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Athletic injury it and hip flexor


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Athletic injury it and hip flexor

  1. 1. IT Band/HipFlexorAll about the injury
  2. 2. • Iliotibial Band (IT Band)• Starts at hip, runs down into the shin• Functions are to assist in hip abduction and stabilize lateral side of knee.• Very weakIT
  3. 3. • Many muscles make up group• located on the anterior side of the hip joint• As implied, causes hip to flex, and connects legs to pelvis• Also very weakHip Flexor
  4. 4. • Overuse injury• Runners injury, yet found in other exercises• Just as common as ankle sprains• “The perception of movement of the ITB across the epicondyle is an illusion.”Causes
  5. 5. • ITBS Symptoms • Knee Pain/ Hip Pain • Irritation when heel strikes or using stairs • Weakness in Quadriceps and Hamstrings• Hip flexor • Sharp and dull pain in hip joint • Pain in lower back or ThighSymptoms
  6. 6. • ITBS • Stretching • Massaging Band (Elongating muscle) • Cortisone Injections/ Surgery• Hip Flexor • Stretching • Ice • Surgery/ TherapyTreatment
  7. 7. • Ignore pain• Jump into surgery• Get only one opinion www.ehow.comWhat not to do
  8. 8. • ITBS • Can take from a couple months to a year • You may live with it your entire life• Hip Flexor • Depending on causeRecovery time
  9. 9. • ITBS can be confused with Patellofemoral pain syndrome.• Iliotibial band pain: • side of the knee pain• Patellofemoral pain syndrome: • Front of the kneeCould also be…
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