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How To Set Time And Date Of The Spy Pen


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New 4GB Spy pen DVR Camera Video Camcorder Recorder Spy Pen 640x480 USB Pen Spy Camcorder 4GB Memory/Hidden Camera DVR Camcorder Pen Camera Recorder With Audio And Video Recording Pen Camera DVR Digital Pen Cam Spy Pen Camera




1. It is the first pen DVR with the function of recording video in the world. This is a real professional DVR pen for the professional investigators or law enforcement agencies.
2.We have improved the design of this kind of video pen so that Its nib is more tenuous and its weight is slighter. Besides this, not just kinescope video.
3.Super sensitive microphone can record the voice in a range of 15 square meters.
This video pen has high quality video and audio with real time date and time stamping for the evidence in the court.
4.The video pen with delicate outline, fluent writing function, changeable pen filling is super vivid, long time used.
5.We keep price of this pen DVR unbelievably cheap


Real-time date and time stamping
4GB built-in memory
Video: 300K pixels, AVI format
Built-in microphone
Normal size pen with handwriting function
Built-in lithium battery can recording for two hours if the battery is full charged
High speed USB 2.0 interface
Portable U-disk function
Supports firmware upgrade
Packing included:
User manual
USB connector
Charger connector
Nice gift box


Image rate: 20FPS (frames)
Sensitivity: 0.6LUX (1.3V/LUX.SEC)
Lens exterior: 8*8
Object lens:2.8mm
Focus: 2.6mm
Video resolution: CIF 640x480pixels
Dimension (DXL):14.2 X143mm
Weight: 32g

Products applications:

Police can use it for law enforcement
Lawyers can use it to collect evidence
Reporter can use it to interview in special occasion
For stealth surveillance

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How To Set Time And Date Of The Spy Pen

  1. 1. How to set date and time of the spy pen? ONLY FOR SPY PEN CAMERA RECORDER (640x480) 4GB Date and time setting of the spy pen This pen camera has one function that might possibly do not show in the specification That is time and date setting Follow this step 1, create one txt file, content format should be 2008-6-12 12:20:30 Whatever time and date you can set, and save to the desktop, File should be renamed userconfig.txt (case sensitive), please try to remember that file txt should not be repeated, because the software would not define it as a valid order please check the picture, 2, copy this file to the root of the disk. When time is set, please you must turn off the pen and restart the pen camera and operate again, it would be saved automatically.
  2. 2. We offer Spy Gadgets and Professional Spy Hidden Cameras Mini DVR and police Investigation equipments for law enforcements and VIP or personal security, Our pinhole Mini Cameras and Pocket DVR can hide in any where near you in watch Pen clock books etc for real time Audio Video Recording for real time evidence collection you can contact Mr. david at or Ms.sasa at they will guide you for the orders and how to place the order an pay. Regards sales team Eagle eye technology (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd URL: Tel: 86-0755-29341569 Fax:86-0755-29341588 Email: Head Office: 2B077 communication market taipingyang Futian District , Shenzhen, China Zip Code: 518030