 8 Edition

  1. 1. SENIOR CLASS SPRING IS DETENTION activities MUSICAL meaningful? The class of 2010 begins April 8 - 11th Some see it as a joke while others an countdown to graduation with East High Auditorium intrusion on time and activities exciting events for everyone. Page 3 Page 1 CLASSROOM Page 3 online @ The Trojan Tribune Student Newspaper of Corning Painted Post East High School VOL 1, ISSUE 5 APRIL 8, 2010 FREE We’ve Got Magic To Do East High Musical “Pippin” Takes the Stage April 8 - 11th Director’s Note by Maggie Wayne, Staff Writer while his stepmother and stepbrother, Fas- that “rehearsals are fun but involve doing On April 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th the East trada (Arynn Brucie) and Lewis (Cameron certain dances over and over again. We High Drama Club will present the musical Bender), push Pippin to spread a little sun- want to create pristine numbers for our by Michael Hurd, Director of Pippin Pippin. The show is directed by Mike Hurd shine… by killing his father. Pippin eventu- audience.” “There is nothing like the energy and and musically directed by Judy Harriman- ally settles down with one of the Leading Pippin utilizes the jazz genre of dance. excitement of directing a “dance” show. We Carlson with choreography by Isaac and Player’s pawns, Catherine (Bella McGrath) Jazz involves sharp, identical move- try to expose our students to all varieties Val Campbell. The show will hold an all day and her son, Theo (Stephen Rossettie). ments. This has been the major dance of Broadway musicals through the spring rehearsal on Wednesday, April 7th. The cast With advice and pressure coming from him goal of the cast since the beginning. shows. Last year’s A Funny Thing Happened and crew invite the Faculty and Students at all sides of the ensemble Pippin is finally Morgan Royce-Pavlot, a sophomore in on the Way to the Forum focused upon rapid- of East to stop in during free periods and forced to think about his life and make a the ensemble said the dance numbers fire comedic timing and sight gags. The year catch parts of the show. choice. Cameron Bockus, a junior in the make the show better, “We all get to before, the operetta Les Miserables tested and ensemble, explained that the show is “kind sing and dance together. We’ve all been The story follows the life of a young lad, expanded our singing and dramatic acting of like Rocky Horror Picture Show. It has working hard since we all know we have Pippin (Shawn Smith), the son of Char- abilities, and before that, Carousel dusted off cool music and random humor; it’s a fun something to actually improve.” With the lemagne (Caleb Noel). As Pippin tries to a classic Rodgers & Hammerstein musical show to do.” ultimate goal of creating a great show in find meaning in his life he is guided along that did a little bit of everything. and manipulated by the Leading Player of The Broadway show, originally directed front of the audience the Drama Club by Bob Fosse, is considered a “dance kicks it into overdrive in the final week We have not presented an all-out dance the ensemble (Shannon Donnelly) who show.” Natalie Price, the student director before the show opens. show since 2006’s 42nd Street. In that year, has nothing but hopes of watching Pippin and a senior at East, agreed that Pippin is Isaac and Val began teaching tap dance in spectacularly blaze up before the audience. Tickets for the show will be sold by Dra- “majorly a dance show, it holds a lot of big September of 2005, working each week Pippin travels through the world meeting ma Club members during lunch periods, dance numbers.” Fortunately, the cast has with our students to turn even the most quirky characters all with different advice the Drama Club Box Office may also be been having dance rehearsals at least twice awkward child into a capable tapper. on how to live a proper life. His grand- called at 936-3746. The tickets are $8 and mother, Berthe (Maggie Wayne) encourages a week since January. Caleb Noel, a senior well worth the show. “Isaac and Val are still with us. They have him to take advantage of the time he has; and principle role in the show, explained been choreographing numbers at EHS since 2004’s South Pacific, and they have pulled out some of Bob Fosse’s most famous moves World Expo Was Success and combinations for Pippin. Our students have reacted to the challenges of this choreography with a determination that I have come to love and expect from our group. When I hear of featured danc- The World Expo was held on Saturday, memorabilia available to the attendees there little kids engaged.” When asked the ers having overnights to work on routines March 13, where East High students and is a question that is generally brought to the different types of people who attended together and onstage practices during study teachers both volunteered to help and forefront when planning an event like this: the expo, he explained, “The best way to halls, it reminds me of how much passion attended in record setting numbers. The funding. Mrs. Corbalan explains, “We had describe the demographics are basically and intensity our students bring to a show. expo was held throughout different sections financial assistance from the school district, younger children and their families, as of east high—the library, the cafeteria, a grant from the CRT [Corning Retired well as groups of older, high school We are lucky to have that kind of dedi- the hallways and the main gym—and held Teachers Association], as well as private do- aged students. The expo was very well cation. “Everywhere I look, staff and different activities for students. There were nations.” Also, there were greater numbers attended, more so than last year.” The students are putting in that extra effort to ethnic dance recitals, free henna tattoos, of attendees than the previous year. “It was activities were not merely limited to the make a good show something spectacular. food samples, and exhibits from the vast a much better turnout than last year, the attendees however. Jennifer Hamilton, Judy Harriman-Carlson directs her vocalists array of cultures found not only in the increased publicity made it much easier to a junior who volunteered in the color- and conducts her orchestra with a diligence community as a whole, but also here at East attract visitors.” ing section of the expo, expressed her and doggedness that are unparalleled. The High school. excitement about the different activities. best mark of her dedication is not simply In addition to the funding and publicity “My favorite part of the exposition was the show before you, but the love and loy- The World Expo was organized by Spanish that was required for the exposition, there the Indian culture; both the dancing and alty that her students have for her. She is an teacher Mrs. Corbalán, who has put on the was a good deal of effort by student and the free henna tattoos.” iconic presence at EHS, and her next effort event for its second consecutive year. “The teacher volunteers. Sven Thomas, senior is always dedicated to topping her last. goal is to celebrate the many cultures and here at East was an integral part of this With the successful turnout, the vari- heritages of the people here in Corning,” effort, in his second year volunteering at ous activities and food samples, and the “Jim Duffy has taken my vision of “Pippin she says about the expo. With so many the expo. “As a volunteer, I try to help out gratuitous volunteering staff, the World meets Circe de Soleil meets Hoyle” and events, activites, food samples, and free in the library for games. I like to keep the Expo would appear to be a success. continued on page 2
  2. 2. The Trojan Tribune online @ EHS LIFE APRIL 8, 2010 2 Academic All-Stars Win Final Regular Season Match sharing with friends and representing our school at academic for the “A” team and two for the “B” team. Each team competitions all around the area. According to Coach Patter- must have four players to engage in the three-minute son, “Some students have the misconception that everyone round, a fast paced question and answer round directed has to be an “Einstein” to be on the team. Anyone who reads towards one team at a time. Then, a buzzer round a lot, or is generally aware of the world around him/her can where 25 questions are addressed to both teams and make significant contributions.” students must race to be the first to buzz in and answer Students originally joined Academic All-stars for a multitude correctly. of reasons. Jessica Teeter joined because she wanted a “good The questions directed at students come from a range opportunity to meet new people and hang out with friends”, of sources and subject areas including: mathematics, Angelina Prinzivalli, Magnus Milia, Alexandria Nusum, Connor Rankin, Kelsey Kingsbury Saad Malik says that his “mum made [him] join in [his] fresh- language arts, chemistry, biology, physics, popular cul- and Coach Patterson discuss Academic All-Stars. man year yet [he doesn’t] regret complying with her wishes”. ture, current events, foreign language, careers, life skills, by Eddie Ryan, Staff Writer literature and global studies. Once a student joins the team, they are expected to attend East High is home to numerous sports teams, clubs and a few, very brief meetings and then, the team travels to a On Monday, March 29th, East’s Academic All-stars organizations but what most students don’t realize is meet in the area on Monday nights to compete against rival won its final regular season game against Bath- ensur- that East has another team, one dedicated to academic schools like Bath, Hornell, and West High School. Each ing first place in our area and a shot at the champion- scholarship and trivial knowledge. meet consists of two matches: one between two of the four ship. East’s Academic All-stars, led by Coach Patterson, is a competing teams, followed by a match between the other group of students dedicated to gaining new knowledge, two. Each match, then, is made of four separate rounds: two Hawks Runners Go To Nationals by Christine Moore, Staff Writer counted his experience, “I had a great time and it was an On March 12th through the 14th, eight athletes from the amazing experience running on the Armory track in such a Corning Hawks Indoor Track and Field team trouped to competitive race.” the Armory in New York City to compete in the National The Corning Hawks were not without challenge this sea- Scholastic Indoor Championship accompanied by coaches son. Chris Wise became the new head coach of the Indoor and family. and Outdoor Track teams after the retirement of Lou Among the East High competitors were Cerdic Forbes, Fiorillo. Of coaching Chris Wise said: “There is never any Alec Bates, Peter McCarty, Austin Holbrook and Stephen downtime but the kids make you want to come back for Rossettie. Rounding out the roster were Jarred Cornfield more…The season feels like it is so short. So I am enjoying and Tim Banach of West and Mia Bates of CFA. it, yes.” Most athletes faced a successful day with a highlight being After the initial adjustment phase the team faced during In- Jarred Cornfield finishing 5th in the 1 mile and earning the door Track, the team has high hopes for the season which title of All-American. began the day after Nationals concluded. Wise’s goal for the season is: “For individual athletes to achieve personal Peter McCarty, who placed 37th in shot put, said that: “It records and to learn the sport. For the coaching staff to was cool to see the top competitors in the country…I challenge our athletes to push further than they’ve done learned things from kids who were better than me and before.” He also hopes to win several STAC accolades and hopefully this will help me improve.” send as many athletes to states as possible. Stephen Rossettie, who ran the freshman mile, also re- Alec Bates and Jarred Cornfield compete Director continued from page 1 2nd Annual Personal Projects Presented transformed it through his set and make-up design. Sue by Ellyn Wilson, Staff Writer Personal Projects are assigned at the it and enjoyed the outcome.” In Milazzo, Vicki Rossettie, and Carol Allan worked closely beginning of the year and presented school, they write about what they The International Baccalaureate (IB) with Jim to coordinate their costumes to his wild vision, in March. This project is used to are doing and update journals about Personal Projects were presented the and the results speak for themselves. Jim Griffin and Ken reflect the students knowledge their time and the money used. week of March 8th – March 12th. Masteller worked with the set crew to provide a flexible, about the Areas of Interaction—ap- Outside of school they gather the The project represents the final year common space within which our crazed circus could take proaches to learning, community and materials needed for their project of the sixth through tenth grade place, and upon which Jim Duffy and his art students service, human ingenuity, environ- and then they construct it. MYP curriculum in which each could conjure our world with paint. ments, and health and social educa- student completes a personal project, Also, the journals can be kept at “Marianna Baker, Natalie Price, Kelsey Kingsbury, and a significant piece of work that is the tion. Tyler Stull said, “This project home rather than at school. Students John Carlson have worked closely with me to make sense product of the student’s own initia- gave me some room to decide what spend a lot of their time on this, and of the chaos and try to organize all of the disparate puzzle tive and creativity. The personal proj- I wanted to do it on, instead of the write a research paper at the end pieces into a workable mosaic. Each have saved the show ect is assessed by a panel of teachers teacher giving me a topic.” to show a great degree of personal from ruinous incoherence in a hundred odd ways. This and community members against a Each project is supposed to display reflection and growth. Overall this would be a musical revue without them. “Collectively, our set of IB assessment criteria. personal initiative and creativity. project was more of journey for the students and directors have created this vision for Pippin. The library was closed and two Students spent time both in school students rather than a chore. They have done so with passion, creativity, and dedication students presented every 20 minutes. and outside of school working on to excellence. Their commitment makes me strive to work This was a stressful time for some their projects. harder every day, and I am honored to share this achieve- sophomores, but for others, they Jake Wilson said that he “was very ment with them.” enjoyed it. stressed at the end, but I got through
  3. 3. The Trojan Tribune online @ STUDENT VOICE APRIL 8, 2010 3 Senior Class Activities 29 April l Senior Academic Dinner at by Mrs. Margaret Busch, Senior These will be available in the Guid- Tuesday, June 1 EHS/WHS Baccalaureate 6:30pm in WHS Cafeteria Class Advisor ance office. (Guests must be at Senior Scroll Athletic Banquet Service Thursday, April 29 least a 9th grade and no older than What: Senior Academic Dinner 21-years-of-age) When: 6:30pm When: To be determined May Who: This event will honor any The Baccalaureate Service location 15 When: 6:30pm Wednesday, May 19 Senior Varsity Letter winner. and time are still being finalized. l Junior and Senior Prom from What: Senior “Dress up” Day Who: Any Senior with a grade Seniors will be invited to attend More Information will be forth- 8-11:30pm in Corning Radisson with a Senior Class Lunch held point average of 90.0% will be this evening. coming. at EHS during 5th, 6th and 7th invited to attended this event by 19 period lunches. Where: East High cafeteria Saturday June 26th the Superintendent. l Senior “Dress up” Day with More information will be forth- Graduation Who: All seniors are encouraged to Where: This event will be held at class lunch dress nicely in either white or dress coming. When: 10am West High School’s cafeteria fol- l Senior Awards Ceremony at clothes of their choice. All Seniors Thursday, June 4 Where: We will be graduating in lowed by a program in auditorium. 7pm in EHS Auditorium are welcomed and encouraged to What: Senior Trip to Hershey the stadium if the weather permits. Saturday, May 15 come and celebrate with their class You may invite as many family and What: Junior and Senior Prom compliments of the Senior Class! When: We will leave East High at 8am sharp and return the same friends to attend this event if we June Theme is Black and White 1 Wednesday, May 19 evening. are outside. If the weather prevents When: 8:00pm-11:30pm What: Senior Awards Ceremony us from being outside we will hold l Senior Scroll Athletic Banquet Where: Hershey Park in Hershey at 6:30pm in EHS Cafeteria Who: All Junior’s and Senior’s from the ceremony in EHS gymnasium. When: 7pm Pennsylvania won out! East High are welcome to attend More details will follow if we need Who: All seniors are welcome to How: If your senior sold the maga- to go this route. 4 Where: The Prom is being held at attend. If you will be honored in zine quota in the fall (81 seniors l Senior Trip to Hershey - bus the Corning Radisson. Thursday June 24 any way this evening either by be- did this!) this trip is free of charge departs at 8am sharp and returns Graduation Rehearsal How: The cost of prom tickets will ing an honor graduate or receiving to them! If they were not able to same day be: $15 a piece or $25 for a couple. an individual award you will be do that the trip will cost: $75.00 Who: Mandatory for all graduates They will go on sale starting: Mon- personally invited via a phone call It will be: at: TBD 24 If you write a check please make it day April 26th in EHS Guidance to your home. l Graduation Rehearsal - TBD out to the: EHS Class of 2010 If you have any questions or con- Office Where: This event is held in EHS 26 Everyone going on this trip will cerns please feel free to contact: Any student attending the prom auditorium and is put on by our Maggie Busch-Senior Class Advi- l Graduation at 10am in the need to fill out an-Emergency and bringing a guest that does not Administration, Scholarship Com- sor @ 936-3746 stadium (weather permitting) Contact Form. attend EHS will need to fill out mittee and Faculty. a guest form prior to the prom. Detention As Discipline Is Questioned by Kelsey Walker, Staff Writer the idea of detention works, but in actual- each behavior problem as not just the ing their mistakes and not learning much ity, it needs some reform. I have never student’s problem, but also as a problem from their detention. “You have been late three or more times, been in detention, but I still think it doesn’t of the environment. They have to ask so now you must go to detention. Do you themselves, what is it about the school Sometimes you need a really creative have any free periods?” Ever hear those work very well.” solution. Steven had dropped out of his that is contributing to the student get- words and have your heart immediately Josh Drewno agreed. He said, “Detention ting into trouble? For example, we all previous school and was on his third try know that in the classes that kids enjoy, at 9th grade. He was getting to school break into a sprint? Ever fretted going to a is useless. If you put kids in detention that there are few or no behavior problems. two or three hours late every day. Rather detention? Is detention really that terrify- just makes them madder and more likely to than just give him detention or some And we know that kids enjoy a class ing? Is detention really effective, or is it do it again. Teachers should not put kids other meaningless punishment, we tried when they’re involved. If they’re doing a useless? in detention. Instead, they should assign project on something they’re interested to help him change his sleep habits. them more work. All in all, detention is no in, something that’s real-world related When that didn’t work, we asked more People say detention is intimidating, but is good.” and has real-world consequences, then questions and learned that his mother detention really effective? Does it change left the house two hours before Steven they don’t tend to pass notes or ask to the person’s behavior? Does detention Even if someone hasn’t been in detention needed to get up for school. So we tried go to the bathroom 10 times. You have make them feel ashamed of what they did? people know that not much is done in de- to look at the environment. If kids are calling him to wake him up. That didn’t Do they try to correct their ‘mistake’ that tention. Stephen Rossettie said, “Detention interested in what they’re doing, they work either. Finally, we decided that Ste- landed them in detention? Do you learn is terrible. It does nothing. It’s pointless won’t need to come up with distractions ven would get up at the same time his or find something they’d rather be doing mom did, and she would drop him off anything from going to detention? What is because the people who are sent to it do (2004). at my house on her way to work. I was the point of detention? not really care.” Sometimes people just sit already up at that time to start my t’ai Many people feel detention is useless. Zoë there and write lines, but most of the time Zach Sparks said, “Sitting in a room for an chi and do my run. Steven and I worked Sullivan-Blum states, “I think that deten- people fool around and just ‘hang out.’ hour or making someone miss a whole day out together every morning after that, of school in ISS doesn’t seem like it would and then drove into school together. He tion doesn’t work all that well. I am sure In the book Big Picture by Dennis Littky make any impact on anyone.” People who was never late again. In fact, he later quit that some people get work done in it, but and Samantha Grabelle, the authors sug- his band because he was frustrated that for the most part I think it needs improve- gest that effective discipline is based upon go to detention don’t care and continue other members couldn’t get to practice ment. Once I had to take a test that I had the development of a culture that examines with the mistakes they made that originally on time! (Littky and Grabelle, 2004). missed, and the teacher sent me into the policies for impact on student self-regula- placed them in detention to begin with. It seems our current system is teaching ISS room to work on the test. No one was tion and motivation: Detention has been around for many years. students that detention is a punishment working and the teacher in the ISS room When it comes to discipline, another The purpose is to keep the “detainee” that has become more about people having didn’t seem to care. All the kids were just thing that has to happen is that the from making their mistake again, but it’s fun and enjoying themselves. talking and not doing anything. I think that principal and teachers must look at not effective. People are constantly repeat-
  4. 4. The Trojan Tribune online @ EHS MUSICAL APRIL 8, 2010 4 Synopsis This is the story of Emperor Charlemagne’s first son, Prince Pippin, and his quest to find meaning and fulfillment. A playfully wicked Leading Player narrates the story and seeks to lead Pippin to his own destruction with the help of a se- ductive troupe of actors. Players maliciously guide Pippin through trials of war, love, and politics before thrusting him out amongst the peasants - away from the wealth and privilege of royal life. Hoping to show Pippin the emptiness and futility of life, the Leading Player awaits a breakdown that never comes. Pippin, instead, ends up falling in love with a good widow, Catherine. In the end, the Leading Player tries to convince Pippin that committing suicide is more glorious than enduring a boring, ordinary life. Pippin ultimately resists the players’ temptations and decides to spend the rest of his life with Catherine and her son, Theo. Quotable Quotes • “The dance is spectacular. The best dance show I’ve been involved in.” ~Cameron Bender • “Pippin is the most demanding show we have been involved in. All of our hard work has definitely paid off.” ~Bella McGrath • “Pippin has been one of the greastest experiences in my junior year at East High. I cannot wait for everyone to see the finished product!”~Shannon Donnelly • “This show has been the most exhausting and amazing experience I have been in.” – Shawn Smith • “After rehearsing for this show, I can’t think of the word ‘amazing’ without thinking about ‘Pippin!’” ~Joe Wood • “We’ve got an ideal cast and all the hard work really shows. It has been an inspiring experience.” ~Maggie Wayne • “Pippin was the most fun I have ever had. I am really happy I finally decided to audition.”- Dan Sauter • “Yes, the show is amazing, but what is more amazing is the incredible cast. I am honored to have had the chance to work with them along this long and inspiring road.” - Kelsey Kingsbury • “The fire and tricks are absolutely fantastic and makes your jaw drop. You will be amazed.” - Molly Sweeney