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Print™ Sample Analysis


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Print™ Sample Analysis

  1. 1. PRINT™ Social Media Performance Analysis November 2011EXAMPLE DATA ONLY
  2. 2. About PRINT™ PRINT™ is the new, multi-channel social media performance measurement system from Sociagility. The PRINT™ methodology measures five key attributes of social media performance across multiple social platforms and channels. The result provides direct competitor analysis and delivers specific, actionable insights into areas for improvement. PRINT™ Reports can be one-off snapshots or continuous tracking studies. Each assessment is bespoke and provides comparative PRINT™ Index scores for a specific set of competitors. As well as a summary scorecard, detailed comparative scores and re-usable graphics are included for attribute and channel combinations. Here is just a sample of the actionable insights that PRINT™ offers. To receive a full example report please visit DATA ONLY
  3. 3. Scorecard The scorecard provides an “at a glance” overview of all scores for all brands.EXAMPLE DATA ONLY
  4. 4. Scorecard The comparative PRINT™ Index scores for each brand in the groupEXAMPLE DATA ONLY
  5. 5. Scorecard Brand scores are broken out for each of the five attributes, showing leaders and laggardsEXAMPLE DATA ONLY
  6. 6. Scorecard Brand scores are also broken out for each channel, again showing leaders and laggardsEXAMPLE DATA ONLY
  7. 7. Brand assessment A summary of the key challenges and opportunities affecting the brand in comparison to groupEXAMPLE DATA ONLY
  8. 8. A series of insight charts show the detailed PRINT™ performance for each brand Here is just one of a number of charts that breaks down comparative performance for each brand by attributeEXAMPLE DATA ONLY
  9. 9. A series of insight charts show the detailed PRINT™ performance for each brand And here is an example showing the contribution of each channel towards each brand’s attribute scoreEXAMPLE DATA ONLY
  10. 10. Another series of insight charts map the attributes against each other The ‘cross-hairs’ show the average score for the group and the size of the bubbles indicate each brand’s PRINT™ Index score Size of circle = PRINT™ Index scoreEXAMPLE DATA ONLY
  11. 11. About PRINT™ Each PRINT™ Comparative Analysis includes a benchmarking report plus detailed channel and attribute investigation for up to eight selected brands and costs under £1,000 (€1,200 or $1,600). After an initial analysis, follow-up reports can be produced on a monthly, quarterly, six-monthly or yearly schedule for significantly less. Bespoke versions can be created for organisations with more detailed requirements (e.g. multiple brand/country profiles to analyse). For more information, and to get a more detailed sample report, go to DATA ONLY
  12. 12. @sociagility +44 (0)20 7193 6793EXAMPLE DATA ONLY