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School libraries poster

  1. 1. Trinity High School “Don’t worry, girls. This stuff is designed to drive you crazy.” At Trinity High School’s library, the desires of the students and the needs of the curriculum are balanced. Girls are polled periodically on their favorite books; those are added to the collection no matter the opinion of the librarian or literary merit. The administration and the teachers back the library strongly, through weekly meetings Recommendations: with the principal and tech training sessions where they feed the teachers. Flexible scheduling allows for Allow girls to check email at teachers to schedule lessons in the library for the same day they ask. The library owns and teaches most tech school that the school owns, from smartboards to databases. The librarians Mrs. Klowden and Mrs. Tindall teach by Most everything is being done experience, helping the girls learn database search terms by searching for their individual project subjects, and absolutely right teaching the girls both by successful searches and failed ones. Action Plan Item: Collection Development of Career Books What tasks What Who does How will need to be done What funding What is the objective? resources this and success be to accomplish is needed? are needed? when? measured? this? The books In order to follow the Trinity High Librarians adequately reflect School Library mission of select new $300 out of the Time to the salaries, supporting curriculum, the library Evaluation and resources, collection evaluate requirements, and needs to update its collection of weeding of library budget for the collection, educational levels career books to better assist the current collection, assistants and first year; databases of each job. They Freshman Seminar class in buying librarians proportional and/or have beenFor the Jackson Elementary School searching for appropriate replacement and weed old portion of the services to published orLibrary Resource Center, age professions as part of their class supplemental ones; Two or budget every help select updated within theappropriateness is key. assignments and to better reflect resources three weeks other year resources last 5 years. They the requirements of each every other afterward reflect the current profession. yearFlexible scheduling allows teachers to economy.come in whenever they need to, thoughthese are usually scheduled in advance. Children are given age-appropriate books, to the extent that longer chapter books will not bechecked out to first-graders without parental permission. There have Recommendations: ease offbeen no challenges as a result of this policy. Mrs. Bruzas and her “age-appropriateness”, startassistant Ms. Ishida raved about the Destiny automation system and how integrating technology intoit made their lives easier by sending out automatic notices to any student lessonswho had books overdue. Activities on the day of the visit includedactivities for Literacy Week. None of the districts’ many databases ortechnology come under their purview.“It’s okay if you don’t like it. We’re still going to do it.” Jackson Elementary School