Digital Marketing for Car Washes


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A guide for marketing your car wash with, fostering customer loyalty with mobile coupons, QR codes, and text updates.

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Digital Marketing for Car Washes

  2. 2. MOBILECOUPONSA 2012 Accenture study found that half of American consumersare open to receiving mobile offers on their phones.Text marketing and mobile coupons are especially effectivein the car wash industry. A 2010 Mobile Commerce Daily casestudy reported a 40% redemption rate on mobile car washcoupons. The study also found mobile coupons were morepopular than paper coupons in the 18 – 24 age range, and ledto a single location gaining a significant advantage overcompeting car wash locations within a 1-mile radius.Setting up a mobile coupon campaign in Signal is easy andaffordable at just 1¢ per message.Mobile couponing is on the rise. Increasingly,customers are looking for paperless waysto save money at their favorite restaurants,convenience stores and auto service centers.Pick a keyword (ex. ELGINWASH) customers will text to your shortcode to joinPost signage inside and outside your garage with the prompt to joinInclude information about your text coupon program on allcar wash receiptsAdvertise your text coupon program in any print ad campaignsBe sure to include your intended frequency and “messageand data rates may apply” on all advertisements for yourtext programCREATING A TEXT COUPONPROGRAM AT YOUR CAR WASH
  3. 3. CONTROLLING REDEMPTIONSet coupon view limits to control use and prevent forwardingCreate dynamic expiration dates so each recipient has a limitedamount of time to redeem your offersManage coupon count-downs so users must use a coupon within “X”minutes of openingTrack coupon clicks and opens to the individual users by mobile phonenumber or email addressCool text marketing ideas for car washesCreate a birthday club that automatically texts subscribers ontheir birthday with a coupon for a free washCollect the make and model of customers’ vehicles with SMSsurveys, then segment your list with specific discounts forVolkswagon owners, etc.SENDING COUPONSSend coupon car wash reminders after weather-related events,when roads are saltyCreate an automated “drip” campaign to text subscribers couponsat even intervals after they join your list(every 6 weeks, every 3 months, etc.)Dispatch an immediate car wash coupon after new subscribers joinyour listChoose text-based coupons or design web coupons to match yourbranding—even insert scannable barcodes!
  4. 4. EMAILMARKETINGCar washes can use email to promote new technology andservices, deliver coupons, and send triggered messages tocustomers based on collected data like date of last visit, makeor model of vehicle, or service preference.PROMOTING YOUR EMAIL LISTEmbed an email sign-up form on your website or Facebook pageAutomatically email customers a car wash coupon after they joinyour listUse a “text to join” call to action on signage at your car wash socustomers can easily add their email addresses to your list viatheir mobile phonesEmail marketing remains the mostinexpensive and potent tool in a businessowner’s digital toolbox today. The bang forthe buck it offers compared to traditionaladvertising and direct mail is indisputable.
  5. 5. SENDING EMAILUPDATES AND COUPONSUse Signal’s flexible email templates to include informationabout new products and servicesEmbed individual coupon codes or coupon links in the bodyof your emailSend timed or triggered email messages to customers basedon their opt-in date, date of last visit, and moreSegment your list by zip code, automobile make and model,and moreCustom data you collect in Signal can be used to targetaudiences with messages specific to their preferences
  6. 6. MANAGINGMULTIPLELOCATIONSCREATING SUB-ACCOUNTSAND APPROVAL WORKFLOWSAdd sub-accounts for each of your locationsCreate and control access to templates to keep branding consistentUse approval workflows so marketing tasks are created at the storelevel and approved at the corproate levelGenerate and compare performance reports across all locationsHandle billing at the corporate levelMULTI-LOCATIONCUSTOMER COMMUNICATIONAdd multiple locations to your Signal account and let customers opt-invia text to their preferred location with our SMS zip code store locatorGenerate offers and promotions at the corporate level and allowaccess to individual store managers to promote to their listsAs your business expands, retain control ofyour messaging at each location while keepingthe content and branding consistent.
  7. 7. SWEEPSTAKES& PROMOTIONSCustomers can easily enter digital promotions via their mobilephones, and if prompted to opt-in, you can collect their contactinformation to use for future car wash marketing messages.PROMOTING YOUR SWEEPSTAKESUse in-wash with “text to enter” signage to collect entries via SMSfrom in-cab customersPost your sweepstakes to and collect entries from Facebook and TwitterPlace a QR code on in-store signage so customers can scan to enterat the point of saleGROW YOUR LISTTHROUGH GIVEAWAYSEasily handle winner notifications through Signal’s automated systemSend secondary coupons to non-winning entries to drive salesAsk participants to provide their email address or mobile contactinformation before entering and grow your subscriber databaseGrow your marketing list by offeringincentives and “gamifying” your promotions.Sweepstakes, like giveaways, are a great wayto highlight more expensive services whilelimiting available prizes.
  8. 8. Signal is a simple, all-in-one marketing platform designed to helpsmall and medium-sized businesses manage their marketingtasks across platforms.Email MarketingText Message MarketingSocial Media ManagementDigital PromotionsCustomer DatabaseFEATURES PRICING$10 + MESSAGING FEESStarts atPER MO.Interested in how Signal can work for your car wash business?Email us today to set up a demo:$10for eachadditionallocationMulti-locationAccountsEmail TextPER MO.$4unlimited forup to 2,500subscribers–or–$0.001per messagePER MO.1¢pay only forwhat you sendPER MESSAGE