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Clean Up

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  1. 1. Just Youth is committed to… a “Consistent Ethic of Life” This means that we encourage and support life in all of its different stages - from conception to natural death - and that we encourage life in our interactions with others. From the March for Life in Washington DC, to feeding the homeless in downtown Pittsburgh, by working with offenders in and just out of the prison system, to understanding our place as global citizens who are connected to our brothers and sisters throughout the world, we work toward promoting life in its various forms. And while this understanding of ministry and promoting a consistent ethic of life is rooted in our Catholic tradition, Just Youth embraces people of all denominations and all faiths, recognizing that there is a similar call in many other religious traditions to serve the poor and disadvantaged.
  2. 2. Outreach Opportunities Holy Family Institute Spend a Saturday afternoon with the CEL group doing crafts, cooking, and building relationships with girls ages eight through thirteen at HFI. Students meet at the Chapel at 12:30pm and return at about 3:15pm. Homeless Outreach Join Duquesne's chapter of the St. Vincent de Paul Society in their weekly outreach to the homeless of Pittsburgh. Sunday nights at 7 pm the SVdP and those willing to donate a few hours of their time meet at Laval House and prepare food and clothing to take downtown. The route goes through the Point and the Cultural District and returns to Campus around 9 pm. Uptown Clean-Ups Evergreen sponsors bi-weekly clean-ups for groups that are willing to spend a few hours on a Saturday picking up litter on the streets near our campus. A group needs only 5 volunteers who are available on a Saturday of your choice from 10am-noon. You can also check our website for upcoming dates and opportunities to join in with another group. Shepherd Wellness Community Outreach Shepherd Wellness Community is a gathering of people affected by AIDS and HIV. Students help to prepare and serve dinner as well as share the meal and fellowship with the community. Dinners are held every Friday evening at 7 pm and transportation is provided. Refugee Assistance In Collaboration with Catholic Charities help refugee’s here in Pittsburgh with moving into a new home or set up with basic neccesities.
  3. 3. Annual Spring Cleanup A Community coming together…
  5. 5. Cross/cultural Mission Opportunities -Pittsburgh Plunge -Appalachian Experience Mullens, W.V. Migrant Farmworker Experience – Immokalee, FL Urban Challenge – Camden, NJ Thanksgiving Break Spring Break Hurricane Relief Work - New Orleans, LA
  6. 6. Cross/cultural Mission Opportunities Coming this Summer… Work in a Spiritan parish in the Dominican Republic Civil Rights Tour &
  7. 7. Cross/cultural Mission Opportunities Appalachian Experience The Appalachian Experience immerses students into a culture that exists only 5 hours from our campus. Students experience the Appalachian people through various service activities which allow them to build relationships with community members. Students are able to learn about the problems that affect this culture, namely poverty and unemployment, as well as experience many of the positive things this culture produces such as music, food, and its amazing mountain scenery.
  8. 8. Cross/cultural Mission Opportunities Pittsburgh Plunge The Pittsburgh Plunge allows for students to experience Pittsburgh rich and diverse cultures and history through spending time in various neighborhoods of our city. In each neighborhood, students do service projects, meet with community leaders and social service workers, and are able to gain an appreciation for the melting pot of ethnic backgrounds and cultures that continue to enrich our city.