fly ash earth pressure at rest quality control in construction use of bim in project management lean costruction 6 common causes of cost overruns in construction p periodical progress meeting periodical progress report • record keeping motivation important objectives of staffing staffing organizing what is manpower planning basics construction methods for steel structures b basics of slip forming for tall structures precast concrete construction method modular building construction method common building construction method basics of formwork and staging types of foundations and construction method canal escapes- types of escapes. silt control devices head regulator- their functions canal fall- necessity and location- types of fall canal regulation works canal escape. their design distributory head regulator cross regulators- their function and design offtake alignment. time analysis activity-on-arrow network network techniques bar charts (gantt charts) dummy activities work breakdown structure introduction to scheduling dangling activity planning a project process of development of plans milestones in project time estimates cycle in network precedence networks role of contractor role of client pre contract planning pre tender planning 5 steps to the perfect construction planning proce what is construction planning plunge pools bucket type energy dissipation stilling basins hydraulic jump energy dissipation below spillway chute block hydraulic jump formation energy dissipators device beffle piers energy dissipators agencies involved and their methods of execution phases of project features of a construction project the different types of construction projects the unique features of construction in india what does construction project management (cpm) me design of barrage or weir design for surface flow causes of failure of weirs & their remedies design considerations component parts of a weir types of weirs weirs versus berrage comparison of bligh’s theory and khosla’s theory khosla’s theory and concept of flow nets lane’s weighted creep theory limitations of bligh’s theory bligh’s creep theory silt control devices components of diversion headworks layout of diversion head work. types of head works. location of diversion head work diversion head work head work boussinesq’s theory for vertical stresses under efflorescence test on bricks structure of bricks soundness test of bricks shape and size hardness test on bricks crushing strength or compressive strength test on absorption test on bricks introduction how to calculate the quantity of steel for slab how to calculate the quantity of steel for column how to calculate the quantity of steel for beam thumb rule for steel in concrete calculation of steel in slab calculation of reinforcement in slab how to find reinforcement in slab how to calculate quantity of steel in slab and aggregates sand how to calculate the quantity for cement processing of timber structure of a tree types of trees from timber production timber limitations of boussinesq’s solution. some points for using the boussinesq’s equation. table for values of boussinesq’s coefficient vertical stress due to point load boussinesq theory uses of fly ash classification of fly ash physical properties of fly ash chemical composition of fly ash calculation of bearing capacity from plate load te plate load test procedure plate load test apparatus / equipment presumptive safe bearing cacacity plate load test classes of sand different types of sand colors of sand composition of sand what is sand skempton's analysis skempton's analysis for cohesive soils disadvantages of interlocking tiles advantages of interlocking tiles interlocking tiles shear failure under footing under footings punching shear failure local shear failure general shear failure terzaghi’s bearing capacity factors derivation of equation terzaghi’s bearing capacity terzaghi’s bearing capacity theory architectural and other advantages constructional advantages manufacturing process production processes raw materials required description common part basic information uses of bricks classification of bricks composition of good brick earth qualities of brick earth bricks rankine’s analysis for bearing capacity rankine’s theory of bearing capacity straight run bitumen plastic bitumen cut-back bitumen blown bitumen bitumen emulsion forms of bitumen bitumen allowable bearing capacity safe bearing capacity(푞_푠) net ultimate bearing capacity (푞_푛푢) ultimate bearing capacity bearing capacity of soil uses of asphalt properties of asphalt forms of asphalt classification of asphalt asphalt depth and factor affecting it types shallow foundation introduction of shallow foundation coulomb's active earth pressure coefficient =ka coulomb's expression for active pressure coulomb's wedge theory of earth pressure coulomb's theory of earth pressure process of vernishing types of varnishes ingredients of a varnish characteristics of an ideal varnish why varnishing is done what is varnish varnishes rankine's earth pressure theory for passive case rankine's earth pressure theory for active case rankine's earth pressure theory types of paints and uses introduction of paints. advantages and disadvantages coloured glass types and uses of glass properties of glass glass rotary sampler piston sampler open drive sampler slag silica flumes mineral admixture superplasticizer set accelerators set retarders water reducers air enteriners chemical admixture types of admixture admixture advantages of admixture function of admixture coefficient of earth pressure passive earth pressure active earth pressure lateral earth pressure and types classification of concrete and uses concrete overburden pressure and dilatancy correction standard penetration test {spt} distrub and undisturb sample sampling sample uses of cement physical and chemical properties properties of cement types of cement cement composite ceramics metals plastic electrical profiling method sounding method electrical resistivity method soil exploration seismic and resistivity method augur boaring trench and pits boreholes objective site investigation civil
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