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Just Youth

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  1. 1. Spiritan Campus Ministry Spirit of Diversity
  2. 2. Solidarity is an essential stance of faith and a feature of moral consciousness recognizing that we belong to one human family. One demand of such membership is the responsibility to participate in the building up of community and the fostering of unity. awareness at all levels and across all borders.
  3. 3. Solidarity is a way of “being with” our sisters and our brothers around the globe.
  4. 4. Here at Duquesne… Celebration of Eucharist Mass of the Holy Spirit I.S.O Week Opening Mass0 Unity Week Mass Tamburitzans Mass Spiritan Division Mass Spanish Mass
  5. 5. & Prayer Services Martin Luther King Jr. Day Service Taize Prayer (Ecumenical contemplative prayer) To name a few…
  6. 6. What is Just Youth? As part of Spiritan Campus Ministry, Just Youth is dedicated to raising the consciousness of the university community on issues of peace and justice by speaking out for the marginalized and disadvantaged through awareness, education, reflection and responsible action (SEE, JUDGE, ACT). Just Youth is not a club or a group, but facilitates collaboration that brings together different organizations to work together toward social justice and the promotion of peace. Just Youth is a collaboration of on campus organizations and departments that encompass faculty, staff, students and alumni. We also collaborate with off-campus organizations in our local community as well as on the international stage. The thread that binds all of this work together is the recognition that, through action in the community, students are promoters of justice and peace. Whatever a member of the Duquesne community does to promote justice and peace, he or she is, in effect, working in collaboration with Just Youth. “Just Youth has helped me to see problems that are truly present in our world, to judge the source of these problems, and to act with compassion. Once involved in Just Youth, you are no longer ‘just a youth’ aimlessly wondering what life holds in store for you; rather, you are sent on a mission, compelled to work for justice and peace everywhere.” -Duquesne University Student