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The Conversation Manager: update


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The Conversation Manager describes how companies can manage word-of-mouth and social media.

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The Conversation Manager: update

  1. The story of the Conversation Manager.<br />Prof. Steven Van Belleghem<br />Managing Partner InSites Consulting<br />
  2. We are living in prettyamazingtimes.<br />
  3. Listen, ask questions, let people ask questions.<br />State of the union 2011: possibility to ask questions to the president of the USA. Open up for real time feedback on social media in line with your offline events.<br />
  4. From co-creation to co-buying.<br />New collections are bought together with clients. Some clients even high a title like ‘junior purchasing manager’. Employees that are not on the payroll are the future.<br />
  5. Andbefore I continue…<br />
  6. Thispresentation isNOT aboutsocial media.<br />
  7. It is about...<br />
  8. It is aboutword-of-mouth.<br />
  9. These guys were the first to make word-of-mouth work.<br />Jesus his FOLLOWERS started to spread the word to become a global brand. Catholic church is probably the first brand in the world applying the WOM approach.<br />
  10. These guysdid a good job as well.<br />
  11. These guysdid a good job as well.<br />
  12. It is aboutword-of-mouth,thatbecameworLd-of-mouth.<br />
  13. Zappos is THE example that WOM works.<br />By delivering EXTREME customer service, the number of positive conversations boosted and created the huge growth of this online shoe retailer.<br />
  14. I toldyou. <br />Thispresentation is NOT aboutsocial media.<br />
  15. It’s aboutgoingback to the coreof doing business.<br />
  16. Making yourclientshappy <br />
  17. Social media is a great amplifierto show the worldthatyoureallycare aboutyourclients.<br />
  18. And…itwill go faster & faster.<br />
  19. Facebook has...<br />
  20. Facebook has 600M users<br />
  21. 250M people check Facebook firstthing in the morning.<br />
  22. Hours of video uploadedonYouTube per minute?<br />
  23. 24 hours of video uploadedonYouTube per minute!<br />
  24. New Twitter accounts per day?<br />Or no, wait, per second?<br />
  25. 5 new Twitter accounts per second.<br />
  26. And since a few years we have thislittledevice.<br />
  27. In fact, more than 30% of the internetpopulationhas one.<br />
  28. Mobile creates theneedfor real time marketing.<br />
  29. I think we all agree. The world is changing.<br />Problem, if the world is changing…<br />
  30. We need to CHANGE,but we HATE it.<br />
  31. Needfor RADICAL change<br />
  32. It’s time to jump and to become…<br />The Conversation Manager<br />
  33. Not just aboutobserving & joining social media<br />
  34. Integration of word-of-mouthin all marketing thinking & acting<br />
  35. The newphilosophy<br />Conversation<br />Advertising<br />Brand<br />
  36. The newphilosophy<br />Conversation<br />Activation<br />Brand<br />
  37. STEP 1: Brand leverage<br />
  38. Creating a ‘WE’ feeling withyour fans is the REAL challenge<br />
  39. Brand identificationis KEYforthe Conversation Manager<br />
  40. Step2: AdvertisingbecomesACTIVATION<br />
  41. Advertising is thestart of a good conversation<br />
  42. Amazing content planning doubledthe visitors of the Antwerp zoo,notananyelephant.<br />
  43. What should people tell each other<br />
  44. Activationforthe sake of activation<br />
  45. Activation asks for strategic thinking<br />
  46. 7  350.000.000<br />
  47. Step 3: Manage yourconversations<br />
  48. What should people tell each other<br />
  49. Listen to feedback duringlaunch,adapt the product based on thefeedback andbecome market leader.<br />At least, that’swhatKodak did.<br />
  50. 100 = 100<br />Are youcoolenough to drive a Ford Fiesta?<br />
  51. 50.000 requestforproposal6 monthsfor the launch!<br />Oh, andmillions of online views.<br />
  52. Pre-marketing boosts success.<br />If you hide your innovations, the result is simple: nobody will know about it. Claim a product or a domain before you actually have a product ready.<br />
  53. Public co-creation is possible.<br />Telenet’sYelo was launched 6 months before the product was final. First users did not have to pay for the product. Telenet just asked for feedback. <br />
  54. “Every brand that takes itself serious, will have a brand community by 2015”<br />Joseph Jaffe<br />
  55. “Pleasedon’tchange OUR brand; we loveit the wayit is”<br />
  56. <br />Thank you!<br />Sorry...<br />Listen<br />Personal<br />Open<br />Askquestions<br />Engagement<br />Honest<br />6 Rules of participation<br />
  57. Joining the conversation isthe essence of marketing<br />
  58. That’s the philosophy of…<br />The Conversation Manager<br />
  59. A story of CHANGE<br />
  60. It’s strategy, nottactics.<br />
  61. integration of word-of-mouthin all marketing thinking & acting<br />
  62. Long term goal:Be ambitious<br />
  63. “Success is going from failure to failure without the loss of enthusiasm”<br />
  64. My son shows me everydaythat Churchill was right.<br />
  65. Andso is @garyvee.<br />
  66. Start yourchange<br />
  67. 48<br />
  68. A tip: read the book<br />
  69. Thankyou!<br />Let’sconnectonLinkedIn<br />Follow me on Twitter @steven_insites<br />For questions & feedback:<br /><br />