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Analysis of chapter 2 - Of Mice and Men


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Analysis of chapter 2 - Of Mice and Men

  1. 1. L.O: To consider how space represents mood in the novella. To analyse the introduction of characters in section 2 SPACE AND ANTITHESIS IN ‘OF MICE AND MEN’
  2. 2. Task • We need to consider locations and places in the text. • Today we will look at space and room. • We will focus on chapter 2 and consider how space is used and how this reflects on characters.
  3. 3. Find a quote using… • Death imagery • Lists and long sentences • Any language that suggests the room is small/cramped • What possessions the men have. • Any language that suggests if this is a masculine or feminine room? • What effect does this have on a reader?
  4. 4. Questions 1. Find a quote that shows the bunkhouse is like a coffin. What does this forebode in the novel? 2. Does the Bunkhouse fit with the description of what the American Dream is made out to be?
  5. 5. Themes • Dreams • Loneliness • The working man • Prejudice and protest • Fate and destiny
  6. 6. Antithesis • What does this term mean? • When two opposite words or two opposite situations are put together. • Antithesis happens a lot in Of Mice and Men; and happens in Chapter 2.
  7. 7. Review • Is the Bunkhouse a description of what the American Dream is made out to be? • What does this suggest about the American Dream?
  8. 8. Characters • Candy – Pg 39 • The Boss – Pg 41 • Curley 46-48 • Curley’s wife 46-48 • Slim 55-56 • Look at these sections and other place in the chapter. • Find quotations and write key words relating to the first impressions of these characters. • Focus on physical descriptions and what we (the reader) learn of their characteristics.
  9. 9. Homework • Choose any one of the characters and answer the following question. • How does Steinbeck shape the reader’s opinion of this character in the first two sections of the novella? • Monday 2nd July 2014