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Presentation of mag covers

  1. 1. MAGAZINE COVERS:<br />KERRANG: Bold simple fonts.<br />Large photos of famous bands or <br />people to attract attention.<br />Background tends to be plain to draw attention <br />to the main headlines<br />White, black, yellow, blue, red- very bold defined colours.<br />Fonts can be reversed out text<br />which sometimes feature cracking type look. <br />Short snappy headlines and features, with bold fonts.<br />Sometimes headlines various famous bands at the very top.<br />This helps attracting attention to the buyers<br />if they are a fan of one of the certain bands.<br />Comic type shapes behind the fonts to create that theme.<br />Barcode included in front cover.<br />Use of ‘!’ to create emphasis on the words written.<br />
  2. 2. Here is an old time style look( i liked this style very much as it was creative) I Would like to do my magazine in a similar way to this. This gives off a vintage eye catching approach showing that its more authentic and important.<br />NME: Bold fontColours; red, yellow, white. Etc. bold colours.Cartoony look, large photos to back up short headlines.Short, memorable title. Usually just one word or in this case initials. NME stands for New Musical Express. Smaller Subheadings in relation to more articles. Can be in relation to the skyline running across the top of the cover. Full page image of band, or musician/s, with nothing covering face/s so that eye contact is made. Large, bold text to advertise main article or exclusive.Simple colour schemes, using colours which match the masthead. Smaller subheadings of other articles inside magazine.Barcode usually with price, date and other details such as magazine website situated above it.NME is a bands magazine, so it is aimed at people who are interested in all kind of bands, normally, rock, indie in this genre.<br />
  3. 3. ELLE: Have simple, yet elegant fonts.It includes various famous (celebrities) in their front covers to attract attention.the celebrities would have modelled for this magazine.And it also shows the wealthiness of the magazine that ‘celebs’ are featured on it.The photos are shot by professional photographers.The backgrounds are plain and simple which drawsthe attention to the main photo.The fonts are bold with one colour and in CAPITAL LETTERS.There is not much writing on the Font cover as people don’t need to know what’s in-side because people that read ELLE tend to normally be ‘well off people’(people with a lot of money).<br />
  4. 4. VOGUE: is a expensive brand and to capture that we have a simple elegant back ground with a pretty girl on the front drinking champagne,<br /> This makes it look more formal which gives off the impression of wealth, just like ELLE,<br /> vogue captures the beauty in fashion so this front cover has to be simple because it tries to create the feeling of not needing to brand what’s inside the magazine as its ‘vogue’ and it is important enough and well known enough that people will buy the magazine just because its vogue. <br />Simple soft colours. Bold fonts.<br />Girl on front is a successful model and they are always pretty.<br />
  5. 5. INDIE Magazine is an international, independent style magazine with a focus on fashion, music and culture – founded 2003 in Vienna. Innovative fashion- and photo-editorials by internationally recognized photographers and portraits of budding talents from the fashion, music and cultural scene are INDIE Magazines cornerstones.<br />INDIE:<br />This magazine is simple, with edginess <br />that draws your attention in, with catchy phrases like:<br />‘DON’T, DON’T YOU WANT ME’.<br />The backgrounds are plain and simple. <br />Type face main font is normally plain, <br />with the know and then colours <br />With less writing on the font we concentrate <br />more on the actually picture and logos. <br /> Which is more eye catching when a reader is<br />choosing a magazine to read.<br />I like this magazine a lot want to base my magazine on it.<br />
  6. 6. ENVY: <br />In this magazine front cover it has a simple font type of famous singers up the top. ENVY is pink not too bright<br />There is hardly any written details won’t apart from ‘ELLE FLOWERS’ and the main masthead title.<br />The background in plain and simple in B&W so the title and the pink ‘piggy bank’ are the main focus.<br />The simple barcode in the left hand corner<br />This is simple and effective as it has a more feminine approach and looks like it would attract young early teenage girls to reading this mostly.<br />
  7. 7. NO DEPRESSION:<br />The black and white image gives off this vintage retro feel to it.<br />The cover image appears to be in mid-action, this gives the magazine more life and action.<br />The only colours are the main masthead which is bold and red and the smaller yellow writing on top of it and also the red and white bold name to attract the eye to them. <br />The title ‘No Depression’ is kind of worn out and this gives this edgy rocky feel to the magazine more.<br />The black background puts a focus on the main photo and the general layout of the magazine cover is really simple so it does it not overpower the magazine.<br />
  8. 8. VIBE:<br />The main middle feature of this magazine is the photo of ‘JANET JACKSON’ a famous celebrity singer from the famous family the Jacksons. This attracts attention to readers as she is a famous person.<br />The barcode on the left hand bottom corner.<br />Bold fonts and colours. <br />The masthead is behind in the background with the photo and texts in front of it this shows it is a well known magazine and doesn’t need to show the whole word to know what it is.<br />The background is plain and simple.<br />The Text like’ Janet Jackson’ is animated out almost 3D with a shadow in the background to push in out of the page more.<br />
  9. 9. Q: is one of my favourite music magazines.<br />It has the effect of rain in one and it has also got The Kings of Leon breaking through glass and you see the shattered pieces of glass this is a great effect and the head line under their name ‘break through’ is correlating and works well with the fact that they are breaking through this glass on the magazine cover.<br />The Q sign varies on different magazines as in the two I have chosen to show have one above the picture and fonts and one main masthead is behind the main photo and text.<br />On the top of one magazine it states in bold black and white ‘THE UK’S BIGGEST MUSIC MAGAZINE’.<br />There tends not to be many logos and just mainly headlining down the sides famous bands that are featured in this magazine.<br />The colours and red,white,black. <br />The fonts are bold and simple.<br />
  10. 10. Rolling Stone:The background is plain white this causes no distraction to the main image that has taken the role of most of this whole magazine cover with the pictures head slightly covering the main mastheads logo.<br />The image is of a famous ‘American heart throb’ actor called ZacEfron, this is eye catching the mainly female readers as he is an attractive guy and he has his shirt pushed up to show his stomach.<br />The main mastheads colour is grey with black around the outside to pop it out in a more 3D effect.<br />The Type face fonts of the writing down the left hand side are Red, Orange, and Gray and with a yellow outline cover. <br />The fonts are all one colour each and bold with no patterns.<br />They are only listed down the left side of the magazine.<br />