The BLOOM Social Tech Review- Socialbakers- Analytics Pro


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The BLOOM Social Tech Review- Socialbakers- Analytics Pro

  1. 1. The BLOOM Social Tech Review: Socialbakers- Analytics Pro Paul Gunn WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  2. 2. What does Socialbakers- AnalyticsPRO do?Analytics PRO is a social media analytics tool which offers metrics andinsights for the three main social platforms: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.You are able to monitor any page that you like across the three platforms.The metrics come under five main sub sections:•  Fans•  Posts•  Engagement Rating•  Key Influencers•  Response Rate WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  3. 3. Why use Socialbakers?Analytics PRO is a very useful tool to have, it allows you to monitor yourown companies social media pages/campaigns against your competitors.This allows you to establish how your company is doing on each socialmedia platform in comparison with your competitors. From doing this youcan see what your competitors are doing that you arent and establish howyou can improve your presence. WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  4. 4. Why use Socialbakers?Analytics PRO gives it’s users a wide variety of data under many differentmetrics which are displayed in graphs, this allows you to see the datavisualised and it also enables you to see exactly what you want withinseconds of looking at it.Another handy feature under each metric is that you can download thegraph as an image and use that or download the data as CSV file and dowhat you like with it in excel. WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  5. 5. WHAT METRICS DOES THE DATAFALL UNDER?There are many metrics that are available to you on Analytics Pro andthey fall under the five main categories discussed in the second slide,but some are more valuable than others. Since I started using the toolthere have been a select few that I have used the most:•  Average engagement ratio•  General response time•  Growth of fans•  User activity•  SharabilityI have been using these most because I feel it gives you a wide varietyof data and give you good information on your social mediaperformance in the key areas. WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  6. 6. What can you see under each metric?Each metric’s data is shown through a graph which makes it easy for you tosee exactly what the data means. The data shown in the graph is based on atime range which you can decide upon yourself in order to get the dataover a time period that suits what you are looking for.Underneath each graph there is a small summary section which gives youstatistics which explain the graph in a numeric form and is a very usefulfeature if you have a metric which combines various different pieces ofdata. WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  7. 7. What can you see under eachmetric?- Graph This is an example of the type of graph that you are able to see under each metric.This graph shows us a comparison of Along each line there aretwo companies under the metric highlighted points which give“People talking about”. As you can see you exact details of the graph.each companies data is clearly marked. WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  8. 8. What can you see under eachmetric?- Summary This is a typical summaryEach line represents a different section that you are able to seecompany which makes it easy to under a graph.distinguish which data is for whichcompany.This summary shows the statistics of people talking about the company as figure andshow the change in growth over that period and then the date where the mostpeople talking about the company was and the day where the smallest amount ofpeople are talking about the company. This is especially useful because you can seethe date of where people were talking and you can check that against what thecompany did on that e.g. a release of a new product. WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  9. 9. Advantages and disadvantages ofusing Analytics PRO?Advantages: Disadvantages:•  You can compare your data •  You can only monitor 20 against a competitor. accounts across the three•  Easy to use. platforms. Unless you want to upgrade to a higher cost•  Massive amounts of data subscription. available to you. •  No option to remove•  Can download charts straight accounts from monitoring, of Social Bakers or download you need to contact Social the data into excel. Bakers in order to do so. •  Can’t chop and change the accounts you monitor, only a select few can be deleted. WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  10. 10. CONCLUSIONIn conclusion I would recommend the use of Analytics PRO to anyonewho is looking for a social media analytics tool to use because myexperience of using the tool has been very good and the tool is veryeasy to start using.The main reason why I think it’s a great tool to use is because there issuch a large variety of data and you can find almost anything you wanton the tool and then compare that data to a competitor which is amassive bonus. Once you have that information you are able to pinpoint who is doing what better and how you can improve incomparison. WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  11. 11. Thank  you!  @PaulMGunn  01273  666  888   WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM