Softchoice's Top 5 Storage Tips


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Storage is one thing we can never get enough of. But how will you make the smartest move next time you need to add to your SAN? In Softchoice’s newest eBook, written by Storage Solutions Expert Keith Baskin, we highlight the top 5 questions you should answer before investing in more storage.

This guide will introduce you to:
> Important considerations when selecting a storage solution
> How to decide which features are important to you
> New midsize storage solutions that won’t break the bank

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Softchoice's Top 5 Storage Tips

  1. 1. Finding a place for your stuff 5 top storage solution questions to ask yourself By: Keith Baskin, Softchoice Storage Solutions Expert“Sometimes you’ve got to move, Storage always makes me think of the late, great George Carlin’s classic comedy routine about’ve got to get a bigger house. Carlin had no idea. That’s because data – the kind of stuff IT decision makers lose sleep over – is growing atWhy? Too much stuff! You’ve got to a mind-boggling rate and has made finding smart, cost-effective ways to expand hardware and virtualize storage one of their top priorities.move all your stuff. And maybe putsome of your stuff in storage. Imagine So how should you decide on the mid-range storage solution that’s right for your organization? This eBook will go through five questions to ask yourself to help you figure it out.that – there’s a whole industry basedon keeping an eye on your stuff!”-George Carlin
  2. 2. What’s the One claim virtually all storage vendors make is that their solution is easy to use, a benefit that’s usually centered around the graphical user interface (GUI). But don’t be fooled, it’s not simply about easy on-screenmanagement navigation – though that’s important. True ease of use depends on the functionality available in the GUI, elements like a visualized task flow, an integrated video instruction set and browser-based capabilities thatinterface? allow for access from any platform. Remember, the degree of navigational difficulty that takes advantage of this sort of functionality varies widely between vendors.
  3. 3. Does it include Ensure your solution can dynamically move data to the optimal tier when needed so network storagestorage tiering complements your application needs. Robust tiering software tackles this challenge, enabling the use of solid state drives to cost-effectively improve the performance of data-intensive tasks and
  4. 4. How easily and Scalability is a key hardware attribute – maybe the hardware attribute. Most midrange systems are modular,efficiently can offering the ability to start small and add capacity by adding expansion enclosures. You want to be able to mix enclosures with 2.5” and 3.5” HDD and SSD drives of various capacities to provide maximum add more Also look for independent scaling of performance, both capacity and software, which will allow you to protect your investment without having to change the base
  5. 5. Can you migratedata between Being able to migrate data with zero downtime can help reduce your overall total cost of ownershipsystems while and the complexity of your IT infrastructure at the same time. And you’ll be able to perform migrations during business hours instead of in the dead of night. Look for a provider that can deliver intelligentkeeping storage migration services that ease the process of migration by insulating applications and data from the underlying physical infrastructure.applicationsrunning?
  6. 6. Is thefunctionality Just because you’re in the market for a midsize solution shouldn’t mean you have to compromise on features usually only offered to the big boys. You’ll want a solution that provides a host of vital functionalitiesyou need built in, not as add-ons – like virtualization, thin provisioning and storage performance monitoring. It’ll make administration easier and disk storage utilization more efficient. And to be safe, make sure you’realready covered with pre-installed advanced software including asynchronous remote block mirroring and snapshot capabilities for high availability and disaster recovery protection.built in?
  7. 7. To meet these demands and allow businesses to respond to a rapidly changing marketplace, IBM About Keith BaskinStorwize® V7000 is a virtualized storage system to complement virtualized server environments that Mr. Baskin has been active in the storage industry since 1994. He continues to serve, and has served in,provides unmatched performance, availability, advanced functions, and highly scalable capacity never architectural roles around various storage technologiesseen before in midrange disk systems. including: Virtualization, Enterprise Storage Management, Backup/Recovery, Compliance, Archive/LitigationIBM Storwize® V7000 is a powerful Protection, Disaster Recovery/Business Continuance, Performance, SAN,midrange disk system that has been De-duplication, Storage for Databases, Replication, Tape/Optical and storagedesigned to be easy to use and enable management standards (SMI-S).rapid deployment without additional Keith Baskin has worked several speaking engagements, domestically andresources. Storwize® V7000 is virtual abroad, and has been published in Storage that offers greater efficiency and flexibility through built-in SSD optimization and “thin provisioning”technologies. Storwize® V7000 advanced functions also enable non-disruptive migration of data fromexisting storage, simplifying implementation and minimizing disruption to users. Made up of SVC code, XIVinterface, and DS8000 firmware/code, this combination takes the best functionalities that users love anddumps them into the V7000.Connect with us today.1.800.268.7638 |