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Salesforce Implementation Slsgb Force West


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Presentation on implementation and development of Member Information System at Surf Lifesaving GB

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Salesforce Implementation Slsgb Force West

  1. 1. Salesforce Implementation @ Surf Life Saving GB A Journey Forcewest April 17, 2012
  2. 2. Surf Life Saving GBFounded in 1955National Governing Body of Surf Lifesaving in GB.5,000 members aged 7-70+ and over 70 clubs acrossthe UK.Provide awards for Beach Lifeguards and
  3. 3. Drivers & Objectives• Used MS Access database for several years – Only available on 2 PCs in Head Office (Exeter)• Strategic direction to be more member focussed – Provide more services to members and clubs – Improve back office efficiencies – reduce costs – Be more open to members
  4. 4. Challenges• Half of SLSGB staff are remote workers• Members & clubs dispersed throughout UK WEB BASED SOLUTION• Charity organisation KEEP COSTS DOWN • Complex processes SIMPLIFY BEFORE AUTOMATING
  5. 5. Why use Salesforce?• Minimal initial costs (FREE!!) – SF Donation of 10 Enterprise Licenses – 100 free Licenses – Zero hardware costs• Web-based – Accessible anywhere – even on the beach• Scalable – Grows with the organisation
  6. 6. The SolutionPhase 1 – Members & Subscriptions• Built solely on platform using Custom Objects.• Batch Membership Renewals using Cheques or PayPal – but with manual payment confirmation.• Auto-generation of membership card – PDF as Email attachment.Launched January 2011
  7. 7. The SolutionPhase 2 – Award & Qualifications• Catalogue of 80+ types of training course• Course registration, enrolment, payment, assessment all through SF• Numerous confirmations & reminders via email• Access for Trainers and Assessors through Portal• Generation of Award Certificates and Training Records• Complex award update processes and rolesLaunched February 2012
  8. 8. The SolutionPhase 3 – Online Memberships with PayPal Integration• Online joining and renewals with PayPal integration using IPN (thanks to Simon Lawrence!)• Ability to take payments for National Governing Body and Clubs• Public access via Sites pages• Customised to look like SLSGB web pages.Launched March 2012
  9. 9. The Numbers• 26 Custom Objects• 600+ Custom Fields• 45 Page layouts• 40 Email templates• 53 Workflow rules, 1 Approval Process• 46 Apex Classes• 76 Visualforce pages• 25 Custom user profiles• 300+ Active users• 25,000 member records• 5,200 current subscriptions• 2 Customer portals• 3 Sites• Paypal Integration
  10. 10. The Outcome“The Member Information System provided theopportunity to free up staff time, reduce complaintsrelated to admin, increase communication withmembers and track our progress more effectively.This will provide us with an opportunity to scale upour operations and reassign resource to enhancebenefits to our members in many other ways.”Andrew Byatt, Operations Manager, SLSGB.
  11. 11. Lessons• Plan for the future – Take time to build something generic and not rush for a quick fix – Consider platform limits as you will hit them – eventually.• Be aware of the pace of the client – An organisation can only take so much change!• Everything always takes longer!!!
  12. 12. The Future for SLSGB & SFDC1. April 2012 – rolling out MIS to another NGB with interest from several others.2. Competitions & Events – planned for 2012.3. Patrols & Incidents – possible future app.
  13. 13. Thank you•• @rhooseboy