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Shooting starz productions


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Shooting starz productions

  1. 1. Since 2004
  2. 2. She wrote “TheTrouble Starts” atage 12.All of the musicalsare original.
  3. 3. Performed in Steph’sbackyard, the first showwas a hit!Proceeds went to TheChildren’s HospitalSince the beginning hersiblings Heather and Alan“Lawns” have taken part.
  4. 4. The next summer aneven better productionwas put on. It includedsongs by Elvis Presley.
  5. 5.  At age 13 Steph’s  Brookdale Mall’s mom Allison helped manager Shelley her write business Klaessy welcomed letters to malls Steph and the and other venues performers with a about performing stage, sound at a professional system and place. dressing room. It was then that She’s one of the name Shooting Steph’s heroes. Starz Productions was chosen.
  6. 6. First production at BrookdaleWorking with microphones and astage was something new andexciting!Steph had just finished 8th gradeand all of this was given toher, with complete trust. She isstill amazed by it all.
  7. 7. A freshman in highschool, Steph wrote anddirected her 5thmusical.
  8. 8. We started donating all admission from showsto Feed My Starving Children and have beenever since!!
  9. 9. Steph’s cast increased to 12actors and actresses!! Everyshow includes a goodmoral. This show focusedon students accepting alltypes of people.The cast had their firstcommercial aired on CableChannel 12.
  10. 10. Blessed was a musical about afamily at Christmas time anddespite the ups and downs,being able to truly appreciateeverything you have.The musical included tapdance and evenskateboarding!!
  11. 11. Putting together a musical is extremely difficult!Especially with Steph serving asDirector, Manager, Choreographer, CostumeDesigner, painting sets, etc. Basically doingeverything on her own. One of the hardest parts forSteph has been promoting and gaining new castmembers. At times Audition Day was coming up andthere were not enough cast members. It alwaysworked out however. Many anxious nights andprayers to God were said.
  12. 12.  It had become a regular routine. 2 musicals per year for Shooting Starz Productions. Steph had written “One Wish” in 2008 after Blessed was performed. This time, however there were not enough cast members. After six productions going on full speed ahead, Steph was shocked when “One Wish” would not be performed in June of 2008. She was extremely heartbroken, yet eventually learned to accept it.
  13. 13. Steph’s mom encouraged her notto give up. She was able to gainenough actors and actresses forthe next year.One wish is one of Steph’sultimate favorites! It’s aboutbeing careful about what you wishfor and learning not to be jealousof others. A commercial for thismusical was a huge hit!
  14. 14. Inspiration was such a cute musicalabout a boy named Niko: one withlow self-esteem and lack of familysupport. A new girl Tessa moves inand takes an interest in Niko. Sheinspires Niko to reach his fullpotential and they become bestfriends.This musical was made up of 7actors and actresses. Our smallestcast.
  15. 15. With college and InternationalBaccalaureate exams up ahead,Steph wrote her final musicalSpectacular. The title says it all. Alarge cast of 14 enthusiastic boysand girls filled the stage withamazing voices and dance moves.It was perfect timing. BrookdaleMall was closing, so it wasdecided to be the last musical forShooting Starz Productions.
  16. 16.  As Steph read a short speech at the final performance tears streamed down her face without warning. It was what she lived for- her passion- all coming to a close. As many of the cast members shed tears as well, it showed Steph and the audience how much Shooting Starz Productions had changed their lives. Confidence, self-esteem, and lots of fun have always been the goals, but much much more had been achieved.
  17. 17. Shooting Starz ProductionsSummer Theater Camp!!!August 2009 and 2010A week long day camp wherekids have the opportunity to*Act*Sing*Dance*Swim*Outdoor activities
  18. 18. Shooting StarzProductionsSummer Theater Camp!!!Aug. 2009 and 2010A performance for parentsat the end of the weekfollows
  19. 19. A meaningful summer trip put closure to everyone involved in Shooting Starz Productions. Steph organized a 4 day trip to Taylors Falls, MN in which 9 actors/actresses got to spend quality time together.
  20. 20. Summer Trip June 2010Saw the showFootloose!!
  21. 21. Highlights of thetrip includedChanhassenDinner Theatre,Wild MountainWaterpark, andFeed My StarvingChildren
  22. 22.  So what happened to Spectacular being the finale? Steph knew she would miss directing and performing with such amazing kids—but not as much as she realized later on. At the time Steph decided that Spectacular will be the last musical. A year passed and Steph thought there was a small possibility of making another one work.Steph contacted small theaters and other venues andonce she was confident another musical would work outand there would be enough cast members, she wrote“Faith”
  23. 23. This is Steph’s first time notacting in one of herproductions.We peformed at theChamplin Ice Forum andmade $365 for Feed MyStarving Children
  24. 24.  No one knows where Steph’s life will lead or what opportunities await her. She has given her time volunteering with Shooting Starz Productions since 2004 and plans to continue for years to come. ShootingStarz Productions is Steph’s passion. There will be an 11th musical in July 2012. Stephdoes it for the kids. And the kids are so thankful.