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Summary of dr martin seligmans 24 signature strengths


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Summary of dr martin seligmans 24 signature strengths

  1. 1. Curiosity in the world Love of learning Appreciation of beauty and excellence Judgement, critical thinking and open-mindedness Wisdom Gratitude Ingenuity, originality, practical intelligence, street smarts Hope, optimism and future-mindedness Social intelligence, personal intelligence, emotional intelligenceSpirituality, sense of purpose, faith, religiousness Transendence Perspective Forgiveness and mercy Valour and bravery Playfulness and humour Courage Perseverance, industry and diligence Zest, passion and enthusiasm. Integrity, Genuineness, honesty 24 Signature Strengths - Summary of Dr Martin EP Seligmans Self control Kindness and Generosity Prudence, discretion, caution Temperance Loving and allowing oneself to be loved Humility and modesty Humanity and Love Justice Fairness and equity Leadership © Ivan Staroversky -