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Rcbks bulletin vol 18 no 38

  1. 1. Vol 18 Number 38 SELAMAT PAGI 29 May 2010 Special Feature We Enjoyed Taiwan while the children were restricted to their usual diet of rice, soup, one vegetable and one meat. 18 May 2010 We observed the children in their Alvin, Angie, Jeremy, Yau & ann Rosie classroom, and going about their daily and I gathered at the LCCT to board the routine (wash up plate/cup, brush teeth, flight to Taipei. Poay Lim & ann Jenny sweep floor etc). had gone ahead on Sunday to “pave the way for us”. Those who visited the school in May 2009 would remember the “deputy President Jeff, Win, SS Lee & ann Betty principal”, the dark one. Poay Lim had a and Poay Lim & Jenny were at Taipei RCBKS Rotarians at Welcome dinner chat with it in the cool shade of the airport to receive us; and Pres Jeff peach field. We were allowed into the bowled us off our feet with a bouquet of There were 3 other schools in more peach field to pluck ripe peaches for our lovely lilies each. remote, less accessible locations own consumption. Dee..li..cious...! which were part of the Matching Grant The welcome dinner was such a noisy which RCBKS contributed USD3,000 The next itinerary was a boat ride in Shi- affair, typical of long lost friends and other Taipei clubs also participated Men dam. The place became famous catching up. RC Bugis Junction in the in the matching. I snapped pictures of due to movies shot on location. The form of PE Nelson, Joey, Bobby, guest the assets mounted on the roof. This evening was wrapped up with a big Eddie and family members were also school received only one solar panel. dinner. Some Rotarians who could not present. The hosts outnumbered the The other 3 schools got a total of 13 join us for the day’s outing drove the visitors by 3:1. What a rousing and hot solar panels. long journey to have dinner together. The welcome it was! menu comprised 7 different types of fishes. 19 May 2010 The coach bus pushed off punctually at about 8:30am to take us to La La Mountain. After about 2 hours of winding road, we reached Gao Yi Primary School, one of the boarding schools for the aboriginal children; a recipient of the Matching Grant for the The Matching Grant Project - Solar solar panels project for remote Panels mounted on the roof top schools. Pounding the traditional way to On arrival, we were treated to freshly prepare the mua chi dough picked home grown peaches and refreshing coffee/plum juice. The 20 May presentation ceremony took place quickly; the children gave a welcome The morning of the anniversary, more traditional dance, later visitors were than 100 golfers teed off for the games. invited to dance along; the boys played The non-golfers took off in 5 cars for a wooden tops and we took turns to one hour journey to Taipei to visit the pound rice dough for fresh “mua chi” famous National Palace Museum. We Dance performance by La La dessert. Shortly afterwards lunch was spent time taking in the beautiful served. The school kitchen cooked us a exhibits and highlights. ... continue Mountain school children tasty buffet (included a sashimi even)
  2. 2. LAST WEEK'S SPEAKER ATTENDANCE Guest: Collin Whitehead Ng Ann Ann, guest of Graham - NLP Attendance: 60% Fines: nil There are 2 important principles of NLP. 1- As human beings, we don’t under- Announcements stand the reality, we only understand the perceptions of the reality. We Today's meeting was chaired by respond to the world around us through VP Dr Sanjay. our sensory represen-tational systems. It means that it is “neuro-linguistic” map of reality which determines how we behave, but not the reality itself. Club Service 2- The processes taking place within a human being and between human beings - 'Relay for Life 2010' is next Saturday and environment are systematic. It is not possible to isolate the part of the 29 May. 19 have registered. Those system from the rest of the system. who are keen to participate, see Karen. Training in Neuro Linguistic Programming benefits you in different ways. It mainly helps to maximize your power of communication with others. NLP also helps to Community Service understand and alter unconscious behaviors. NLP teaches how our brain works, - Ee Lay reported on the updates of how we store the information and the most important, how we can change our the joint Medical Camp project withRC behaviors etc. NLP techniques are widely used in teaching, self help, Shah Alam on 13 June'10. There will management and other spheres. NLP is generally taught in an accelerated be a briefing on 12 June'10 manner using direct examples and hands-on experimental training. One of the best ways to learn NLP is working with NLP practitioner. REF SPECIAL FEATURE - Yoke Leong reminded members on ..... continue the Values Education Program is on 8 & 9 June'10 at SMK Sri Permata . The ancient artifacts and works of art were transported from China when Chiang Kai Shek escaped into Taiwan. We were told that exhibits were rotated from time to time - District Awards Night is on 12 and it would take years before they are repeated! That’s how much treasures have June'10 at Selangor Club. Those who been stashed away. The anniversary dinner took on an early start and was full of are keen to attend, pls see Graham. pageantry. [See separate write up by Poay Lim]. 21 May REF News We used a coach bus to take us to Chiu Fen, a town once famous for its gold mining. Today the gold ecological park has been turned into an educational tourist site. The lunch was excellent, a recommendation by the cousin of Huck. The little village Values Education Programme tucked away, is only accessible via very narrow roads. The objectives of the workshop are The old town at Chiu Fun offers magnificent views of the surrounding mountains and as below: valleys. They men sat down to admire the views while waiting for the ladies to do their shopping. The old village requires a climb up a long alley, with shops on both · Improve leadership skills sides. Angie got totally confused and ended up doing more than her fair share of · Instill positive values stairs exercise. · Improve student grades Dinner that night was a nice change from the 10 course dinners we had been eating. · Equip students with some of the We were left to explore the street food in Keelung night market. With anns Betty and soft skills for future success Linda and Huck taking charge of Angie, Joey and myself, we ate to our hearts’ content. Venue: - School Hall, SMK Sri 22 May Permata, Petaling Jaya, Selangor The programme today took us to the Dharma Drum Mountain monastery. The Date and Time: - The workshop will building is the result of one man’s vision. Master Sheng Yen. The sprawling complex be held on 8-9 June 2010. The is awesome and peaceful. We later visited a museum with a difference. We learnt workshop hours will be 9.00 am to that it is important to observe the following rules while we eat the vegetarian lunch meal. Men and women sit in separate sections of the huge dining hall. No talking 5.00 pm on both the days. allowed. To chew your food thoroughly and pick the food after you have swallowed what is in your mouth. Such deliberate actions are supposed to be conducive for one to reflect on ones inner thoughts. For one thing it did force me to eat much more slowly and calmly. We later visited a museum with a difference. It was the sweat and tears of a philanthropic artist Ju Ming whobuilt, financed and donated his work pieces to the
  3. 3. Juming Museum. Next, a visit to NEXT CHANGE Theresa Teng’s memorial. Her famous songs are played throughout 5 June(Sat) the day and her corner is decorated No meeting with musical ornaments. 12 June(Sat) 7.30am Then it is time to proceed to our fare- Medical Camp briefing well dinner. The car driven by Dentist, carryingAngie and I was the last to arrive (we were one hour late) due to CALENDER of EVENTS traffic congestion. REF Values Education Program This farewell dinner was very comical, Taichi stance according to the sculpture Date: 8 - 9 June 2010 as each and every visiting Rotarian was in Juming Museum Venue: SMK Sri Permata asked to say a few words. Some spoke in proficient Mandarin while others like yours truly got corrected every now and District Awards & Handover Night then. Of course our host also provided “translation” services with fun intended, Date: 12 June 2010 words quickly got lost in translation. These drew a lot of laughter. And it was a Venue: Royal Selangor Club @ $90pp lovely way to close off the day. Medical Camp 23 May Date: 13 June 2010 Venue: Taman Sri Muda, Shah Alam Quickly it is time to pack up and say “chai chien” (see you again) to our lovely and caring hosts. Pres Jeff, Win and Betty went with us to the airport to make sure RCBKS 19th Installation everything was in order and left only after we walked through the departure gate. Date: 26 June 2010 (Sat) Conclusion RC Bugis Junction Installation Date: 10 July 2010 I wish to conclude by saying a BIG Thank You to all Rotarians of RC Chung-Li Chung-Shing and also to RC Bugis Junction for their hand in friendship. However I would need to single out several key individuals who worked overtime to make Duty Roster our trip more enjoyable. 29 May (Membership) · Pres Jeff for being at all the events Sargeant-at-arms Yoke Leong · SS Lee & Betty for participating in all the sightseeing and providing Desk Duty Karen home stay Introducer - Thank Speaker - · Win for doing the recee and pre-tasting of all the places/food ahead of Fines Fang Keong our arrival Reported by Frances Results of Interviews with the Taiwan contingent R ot a rian W ha t las t in g im p res s ion ? M y T op V ote ( foo d, s igh t or a c tiv ity ) P o a y L im • H ow clo se the m em bers o f R C CC w ere • V isi t to G ao Yi Prim ary Sc hool (La La am o ng them s elv es M ou ntain) s eeing the ch ildren s o i ndepen dent wi th their c hores A lv in • T he rela tio ns hip am ong our s is ter c lubs • S ch ool proj ect at La La M ou ntai n ar e fantas ti c Je r em y • H os pitality of Tai wa nes e • P ork k nu ck les & s m all pla tes of del ica cies • F ull p arti cip atio n o f gues ts a nd hos t at a nniv ers ary dinner Yau • H os pitality an d c om m itm ent to ens ure • Ins tallation c erem ony gets m y top v ote. It that thei r g ues ts are w ell ta ken c are of w as w ell organi zed an d w ell attend ed by • In partic ular, Pres ident Jeff and W in wer e s is ter clu bs as wel l a s s o m a ny other c lubs w ith us in all our outing s to ens ure that all i n Tai wan - It dem ons trates true w ent wel l c om ra des hip A n g ie • I wa s partic ularly to uch ed by the • T he m atc hing gra nt proj ec t vi sit to the friend sh ip of R C C hun g-Li C hung -Shin g s c hool – ded ic ated teac h ers/pri nci pal R otaria ns and their s pous es en su re educ ation for th e chil dren • T hey to ok grea t pai ns to plan our trip • i t is an ey e open er to k no w our m oney is • T o s um up they had ta ken ver y goo d w ell s pen t c are of us an d y ou w ill not feel ou t of pl ac e!!! F ra n ce s • G reat h osp ital ity and c are s how n to us by • T he M atc hing G ra nt proj ec t at L a L a R C C hu ng-Li C hun g-Shin g m em bers & M ou ntain s pou ses
  4. 4. Board of Directors 2009/10 District NEWS President Frances Po District Awards & Handover Night 21731618(0) Towards the end of each Rotary year, an evening is set aside for the President Elect DistrictAwards Night. Each award given out is truly worth all the effort, hard Tan Poay Lim work and commitment by the relevant clubs and members. It will be a 77277127(0) recognition, meaningful and which the club members will truly be proud to have earned. Such projects that had been successfully carried out, for the Immediate Past President/PR objectives with which they have done so and the results are that they have Elsie Low realized and made beneficial to the communities as well as put a smile on 77281807(0) the faces of those concerned. Vice President/Membership Director Venue:Royal Selangor Club, Dataran Merdeka Dr Sanjay Doshi Date; 12th June'10 @ 7.30pm 23008030(0) Cost: RM 90 Honorary Secretary Cecelia Matuya Short Term Youth Exchange 56342870(0) To RI D3060, Gujarat, India Honorary Treasurer PP Graham Bennett Date: 2 Weeks In Mid-December ’10 012-2918619 Who can apply : Youth between the ages of 15-19years. Club Service Director PP Karen Chong Can Rotarians’ children apply? – Yes 012-2893380 Vocational Service Director Homestay, attending Rotary Club meetings, projects, meeting Interactors, PP CY Fong Rotaractors, tours will be arranged by Rotarians in D3060. 78032276(0) Applicants are required to purchase return airfare, travel insurance and internal expenses USD200. Community Service Director Ho Ee Lay 019-3395688 District 3300 Sister Clubs International Service Director Susan Lim District Governor Leslie Salehuddin RC Bugis Junction [D 3310] 012-2325860 03-61424628 (0) 03-61424058(Fax) Saturday, 08:00 am dgles0910@gmail.com Hotel Inter-Continental New Generation Director 80 Middle Road, Singapore Ghaurry Assistant Governor Veiven Goon 23003757(O) 03-79805529(0) 03-79813514(Fax) RC ChiangmaiThinthaingam[D 3360] vgoon@streamyx.com Thursday, 12.00 noon Rotary Foundation Chairman International Center PP Sunny Khoo Rotary Clubs in Group 9 Chiangmai University, Thailand 22849089(O) Ampang Bukit Kiara Sunrise RC Chungli Chung Shing [D 3500] Bulletin Committee KL West Thursday, 12.00 noon Pudu No 4, Ln 10, Gwo-Ti Street James Lau/ Karen (Editor/Production) Sri Petaling Chungli, Taiwan Poay Lim (Speaker’s Programme)