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Running a cross channel sweepstakes


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Slides from Signal's cross-channel sweepstakes webinar

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Running a cross channel sweepstakes

  1. 1. Katherine Raz, Community Manager @ Signal Questions? •  Type your question in during the webinar •  Tweet @Signal or use hashtag #GetSignal •  A recording of this webinar will be available tomorrow at invite others to join: code [130-059-179]
  2. 2. •  Why run a sweepstakes? •  How to prepare to run a sweepstakes •  Legal considerations for sweepstakes marketing •  How to set up cross-channel sweepstakes using Signal
  3. 3. Signal is an all-in-one marketing platform where businesses can manage: •  Email newsletters •  SMS marketing •  Social media publishing •  Content tools (landing pages, short URLs, QR codes) and promotional tools (sweepstakes) for building your customer database •  Customer database, including tracking engagement across channels Sign up for a free trial at About Signal
  4. 4. Why run a sweepstakes? marcdalio, via Flickr “When your audience plateaus in a social network, sometimes you need more than good content and a chatty demeanor to grow it further. Sometimes, you need a good campaign.” -- Adam Sutton, Chief Reporter, Marketing Sherpa
  5. 5. What sweepstakes do for list growth
  6. 6. 2 goals for sweeps: 1. Generate awareness ●  Twitter ●  Facebook 2. Build your list ●  SMS ●  Email For content on any channel, you should ask yourself: how is this generating awareness of my business, or how am I opting people in to my lists? Be strategic.
  7. 7. Choosing channels Which channels will you use to collect entries? ●  Facebook ○  Easily shareable ○  Email or mobile opt-in via web form ○  Can require consumers to “like” your Facebook page before entering ●  Twitter ○  Re-tweet to enter (more viral) or ○  Link to web form to collect entries (collect new opt-ins) ●  SMS text message ○  Easy opt-in from anywhere ○  Can collect new email or SMS subscribers ○  Subject to SMS rules of the road ●  Web opt-in form ○  Can be accessed via mobile: QR code ○  Link to it from any channel According to some state laws, digital contests may need to provide an alternate means of entry Rich in Kensington, via Flickr
  8. 8. Sweepstakes channels
  9. 9. Before you start To run a successful sweepstakes, you need: ●  An enticing prize that: ○  is related to your business or brand ○  appeals to your target audience ○  promotes strategic partnerships ○  has viral capacity -- would you want to share this, and with whom? ○  has a determined monetary value ●  Content to promote the sweepstakes ○  Signage ○  Social content ○  Tweets ○  Advertisements ○  Event marketing ●  A stated set of rules determining how you will manage the contest ●  A hosted platform for your contest rules so entrants can easily access them desiitaly, via Flickr
  10. 10. Contest management Administrative issues ●  How will prizes be fulfilled/distributed? ●  How will winners be notified? ●  Instructions on how to claim prizes ●  How long will the campaign last? ●  What will be the legal age of entry? Marketing considerations ●  What does the opt-in process look like? ●  What does the post opt-in process look like? ●  How will you use content generated by entrants? ●  How will you respond to issues and questions during the campaign? (Is extra staff required?) Determination of winners ●  Every Xth entry wins ●  The Xth entry wins ●  Winners randomly selected at the end ○  Manually, or automatically ●  First X number of entries wins You should create an Official Rules document stating your contest rules, including entry collection, winner notification and fulfillment. Include dates! freakgirl, via Flickr
  11. 11. Legal aspects of running a sweepstakes Sweepstakes are governed by state and illegal lottery and consumer protection laws which you MUST adhere to when running a sweepstakes. You are not protected by your sweepstakes software provider. Here are a few basics to consider: > Clearly state the mechanics of your online contest in your terms & conditions (i.e. start date, duration, odds, entry process, prizes, winner determination & notification) > Do not require a purchase (i.e. “No purchase necessary”), and know how state laws define “purchase” (you may not be allowed to require an endorsement or opt-in) > Obtain the appropriate rights and licenses from all entrants (these requirements may be different for minors) > Advertising a sweepstakes (no purchase necessary, eligibility requirements deadlines, how to obtain Official Rules, and void where prohibited) If you are concerned about legal issues related to your sweepstakes, consult with an attorney specializing in sweepstakes and promotions law. Signal is happy to recommend one to you. safari_vacation, via Flickr
  12. 12. Setting up a sweepstakes in Signal
  13. 13. Create an age verification, if needed
  14. 14. Determine how you’ll collect entries
  15. 15. Text message entry
  16. 16. Text message opt-in prompts
  17. 17. Landing page entry
  18. 18. Creating your landing page entry form
  19. 19. Facebook entry form with “like gate”
  20. 20. Generating the Facebook tab for your page
  21. 21. Twitter entry
  22. 22. Watching the submissions roll in
  23. 23. Winner determinations and contest info
  24. 24. Selecting new or additional winners
  25. 25. Twitter: @Signal or #GetSignal Facebook: Blog: Ask our team about your marketing plan: Next webinar: TBA Wednesday, Oct 9 at 2PM CDT Register: