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Sprain g3


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Grade III Ankle Sprain

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Sprain g3

  1. 1. GRADE 3 ANKLE SPRAINBy: Lokella Medeiros and Kellsie Fujimoto
  2. 2. What is the Injury?Complete tear of the ligament. If the examiner pulls orpushes on the ankle joint in certain movements, grossinstability occurs.Significant swelling and tendernessYou become unstableYou may often need surgery for this severe injury
  3. 3. What Bony Structures are Involved?Tibia: The major boneof the lower leg (insidebump of the ankle)-Lateral MalleolusFibula: The smallerbone (Outer bump ofthe ankle)-MedialMalleolusTalus: The top bone ofthe foot - Dorsal Aspect
  4. 4. What Ligaments are Involved?Posterior Talofibular LigamentAnterior Talofibular LigamentCalcaneofibular Ligament
  5. 5. What are the initial signs and symptoms?Swelling: due to increase fluid in tissuePain: throbbing and sore when pressed or moved incertain directionsRedness and Warmth: cause by increase blood flow tothe areaInstability
  6. 6. What Aspect of the leg is this Injury? Lateral Aspect
  7. 7. TreatmentsImmobilizationPhysical therapy similar tothat for grade 2 sprains(range-of-motion andstretching/ strengtheningexercises) but over a longperiod of timePossible surgicalreconstruction
  8. 8. PrognosisDepending on the severeness of theankle sprain, once the patient canwalk without pain, they need tomaintain exercising to keep thestrength and flexibility of ankleAutomatic SurgeryRehabUp to 9 months of recovery whichwill include surgery
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