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Tax attorney in charlotte


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Maxwell Law firm, PLLC is such a law firm that offers full services in Business, Bankruptcy, Traffic ticket representation and services and Income Tax Services. For more details contact 704-461-1883.

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Tax attorney in charlotte

  1. 1. The need of Tax Attorney
  2. 2. Who is Tax Attorney?Tax attorneys are specialized lawyers for the complex and technical fieldof tax law. For handling the complex, technical and legal issues of lawthe best option is to take help from tax attorneys.A tax attorney in Charlotte has the specialized knowledge in tax laws thatwill help all the business houses as well as individuals to handle taxrelated problems with ease.
  3. 3. You need a tax attorney if… planning to start a business and You areneed legal counsel about the structure andtax treatment for your company. You are engaging in an internationalbusiness and need help with the legal matterslike contracts, tax treatment etc. If you have a taxable estate, and you needto make complex estate planning strategies,or need to file an estate tax return. You are under criminal investigation by theIRS.
  4. 4. Degrees that a Tax Attorney musthave… Minimum Requirement: •Juris Doctor •Admitted to status bar Advanced Requirement: •Master of law degree (LL.M.) Some tax attorneys also have an accounting background.
  5. 5. Contact DetailsCHARLOTTE1200 East Morehead, Suite 140Charlotte, NC 28204Telephone: 704-461-1883Fax: 704-233-3715