App Developer Recruiters Favorite JavaScript Frameworks


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Even experienced mobile app developers feel fear during interview session. Do you want to know which Javascript Frameworks are famous among App Developers Recruiters? Then flip these slides created by leading app development company,

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App Developer Recruiters Favorite JavaScript Frameworks

  1. 1. In today’s time mobile developers are widening the scope of their profession. They are not only focusing to solve their issues but, they are bringing wonderful layouts, touch friendly based on frameworks that work excellently on smartphones and tablets. Now days, JavaScript has made it easy to use touchscreen devices as it enable websites to respond to finger gestures such as tap, scroll and zoom. App Developer Recruiters Favorite Javascript Frameworks
  2. 2. Here are 5 App Developer Recruiters Favorite Javascript Frameworks : 1. jQuery Mobile 2. The M Project 3. Appcelerator Titanium 4. Sencha Touch 5. TreeSaver
  3. 3. Developers are vouching for jQuery mobile as it carry JavaScript framework. jQuery Mobile has a widget library that converts semantic markup into a gesture-friendly format which makes the operation easy. HTML5 mobile framework also allows developers to build cross- platform websites and apps. The newly introduced is a beta version with lots of scope for improvement. jQuery Mobile
  4. 4. The M project JavaScript framework is quite efficient and easy to use. It easily incorporates the advance features of HTML5. JavaScript framework supports different devices, making it simpler to develop apps and websites that are designed for smartphones, tablets and computers. M Project collaborated with Panacoda which help the framework to expand its enhancements and features. The M Project
  5. 5. Your search for a perfect Java Script framework that combines the flexibility of open source with the powers of cloud computing get ends at Appcelerator Titanium. It is a next-generation mobile platform that can be used to develop apps for Apple and Android. Developers can use this framework to build table views, switches, tabs and popovers. Appcelerator Titanium offers several helpful tips if developers want to avoid learning Objective-C and Android SDK. Appcelerator Titanium
  6. 6. Sencha Touch is mostly preferred framework among the JavaScript frameworks. This high- performance HTML5 framework can be used for developing apps for multiple mobile operating systems, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS and Kindle. Sencha Touch
  7. 7. TreeSaver is used to design a number of websites and apps without the need of any JavaScript programming. It has standards- compliant HTML and CSS that enables the developers to develop magazine-style layouts that can dynamically fit into different mobile browsers and devices. TreeSaver
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