Cockatiels Training - Best Kept Secrets To Getting Your Cockatiel To Do What You Want


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Cockatiels Training - Best Kept Secrets To Getting Your Cockatiel To Do What You Want

  1. 1. ==== ====Cockatiels Training - Discover The Best Training Methods For Your ====Cockatiels Training Discover The Best Training Method For Your CockatielWhat is the best training procedure for cockatiels? Training your cockatiel to obey you, speak,whistle tunes or do tricks doesnt have to be difficult or frustrating. You just need to remember tofollow a few simple guidelines. These guidelines are very important for establishing trust betweenyou and your cockatiel. Once trust is established, then a bond starts to form and your cockatielwill be more apt to obey you and learn other things through a training procedure.Guidelines to follow:The most important thing to remember is to respect your cockatiels opinions and wants. Mostpeople fail to do this and get results that are less than pleasing. This is because they are basicallycoercing their cockatiel to obey rather than asking him. The more pushy you are, the more yourcockatiel will keep his distance. So give him space, back off and try again later.It is also really important to reward your cockatiel when he does something for you. A goodreward is to feed him some millet, since most cockatiels love millet. This kind of reward systemmakes your cockatiel eager to obey you or learn what you are teaching him.Try to incorporate your training sessions with something that he already loves to do. As you get toknow your cockatiel and his behaviors, you will know what he already likes to do. Incorporatingsome training at the same time makes it fun for him.Persistence and repetition is also key to training your cockatiel. Your cockatiel needs plenty ofrepetition until he learns what you are teaching him. I was teaching our cockatiel, Tiki, to whistlethe Andy Griffith theme. He listened to me every day for a whole week. I could tell he was reallythinking about it and processing it because he would cock his head to the side. He didnt doanything until after a week, when he all of a sudden whistled it flawlessly. And now he sings itover and over and over and over!! Usually when we are trying to watch TV! But if I hadntpersisted or repeated it, we wouldnt have the enjoyment of listening to him whistle it today and allthe extra little things he adds to it!Training cockatiels doesnt have to be hard or frustrating, but can actually be fun if you closelyfollow some simple guidelines. Once that trust is established and bonding takes place, you have avery close companion for many, many years.Shari is a bird lover with over 25 years experience raising cockatiels, finches and parakeets. Disc
  2. 2. ==== ====Cockatiels Training - Discover The Best Training Methods For Your ====