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Poetry anthology Manraj Dhillon


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Poems I wrote

Published in: Education
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Poetry anthology Manraj Dhillon

  1. 1. Poetry AnthropologyBy Manraj Dhillon
  2. 2. Self Will Giving up is a waste of timeMore so than writing poems and rhymes Why start something if not to finish Giving up is acting kiddish Even when you think you can’t Look on the for a small black ant Think of what it can do What could you do if you wanted to?
  3. 3. Is this a poem I don’t knowSomeone please tell me Or I’ll go home
  4. 4. There once was a boy named Jack He never got up to bat He had no fame Because he was lameAnd couldn’t play cuz he was fat
  5. 5. The Story of my Life I went to drive a car and crashed it bad I told my dad so he was sad and mad I tried to tell him I was not at fault He had been drinking an unhealthy maltHe looked at me and said, ”Get out and die” I ran away and took a piece of pie I ran for one week and I starved and died