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Continuous integration with teamcity


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Published in: Technology
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Continuous integration with teamcity

  1. 1. Continuous Integration with Teamcity
  2. 2. • Did you ever get broken build from TFS?
  3. 3. Did you everget unexpected exceptions on the page after someone checked-in?
  4. 4. Did you everget unexpected exceptions in sublayouts after someone checked-in?
  5. 5. Did you?• Get errors on dev env which are not on local?• How frequent you run unit test?• What about acceptance tests?• How do you perform code review?• Do you always have dev env up to date?• …
  6. 6. Continuous Integration But what is it???
  7. 7. Why we need CI?• Big and long integration to small and frequent• Visualize the build process, !!!Alarm!!!• Minimize ”broken build time”• Continuous Integrated testing• Continuous Auto deployment• Continuous code inspection
  8. 8. What systems do we know?• Cruise Control .NET (open source)• TFS Builds (Microsoft TFS)• Bamboo (Atlassian)• TeamCity (JetBrains)• …
  9. 9. TeamCity
  10. 10. Download and Install
  11. 11. Open and Register Admin Account
  12. 12. Create a project
  13. 13. Build configuration
  14. 14. VCS settings
  15. 15. Build triggers
  16. 16. Step1 - Build Sources
  17. 17. Step2 - UnitTests run
  18. 18. Deployment configuration• Create new configuration “Deployment”• Trigger “Deployment” if Trunk build succeeded• Setup Artifact dependencies to Trunk build and copy them to Dev site.
  19. 19. Step1 – Acceptance tests run
  20. 20. What you can do more?• Code Coverage (ncover/dotCover/…)• Find Duplicates• Code inspections (FxCop, Inspections)• HTML/css validation W3C• Run nAnt / Powershel / Command line operations
  21. 21. What we have to install?• Visual Studio 2010 (MSBuild, MSTest)• TeamCity 6.5• Entity Framework 4.1• Firefox (for Acceptance tests)
  22. 22. Live demo• TFS checking trigger• Running build• UnitTests results• Build logs• Code Review - changeset• Auto Deployment to dev• Acceptance Tests results
  23. 23. I’m New developer• Subayouts Error• Page Error• Source Code Error• Run build• See logs, status, screenshot• Fix errors• Run build• See status
  24. 24. Look a bit more• Test Performance history• Code Coverage• Code Inspection• Code Duplication• …