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Scikit learn and favor


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python,machine learning

Published in: Engineering, Technology, Education
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Scikit learn and favor

  1. 1. An introduction of scikit- learn and a favor Scikit-learn入門とお願い Machine Learning Casual Talks@CookPad 2014/06/06
  2. 2. Goal ~6/20
  3. 3. twitter, hatena: showyou Datamining Engineer Python/Text Mining/A.I./Hadoop/Jenkins/JIRA Who am I?
  4. 4. What is scikit-learn? Machine learning in python (python has some tools for ML: i.e. numpy, scipy, pandas, matplotlib …)
  5. 5. Scikit-learn can..
  6. 6. Installation pip install scikit-learn ( maybe all env ) or apt-get install python-sklearn ( ubuntu 12.04 ) XQuarts requires when I use macOS 10.9
  7. 7. Getting start Demo http://nbviewer.ipython. org/github/showyou/ipython- sample/blob/master/est_kankore.ipynb
  8. 8. Kaggle http://www.kaggle. com/c/data-science- london-scikit-learn Contest of data mining It has sklearn session
  9. 9. End http://scikit-learn. org/stable/auto_examples/linear_model/plot_polynomial_i nterpolation.html We want your scipy/numpy/scikit-learn talks : ~6/20