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Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment in Enterprise scenario


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The presentation about Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment during the Microsoft DevOps Breakfast.

General info about CI and CD.
Demo with Visual Studio Team Services (apply also too TFS)

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Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment in Enterprise scenario

  1. 1. Davide Benvegnù Microsoft MVP Visual Studio ALM CI and CD in the Enterprise Scenario
  2. 2. Davide Benvegnù • Director & CTO – DBTek Ltd • Former International Development Manager – • Microsoft MVP in Visual Studio ALM • Speaker • Trainer • 13+ years experience in IT • 10+ years experience in Application Lyfecicle Management / DevOps @davidebenvegnu – @bout Me
  3. 3. • CI and CD: what and how? • Visual Studio Team Services • Demo end to end Agenda
  4. 4. Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment
  5. 5. Every* check-in starts a build operation It’s the starting point of a release pipeline Best way to check the code integration Validation of the changes Continuous Integration
  6. 6. After the build succeeds, automated deploy Use deployment templates to deploy your projects to on premises, hybrid, or cloud Can deploy to single environment or to multiple environments (dev, int, test, preprod, prod…) Continuous Deployment
  7. 7. n
  8. 8. Continuous Delivery in VSTS and TFS
  9. 9. Integration Link builds to test results, work items, code, and releases Enterprise readiness Security, pool, and queue management Multi-platform Build natively on Windows, Mac, and Linux CI and CD in VSTS / TFS
  10. 10. Hosted build agents * No installation required Diagnostics View historical changes and output logs Build, test, deploy * Available only on VSTS CI and CD in VSTS / TFS
  11. 11. Diagnose exceptions and performance issues Monitor usage and performance of live apps Monitor ASP.NET or J2EE web apps hosted anywhere Monitor Android, iOS, OSX, Windows apps Telemetry for existing web apps without redeploying About Diagnostic: Application Insights
  12. 12. DEMO