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Challenges faced in UI automation


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Challenges faced in UI automation

  1. 1. Product WorkshopSeriesChallenges faced in UI AutomationSrinivas KantipudiProgress SoftwareHysea Workshop onSoftware Products’ TestingSep 27, 2008 @ Microsoft
  2. 2. What is QuickTest Professional• Automation testing tool• Scripting language built on top of VBScript• Fairly intuitive for technical userCommon misconceptions about GUI automationtools• Record and playback tools• Can automate any UI with GUI automation tools• UI Automation tools cannot find bugs
  3. 3. Challenges faced in UI Automation• Lack of awareness of tools• Limitations of UI Automation tools• Constant UI changes• Increase in complexity of Products• Error handling/Synchronization issues• Other challenges
  4. 4. Lack of awareness of Tools• Can not effectively use the features=>Increase in maintenance• Tend to automate the easiest way=>Scripts break often=>Increase in maintenance• No consideration to create reusable Actions=>Hundreds of scripts with many duplicates=>Increase in maintenance
  5. 5. Limitations of UI Automation tools• Every Window/Object needs to be unique• Problems with Images and Colors• Limitations with drag and drop functionality• Limitation with complex UI controlsCommon problems with QTP object recognition– Problems In Recognizing Tabs, Toolbars– Problems In Recognizing the Intellisense– Problems with recognizing child objects withinembedded frames
  6. 6. Constant UI changes• Changes in each version• Changes in third party tools used within theproductTo overcome challenges faced by constant UIchanges• Use shared object repository effectively• Make your code modular, use reusable actions• Code efficiently• Avoid recording
  7. 7. Error handling/Synchronization issues• Object synchronization timeout• Timing issues with using VBScript objectsError Handling• Recovery scenarios• On Error conditions• When error occurs during run session
  8. 8. Increase in complexity of Products• Embedded frames• Embedding other products within our products• Complex UIs – Flow diagrams, Business processdiagrams, Mapping tools
  9. 9. Other Challenges• Maintenance of scripts• Time taken to develop effective automation• Time taken for ROI• Maintaining the coding standards• Choosing the right framework• Designing the right infrastructure
  10. 10. Why is Automation not finding bugsAnalyze Product -ManualDesign Test –ManualRun Test 1sttime –ManualEvaluate Results –ManualReport 1st bug –ManualDocument test –ManualRe-run the test –MACHINEEvaluate result -- Machine plusmanual if there’s anymismatch
  11. 11. Conclusion• Choose the right framework• Start with designing• Maintain coding standards• Code efficiently• Improve reusability• Parameterize hard coded values• Avoid recording• Document the code• Learn from past experience
  12. 12. QuestionsQuestions?