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Forrest Gump Presentation

  1. 1. Forrest GumpMok  Jin  Hyung,  Yoo  Jin  Kim,  So  Hyun  LIm  
  2. 2. I.  Background  Info    II.  Summary  &  Analysis   •  Historical  Events     •  Addi1onal  Points     •  Conclusion  III.  3.  Discussion  Ques;ons  
  3. 3. Background Info
  4. 4. Director,     •  Born  in  1951,  Chicago  Robert   •  Studied  film  at  University  of  Southern   California  Zemeckis     •  Met  Steven  Spielberg  aEer  winning  a   Student  Academy  Award  at  USC     •  Known  for  Special  effects  in  his  works  and   digital  film  making     •  Support  Democra1c  party,  PACs  for  aircraE   owners  and  pilots,  family  planning  interests,   and  groups  for  Hollywood  women   •  <Back  to  the  Future  (1998,  1989,  1990)>,   <Who  Framed  Roger  Rabbit(1988)>,  <Cast   Away(2000)>,  <The  Polar  Express(2004)>  
  5. 5. Background  Info     •  Based  upon  the  novel     of  the  same  name  in  1986  by   Winston  Groom   •  Huge  commercial  success   -­‐  Over  $677  million  worldwide   earning  during  its  theatrical  run   -­‐  Won  the  Academy  for  Best   Picture,  Best  Director,  Best  About   Actor,  Best  Adapted  screenplay,  Forrest   Best  Visual  effects  and  Best  film  Gump   edi1ng  
  6. 6. Summary  &  Analysis  Historical Events
  7. 7. Historical  Events     •  Nathan  Bedford  Forrest        -­‐  Confederate  Lieutenant  general.  The  name        -­‐  the  first  Grand  Wizard  of  the  “FORREST”          ‘Ku  Klux  Klan’    
  8. 8. Historical  Events     Elvis  Presley  •     Elvis  Presley        -­‐    King  of  Rock  N  Roll  
  9. 9. •  The  Governor  of  Alabama,    Historical  Events              George  Corley    Wallace    Integra1on  of    -­‐Famous  for  ’stand  in  the  schoolhouse  door’  Alabama  State  University   -­‐”……  and  I  say  segrega1on  now,  segrega1on   tomorrow,  segrega1on  forever.”   -­‐Against  the  enrollment  of  two  Black  students.   Confronted  by  federal  marshals  and  the   Alabama  Army  Na1onal  Guard,  he  stepped   aside.    
  10. 10.  Historical  Events     •  Extra-­‐marital  rela1onship  with  Marilyn  John  F.  Kennedy   Monroe.   •  Assassina1on  of  John  F.  Kennedy  and   his  brother  
  11. 11. Historical  Events     •  Vietnam  War  Vietnam  War        -­‐    Lieutenant  Dan  &  Private’s  names      -­‐    ‘na1on’s  best  young  men  served  this   war’      -­‐    Tex  ,  Dallas  from  Phoenix  ,          Cleveland  from  Detroit.  
  12. 12. Historical  Events     •  a  Texas  Democrat,     •  Completed  the  rest  of  Kennedys  term  and   Lyndon  B.  Johnson   was  elected  President  in  his  own  right.   •  "Great  Society“  “War  on  Poverty”  
  13. 13. Historical  Events   Abbie  Hoffman  •  Every  1me  he  said  the   "F"  word,  people,  well,   they  cheered!
  14. 14. Historical  Events  SDS  &  Black  Panther  
  15. 15. Historical  Events  Ping  Pong  Diplomacy  (1971)         “Somebody  said  world  peace  was  in  our  hands,      but  all  I  did  was  play  Ping-­‐Pong.”        
  16. 16. Historical  Events     John  Lennon’s  ‘Imagine’Dick  :  Can  you  tell  us,  um,  what  was  China  like?    Gump  :  In  the  land  of  China...  people  hardly  got  nothin‘  at  all.    John  :  No  possessions?    Gump  :  And  in  China,  they  never  go  to  church.    John  :  No  religion,  too?    Dick  :  Oh.  Hard  to  imagine.    John  :  Well,  its  easy  if  you  try,  Dick.  
  17. 17. Historical  Events    Richard  Nixon  &  “Watergate”   •  Richard  Nixon     37th  President  of  the  United  States  (1969  ~  1973,  1973  ~  1974)     Republican   First  president  to  resign  office  due  to  the  Watergate  Affair    
  18. 18. Historical  Events     Shrimp  Fishing  BusinessNo  Shrimps…. So  Gump  prayed  for  shrimps,  some1mes  with   Lt.  Dan.
  19. 19. Historical  Events    Shrimp  Fishing  Business Shrimp  Business  becomes  a  huge  success
  20. 20. Historical  Events    Shrimp  Fishing  Business Shrimp  Business  becomes  a  huge  success
  21. 21. Historical  Events    Gerald  Ford
  22. 22. Historical  Events    Running  Across  the  Country “President  Carter,  suffering  from  heat  exhaus1on….”  
  23. 23. Historical  Events    Ronald  Reagan
  24. 24. Historical  Events    Forrest  &  Jenny
  25. 25. Historical  Events    Forrest  &  Forrest  Jr.  
  26. 26. Summary  &  Analysis  Additional Points
  27. 27. Mrs.  Gump  says l  happen  to  believe  you  make  your  own  desDny  .  You  have  to  do  the  best  with     what  “God  gave  you”.     Forrest  :  Whats  my  desAny,  Mama?     Youre  going  to  have  to     figure  that  out  for  yourself.     “Life  is  a  box  of  chocolates,  Forrest.     You  never  know     what  youre  going  to  get.”     Forrest  Gump  Says I  dont  know  if  Mama  was  right  or  if  it-­‐-­‐its  Lieutenant  Dan.  I  dont  know...    if  we  each  have  a...  desDny...  or  if  were  all  just  floaDng  around  accidental-­‐like  on  a  breeze...     but  I-­‐-­‐I  think…  “maybe  its  both.  Maybe  both  get  happening  at  the  same  ;me.”   Life   Des1ny  but  it  has   uncertainty  
  28. 28. Addi1onal  Points   Solu;on  to  Everything    “Run  Forest  Run!”   ü  Crippled  à  Ran  away  from  bullying   ü  Go  to  college  as  a  football  player   Running   ü  Survived  from  the  war   ü  Find  Jenny   Small  Gov’t  ?  
  29. 29. Addi1onal  Points   Overcome  the  handicap   ü Born  to  be  poli1cal  Magic    à  Gesng  rid  of  its  poli1cal  symbols      The  Crippled  Legs  ,  Cut  off  legs  in  the  war  Shoes     Gump  :  Pro-­‐  Business  (Nike  Shoes)   Lt.  Dan  :  Religion,  Pro-­‐Business  and  Gump     (Titanium  legs)  
  30. 30. •  Running  across  the  country     à  giving  ideas  for  shirts   “_____  it  Happens”  •  Apple  computers  •  Bubba  Shrimp  Co.   à 1996,  Bubba  Gump  Shrimp  Co.     Pro-­‐Business   à   Restaurants  (28  stores  in  U.S.)   But       Live  in  harmony  
  31. 31. •  Builds  a  hospital  and  a  church  for   Pro-­‐Business   Alabama   But     •  Shares  the  profit  with  small  Live  in  harmony   community  
  32. 32. Summary  &  Analysis   Conclusion
  33. 33. Conclusion     conclusion   •  An  Individual  not  engaged   in  poli1cs   •  Advocacy  on  self-­‐reliance   based  upon  pro-­‐business   and  Religion   •  Out  of  being  conserva1ve,   but  not  too  radical  like   ‘60s  counterculture   •  Focus  on  values  of   individual  but  also  on   family,  small  community   value  
  34. 34. Discussion Questions
  35. 35. Discussion  Ques;ons!   What do you think the feather implies in the film?  
  36. 36. Discussion  Ques;ons!   Does the way Forrest has lived become an ignorant toward society? Or is it just apolitical as a sneer for overall politics?  
  37. 37. Discussion  Ques;ons!   What do you think of the film’s attitude toward Race?
  38. 38. Discussion  Ques;ons!   Did you find any other implication?
  39. 39. Thank You!