Web UI test automation instruments


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Main instruments used for Web UI test automation.
Drivers: Selenium WebDriver, Sikuli X.
Frameworks: PageFactory, TestNG.
Other tools: Apache Ant, Jenkins CI.

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Web UI test automation instruments

  1. 1. Web UI Test Automationby Artem NagornyiDrivers: Selenium WebDriver, Sikuli XFrameworks: PageFactory, TestNGOther tools: Apache Ant, Jenkins CI
  2. 2. What is Selenium WebDriver?● Open-source, multi-platform, multi-browser tool for browser automation● Collection of bindings for multiple languages (Java, C#, Python, Ruby, Perl, PHP)● Can be used with different frameworks: JUnit, NUnit, TestNG, unittest, RSpec, Test:: Unit, Bromine, Robot, and many others.● Has the biggest and strongest community. De facto standard in the world of Web UI test automation
  3. 3. LocatorsSelenium WebDriver finds elements in browser via DOMusing these locators:● webdriver.findElement(By.id("logo"))● webdriver.findElement(By.name("q"))● webdriver.findElement(By.tagName("H1"))● webdriver.findElements( By.className ("sponsor_logos"))● webdriver.findElement( By.cssSelector("section. roundbutton div#someid"))● webdriver.findElement( By.xpath("//section [@id=miniconfs]/a[2]"))● webdriver.findElements(By.linkText("about"))● webdriver.findElement(By.partialLinkText("canberra"))
  4. 4. Interactions With PageSelenium WebDriver simulates all userinteractions with browser:● webElement.click()● webElement.sendKeys("type some text")● webElement.submit()Actions class -> Mouse events, Drag and Drop Actions builder = new Actions(driver); Action dragAndDrop = builder.clickAndHold(someElement) .moveToElement(otherElement) .release(otherElement) .build(); dragAndDrop.perform();
  5. 5. There are many ways ...To simulate right-click:new Actions(driver).contextClick(element).perform();Or you can use WebDriverBackedSelenium:Selenium selenium = new WebDriverBackedSelenium(webDriver,"http://sample.com")selenium.fireEvent("//tr[@id[contains(.,Equipment)]]","blur");To generate virtually any JS event use JavaScriptExecutor:((JavascriptExecutor)driver).executeScript("document.getElementById(element ID).blur()")
  6. 6. AJAX applicationsWhen elements are loaded asynchronously,Selenium can wait either unconditionally: webdriver().manage().timeouts() .implicitlyWait(30, TimeUnit.SECONDS)or conditionally: Boolean expectedTextAppeared = (new WebDriverWait(driver, 30)) .until(ExpectedConditions. textToBePresentInElement(By.cssSelector ("div#projects div.value"), "expected value"));
  7. 7. Testing Styles and Executing JSTesting CSS properties:● webElement.getCssValue("height")● webElement.getCssValue("background-image")JavaScript execution: JavascriptExecutor js = (JavascriptExecutor) driver; js.executeScript("your_js_function();");
  8. 8. Frames and AlertsTargetLocator target = webDriver.switchTo();//Switching to a frame identified by its nametarget.frame("name");//Switching back to main contenttarget.defaultContent();//Switching to alertAlert alert = target.alert();//Working with alertalert.getText();alert.accept();alert.dismiss();alert.sendKeys("text");
  9. 9. Browser NavigationNavigation nav = webDriver.navigate();//Emulating browser Back buttonnav.back();//Forward buttonnav.forward();//Open URLnav.to("http://www.sut.com");
  10. 10. Migration from Selenium I (RC)Selenium selenium =new WebDriverBackedSelenium(webDriver, "http://sample.com")selenium.open("http://sample.com/home");selenium.click("id=follow_twitter");selenium.waitForPageToLoad("10000");WebDriver webDriver = ((WebDriverBackedSelenium)selenium) .getUnderlyingWebDriver();
  11. 11. PageFactory and Page Objects● Each page is encapsulated in its own Page class where methods represent page-specific actions and instance variables represent elements bound to locators via annotations● Behavior that is not page-specific is encapsulated in a Site class, and all Page classes are derived from Site class public class GoogleSearchPage extends GoogleSite { @FindBy(id = "q") private WebElement searchBox; public GoogleResultsPage searchFor(String text) { searchBox.sendKeys(text); searchBox.submit(); return PageFactory.initElements(driver, GoogleResultsPage.class); } }
  12. 12. Working with Regular Expressions@FindBy(css = "a.mylink")private WebElement mylink;//This checks that the text of a link equals to "Yahoo"assertEquals(mylink.getText(), "Yahoo");//This checks that the text of a link contains "ho" substringassertTrue(checkRegexp("ho", mylink.getText())); ===================Helpers.java===================public static boolean checkRegexp(String regexp, String text){ Pattern p = Pattern.compile(regexp); Matcher m = p.matcher(text); return m.find();}
  13. 13. Asynchronous Text Lookupwebdriver().manage().timeouts() .implicitlyWait(30, TimeUnit.SECONDS)isTextPresent("sometext"); isTextNotPresent("othertext"); ===================Helpers.java===================public static void isTextPresent(String text) { wd.findElement(By.xpath("//*[contains(.,""+text+"")]")); }public static void isTextNotPresent(String text) { boolean found = true; try { wd.findElement(By.xpath("//*[contains(.,""+text+"")]")); } catch(Exception e) { found = false; } finally { assertFalse(found); } }
  14. 14. Working with Tables@FindBy(css = "table#booktable")private WebElement table;//getting the handler to the rows of the tableList<WebElement> rows = table.findElements(By.tagName("tr"));System.out.println("Table rows count: " + rows.size());//print the value of each cell using the rows handlerint rown; int celln; rown = 0;for(WebElement row: rows) {rown ++;List<WebElement> cells = row.findElements(By.tagName("td"));celln = 0;for(WebElement cell: cells) { celln ++; System.out.println("Row number: " + rown + ". Cell number: " + celln + ". Value: " + cell.getText());} }
  15. 15. What is Sikuli X?● Open-source, multi-platform visual technology to automate graphical user interfaces using images of objects on the screen.● Tests are developed in Jython or Java.● Images of objects are captured in Sikuli IDE.● You can import and use Java classes to extend your framework.
  16. 16. Sikuli Java API Wrappers//Wait for element on the screenpublic static void elementWait (String elementImagePath, inttimeOut) throws Exception { regionImagePath = image_folder + elementImagePath; screen.exists(elementImagePath, timeOut);}//Click element on the screenpublic static void elementWaitAndClick (String elementImagePath)throws Exception { regionImagePath = image_folder + elementImagePath; screen.click(elementImagePath, 0);}
  17. 17. Why Sikuli?1. Automation of non-standard interfaces, where more native UI automation is impossible or will require much larger efforts.2. Image comparison testing.3. As a helper tool in scope of a larger test automation framework.
  18. 18. What is TestNG?TestNG is a testing framework inspired from JUnit and NUnit butintroducing some new functionalities that make it more powerfuland easier to use, such as: ● Annotations. ● Run your tests in arbitrarily big thread pools with various policies available (all methods in their own thread, one thread per test class, etc...). ● Flexible test configuration. ● Support for data-driven testing (with @DataProvider). ● Support for parameters. ● Powerful execution model (no more TestSuite). ● Supported by a variety of tools and plug-ins (Eclipse, IDEA, Maven, etc...).
  19. 19. TestNG Code Example@Test(groups = {"regression", "inprogress"})public void testSearch() { // test implementation }@Parameters({"browser"})@BeforeMethod(alwaysRun = true)public void startDriver(){driver = new FirefoxDriver(); }@AfterClass(alwaysRun = true)public void stopDriver() {driver.close(); }
  20. 20. Apache AntApache Ant is a Java build and configurationtool that we use for:1. Compilation of Selenium WebDriver test classes2. Execution of tests3. Passing parameters from command line to test automation framework (used for selective execution of test suite and test case)
  21. 21. Jenkins Continuous IntegrationServerJenkins is a popular open-source continuousintegration server that we use for:1. Scheduled execution or on-demand execution of Selenium WebDriver tests2. Integration with source control repository (SVN, GIT)3. Shared online dashboard with test results4. Keeping history of test results5. Email notifications about failed builds
  22. 22. Online Resources● http://seleniumhq.org/docs/03_webdriver.html - Selenium WebDriver official page and tutorial● http://selenium.googlecode. com/svn/trunk/docs/api/java/index.html - Selenium WebDriver API (Java bindings)● http://code.google.com/p/selenium/wiki/PageFactory - PageFactory● http://testng.org/doc/documentation-main.html - TestNG documentation● http://sikuli.org/docx/ - Sikuli X Documentation● http://ant.apache.org/manual/index.html - Apache Ant documentation● https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Use+Jenkins - Jenkins Wiki
  23. 23. Questions