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TimeMangementApp Project


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Published in: Education
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TimeMangementApp Project

  1. 1. Time Management Application Sirbu Cristina-Roxana, an 4
  2. 2. Project Description • The purpose of the project is to create a time management application that will help users plan their activities and monitor their daily habits so that they can focus and be more productive. • The application will follow the client-server model.
  3. 3. Constraints • We have three constraints: oDatabase size oHuman resources oMoney • The size of the database will have to be large enough to save all user’s data. • The number of developers limits the amount of work that can be done in parallel and because the budget is limited, no overtime is allowed.
  4. 4. Resources
  5. 5. Project steps • Scope • Analysis/Software Requirements • Design • Development • Testing • Documentation
  6. 6. Defining the scope of the project
  7. 7. Analysis Phase
  8. 8. Design Phase
  9. 9. Development Phase
  10. 10. Testing Phase
  11. 11. Documentation
  12. 12. Cost and Resource Usage
  13. 13. Conclusion • Microsoft project helps us schedule the tasks, allocate resources and estimate time and cost. It also provides some very useful and time-saving templates for different kind of projects. • With Microsoft projects we can determine if the project is within budget and if overtime is needed.