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Muscles, movements, and exercises

Published in: Healthcare
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  1. 1. Gluteus Medius: Origin Lateral Surface of the Ilium, below crest
  2. 2. Gluteus Medius: Insertion • Found on posterior and middle surfaces of greater trochanter of femur
  3. 3. Gluteus Medius: Actions/Uses • Abduction of the hip. • Lateral pelvic rotation. • Internal rotation of the hip. • External rotation and extension of the hip. • Rubber band stretches, vertical leg lifts. • Volleyball, walking.
  4. 4. Gluteus Minimus: Origin Lateral surface of the Ilium, below origin of gluteus medius.
  5. 5. Insertion • Anterior surface of greater trochanter of femur. • Found most Inferior of the gluteus muscles.
  6. 6. Gluteus Minimus: Actions/Uses • Abduction of the hip. • Lateralpelvic rotation. • Internal rotation as femur abducts. • Flexion of the hip. • Running, jumping, squatting, swimming • Lunges, Pilates leg lifts
  7. 7. Tensor Fasciae : Origin • Anterior Iliac crest. • Surface of Ilium just below crest.
  8. 8. Adductor Longus: Insertion • ¼ of the way down from the thigh. • Gerdy’s Tubercle of anterolateral tibial condyle.
  9. 9. Tensor Fasciae: Actions/Uses • Abduction of the hip. • Flexion of the hip. • Internal rotation of the hip as it flexes. • Anterior pelvic rotation. • Yoga, powerlifting, track and field, diving. • Lateral Shuffle, Cable Hip Abduction.