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December 2011 newsletter contains 2012 meeting dates; poster information

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GSHP December 2011 Newsletter

  1. 1. CMS:Preview/Send Your Account GSHP News Content Newsletter Design Preview/Send News Log-Out Preview Production Calendar Newsletter Archive You can preview your newsletter as many times as you like. When you are ready to "publish", enter an E-mail address in the box below, click on the checkbox and then click on the "publish newsletter" button. deliver to Publish/E-mail Newsletter   multiple addresses? | About GSHP | ASHP | How You Can Join | Contact Us |   December 2011 Announcements GSHP Newsletter About GSHP Welcome to the GSHP Newsletter. We hope you will enjoy the new revised newsletter filled with Georgia and National news and information. In this issue are: Call for Committee Volunteers and Committee Workday Information 2012 Call for Poster Presenters- Spring Meeting 2012 Georgia Society of Health- GSHP 2012 Meetings Announced System Pharmacists (GSHP) is a professional society of pharmacists and related web link personnel practicing in organized healthcare settings. Mission Statement Headlines Helping our members become better practitioners. GSHP News Call for Committee Volunteers and Committee Day Information Motto Call for Posters- 2012 Spring Meeting Bringing pharmacy practice GSHP 2012 Meetings Announced into focus. GSHP Facebook Page ASHP News Georgia Society of Health- Provider Status Petition Gets Boost at Midyear System Pharmacists 2012 OPPS Final Rule Adopts ASP-Plus-Four Drug Reimbursement 3015 Shannon Lakes North Rate Suite 303 Rhode Island Program Targets Care Transitions Tallahassee, FL 32309 Drug Shortages Compromise Patient Safety, ASHP Tells Senate               (800) 913-4747       Finance Committee • e-mail link • web link Pharmacy News ASHP: Review by Pharmacist Cuts Discharge Errors University of Texas To Offer Pharmacy Tech Certification Program Bill Would Make Drug Price Gouging a Federal Crime DHC: EHR Upgrades More Likely to Lead to Errors New Data Demonstrating the Impact of Opioid-Related Adverse Events on Total Hospital Cost Presented at ASHP Meeting Emergency Hospitalizations for Adverse Drug Events in Older Americans About ASHP Report: Fla. Should Share Prescription Drug Data ASHP is a 35,000-member Technology Boosts Patient Care national professional[1/1/2012 10:09:19 AM]
  2. 2. CMS:Preview/Send association that represents pharmacists who practice in GSHP News hospitals, health maintenance organizations, long-term care Call for Committee Volunteers and Committee Day Information facilities, home care, and other components of health   care systems. ASHP is the only national organization of Dear Member, hospital and health-system   pharmacists and has a long GSHP wants to invite you to serve as a member of one our committees during history of improving the 2012 year. medication use and enhancing   patient safety. GSHP’s mission is to help our members become better practitioners.  We work towards fulfilling our mission every year through education of our members via American Society of Health- district meetings, statewide meetings, newsletters, and our website; fostering System Pharmacists professional standards; educating the public about the role of health system 7272 Wisconsin Avenue pharmacists; monitoring legislative issues that affect pharmacy; and by Bethesda, MD 20814 promoting health system pharmacy as a career path for future pharmacists.                301-657-3000       The majority of our Society’s work is done by member volunteers working through our committees.  You can play a vital role by serving on one of our • e-mail link committees. • web link   What will you get out of it?  It looks good on your resume.  You will meet and get to know many of the current and future pharmacy leaders in Georgia, Calendar make new friends, and maybe make a good impression on a future employer.  Also, you will have the professional satisfaction of helping shape and advance GSHP Committee health system pharmacy in Georgia. Workday   1/28/12 What is your commitment?  It can be as little as giving your input during our Eagles Landing Country Club upcoming Committee Day on Saturday, January 28, 2012 and participating in conference calls, to taking on other assignments depending on Stockbridge, GA your interests and time.  web link    The following is a description of the functions of each committee.  If you are GSHP Spring Meeting interested in serving on a committee for GSHP, please click on the link below: 3/02/12 - 3/04/12 GSHP Spring Meeting   Marriott Riverfront If you were a member of a committee last year, please also click on Savannah, GA the link and confirm your participation for this year.   web link Committee will meet on Saturday, January 28, 2012 from 9am to 12 noon at Eagles Landing Country Club in Stockbridge, (directions).  If you 2012 Summer Meeting cannot attend  Committee Day, you can still serve on a committee.  The and Exhibition [ASHP] Committee Chair will contact you regarding upcoming meetings or other 6/09/12 - 6/13/12 opportunities to participate. The ASHP 2012 Summer   Meeting is your chance to take part in four fulfilling COMMITTEE FUNCTIONS AND CHARGES:  days of intense intellectual COMMUNICATIONS COUNCIL: The Communications Council and Editorial stimulation, in-depth Board is responsible for the direction, development, and quality control of all education, and hands-on GSHP publications, including the GSHP web site.  exploration. Join your peers EDUCATIONAL AFFAIRS: The Educational Affairs Committee is responsible in Baltimore for this unique for planning, coordinating, and evaluating educational content of the 3 experience designed expressly statewide GSHP meetings.    for current and future INDUSTRY RELATIONS: The Industry Advisory Committee shall act as a pharmacy leaders in hospitals liaison between GSHP and members of the pharmaceutical industry to further and health systems. enhance relationships and foster an environment of mutual understanding Baltimore Convention through communication and feedback. Center LEGISLATIVE AFFAIRS: The Legislative Committee is responsible for Baltimore, Maryland informing the GSHP membership and Board of Directors of important web link legislation and regulations and how they will impact pharmacy practice in organized health care settings in Georgia.  ORGANIZATIONAL AFFAIRS: The Organizational Affairs Committee reviews GSHP Summer Meeting and analyzes the GSHP organization and make recommendations to increase 7/20/12 - 7/22/12 its effectiveness. It also serves as a liaison between GSHP and other Amelia Island Plantation, FL professional organizations.  PROFESSIONAL AFFAIRS: The Professional Affairs Committee provides web link[1/1/2012 10:09:19 AM]
  3. 3. CMS:Preview/Send recommendations to the Board of Directors on policies and actions to be taken by GSHP on issues of professional practice. 2012 National Residency PUBLIC RELATIONS: The Public Relations Committee provides the public Prectors Conference with information and awareness of GSHPs mission and values through a [ASHP] variety of forums and media. GSHPs publics include, but are not limited to: 8/16/12 - 8/18/12 patients/consumers and their families, industry, other healthcare The National Residency professionals, organized healthcare executives, academia, pharmacists, Preceptors Conference (NRPC) technicians and other pharmacy support staff, and other pharmacy is the only meeting purely professional organizations.  dedicated to pharmacy STUDENT and RESIDENTS COMMITTEE: The Student and Residents residency training. The NRPC Committee provides input to GSHP on how to get students interested in covers timely topics health-system pharmacy practice and how to get them interested and involved important to all program in GSHP.  directors and preceptors of Make a commitment to get involved with a GSHP Committee. ASHP-accredited, ASHP- application submitted, and   newly emerging residency training programs. This is a must-attend event for web link | return to headlines residency preceptors and directors who seek quality Call for Posters- 2012 Spring Meeting programming and networking opportunities with other Call for Student & Resident Posters — GSHP Spring Meeting-Sign preceptors across the up NOW ! country. Washington D.C. web link GSHP Annual Meeting 10/19/12 - 10/21/12 Brasstown Valley Resort Young Harris, GA web link Did you present a poster at the ASHP Midyear Meeting? Complete an interesting project on a rotation? This is your opportunity to share your results with pharmacy colleagues from around Georgia at the GSHP Student and Resident Poster Session at the Spring Meeting at the Marriott Riverfront in Savannah on Saturday, March 3rd.      Poster presenters will receive free meeting registration. Space is limited and the deadline for submission of abstracts is February 15th.   Abstracts should be no more than 400 words and include a brief title, authors and the following headings: Purpose, Methods, Results and Conclusions. To submit your poster, or for questions, contact Marjorie Phillips, GSHP Poster Session Coordinator at: .   Please include your full name and contact information with the submission (as well as full listings for any co-authors)[1/1/2012 10:09:19 AM]
  4. 4. CMS:Preview/Send   Poster presenters must be GSHP members. Looking forward to seeing you there.   web link | return to headlines GSHP 2012 Meetings Announced Mark your calendar for the GSHP Meetings in 2012 March 2-4, 2012 Marriott Savannah Riverfront (GSHP Spring Meeting) July 20-22, 2012 Amelia Island Plantation, FL (GSHP Summer Meeting) October 19-21, 2012 Brasstown Valley Resort (GSHP Annual Meeting) web link | return to headlines GSHP Facebook Page Follow GSHP on Facebook. Become a Fan! Click Here ASHP News Provider Status Petition Gets Boost at Midyear 12/15/2011 A petition initiative to recognize pharmacists as providers under Section 1861 of the Social Security Act, led by ASHP member Sandra Leal, received a significant boost during the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting last week in New Orleans. The petition on has nearly 10,000 signatures. Members are encouraged to sign the petition as a way to demonstrate the importance that provider recognition for pharmacists can play in ensuring safe and effective medication use to the patients they serve. Read More 2012 OPPS Final Rule Adopts ASP-Plus-Four Drug Reimbursement Rate [January 1, 2012, AJHP News] Kate Traynor BETHESDA, MD 12 December 2011 The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) estimates that it will pay $41.1 billion to hospitals for outpatient services provided to Medicare beneficiaries in 2012. This figure was released November 1 upon the finalization of the 2012 Medicare hospital outpatient prospective payment system (OPPS). The OPPS payments apply to equipment, supplies, and hospital staff but not the services of physicians and nonphysician practitioners paid under the Medicare physician fee schedule. Read More Rhode Island Program Targets Care Transitions [January 1, 2012, AJHP News] Kate Traynor BETHESDA, MD 12 December 2011 University of Rhode Island College of Pharmacy Associate Professor Stephen Kogut has combined home pharmacy services and technology to secure funding for medication reviews and, he hopes, show the value of pharmacists community care services. "The idea is to couple pharmacists home visits with electronic personal health[1/1/2012 10:09:19 AM]
  5. 5. CMS:Preview/Send record technology to try and address medication-related problems during the care transition from hospital discharge back to the community," Kogut said. Read More Drug Shortages Compromise Patient Safety, ASHP Tells Senate Finance Committee 12/7/2011 Many drugs that are fundamental and essential to patient care are in scare supply, which compromises providers’ ability to care for vulnerable patients, Kasey Thompson, vice president of ASHP’s office of Policy, Planning and Communications, told legislators today during a Capitol Hill hearing looking into the drug shortages crisis. Thompson represented ASHP at a hearing held by the Senate Finance Committee, whose jurisdiction includes health programs under the Social Security Act, including Medicare and Medicaid. Thompson cited research from the Institute of Safe Medication Practices and the American Hospital Association that described suboptimal care brought on by drug shortages, including adverse drug events, delayed treatment, and cancelled procedures. He also pointed to research by ASHP and the University of Michigan that described the additional hours spent by hospital pharmacists to deal with shortages. "Every minute spent dealing with a drug shortage is time taken away from patient care," he said. Read More Pharmacy News ASHP: Review by Pharmacist Cuts Discharge Errors MedPage Today (12/08/11) Walsh, Nancy Researchers reporting at the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting have found that the inclusion of pharmacists in the discharge process can significantly reduce medication errors at a medical-surgical unit. A review conducted before and after the institution of the pharmacist-led program showed medication errors decreased from 180 to 95, according to Christina Wadsworth, PharmD, and Renee Striker, PharmD, of Huron Hospital in East Cleveland, Ohio. The number of patients discharged with medication errors also fell from 76 percent to 47 percent. The program instituted by Wadsworth, Striker, and colleagues allows pharmacists to verify all continuing prescriptions at discharge and bring any errors to the attention of the prescribing physician. Hospital pharmacists also counselled patients about the correct use of their medications. return to headlines University of Texas To Offer Pharmacy Tech Certification Program Drug Store News (11/30/11) Dearment, Alaric The University of Texas Professional Development Center (PDC) is launching a certification program for pharmacy technicians. The 14-week program will begin in February 2012. It includes a 120-hour internship. "As our population ages and health care becomes more and more important, I anticipate there will be increased employment opportunities in all areas of health care, including pharmacy workers," PDC director Liliya Spinazzola said. return to headlines Bill Would Make Drug Price Gouging a Federal Crime Associated Press (12/06/11) Legislation in Congress would make price gouging prescription drugs that are in short supply a federal crime. Senator Charles E. Schumer, D-N.Y., is proposing a bill that would enable U.S. Department of Justice to go after "unscrupulous drug distributors" who sell hospitals life-saving prescription drugs in short supply at steep price increases. Such problems have been growing this year, with shortages worsening significantly for normal cheap generic injected medications that are critical to the treatment of cancer, pain, and infections, as well as liquid nutrition and anesthesia for surgery. The[1/1/2012 10:09:19 AM]
  6. 6. CMS:Preview/Send Associated Press reported that at least 15 patient deaths have occurred since the middle of 2010 due to shortages. In a case in Alabama, nine patients died after getting inadvertently contaminated liquid nutrition that had to be hand- mixed from a powder because the usual liquid nutrition was not available. Schumers bill would allow penalties of up to $500 million for each case of price gouging. "Forcing hospitals to buy life-saving medications at outrageously inflated prices is unquestionably unethical, and with this legislation it would be illegal, too," says Schumer in a statement. The number of new drug shortages each year has tripped since 2006, and as of November 30th of this year there had been 251 different new drug shortages in 2011. Causes for shortages include manufacturing deficiencies leading to production shutdowns, companies stopping production on some drugs will small profit margins, consolidation in the generic drug industry, and limited supplies of some ingredients. At the end of October, President Obama signed an executive order instructing the Food and Drug Administration to expand its reporting of potential drug shortages, quicken reviews of proposed production changes for drugs facing shortages, and give the Justice Department more information on possible collusion or price gouging. return to headlines DHC: EHR Upgrades More Likely to Lead to Errors MedPage Today (12/04/11) Petrochko, Cole Weill Cornell Medical College researchers have found that upgrading electronic health record (EHR) systems can lead to an increase in e-prescribing errors. Their study, presented at the New York eHealth Collaboratives Digital Health Conference, showed that the initial shift to EHR from paper-based prescribing decreased errors by 85 percent. However, when sites already using e- prescribing upgraded to a new EHR system, the error rate increased from a baseline of 8.6 errors per 100 prescriptions to 18 errors after three months, and 10.9 errors after one year. The error rate only dropped below the baseline, to 3.8, after two years of using the new system. return to headlines New Data Demonstrating the Impact of Opioid-Related Adverse Events on Total Hospital Cost Presented at ASHP Meeting PR Newswire (12/05/11) Pacira Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announced new data at ASHPs Midyear Clinical Meeting that indicates opioid-related adverse events (ORAEs) are associated with an average $1,000 increase in hospitalization cost and more than a day increase in the length of the patients hospital stay. These findings were gleaned from a retrospective analysis identifying adult patients who received opioids between Sept. 2008 and August 2010. Approximately 20 percent of surgical patients were identified as experiencing an ORAE. return to headlines Emergency Hospitalizations for Adverse Drug Events in Older Americans New England Journal of Medicine (11/24/11) Vol. 365, No. 21, P. 2002; Budnitz, Daniel S.; Lovegrove, Maribeth C.; Shehab, Nadine Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) researchers have found that certain diabetes medications and anti-coagulants are associated with two- thirds of the 99,628 older adults who are hospitalized annually because of drug-related adverse events. The studys findings are based on information from 58 hospitals nationwide. All patients involved in the study came from the CDCs National Electronic Injury Surveillance System-Cooperative Adverse Drug Event Surveillance project. The research did not include hospitalizations associated with drug abuse, withdrawal, or deliberate self-harm. Of the hospitalizations the study tracked, 33 percent were associated with warfarin, 14 percent were associated with insulin injections, 13 percent were associated with antiplatelet medications, and 11 percent were associated with oral hypoglycemic agents. return to headlines Report: Fla. Should Share Prescription Drug Data Associated Press (12/02/11)[1/1/2012 10:09:19 AM]
  7. 7. CMS:Preview/Send A Florida Health Department report says the state should share data from its new prescription drug monitoring system with other states. The tracking system began operating Sept. 1 as part of efforts to crack down on "doctor shopping" and "pill mills" that supply drug dealers and addicts. The report notes 223,700 prescriptions written in Florida were filled in other states in 2009. The report says changing state law to allow for an exchange of data would help out-of-state doctors, pharmacists and law enforcement officials determine whether prescriptions came from Florida. return to headlines Technology Boosts Patient Care American Press (La.) (11/22/11) Innovative uses of technology, such as the Louisiana Health Information Exchange, can improve care for individual patients. The exchange uses a Web- based platform to link various healthcare branches, including primary-care doctors to hospitals and pharmacists. Through a $10 million federal grant, the exchange hopes to get more providers to join the network to make it self- sustaining through subscription fees from medical enterprises. The systems goal is to ensure patients medical records are on hand at the time of care, and it will link not only larger systems but rural hospitals and doctors as well. Other benefits of the program include enabling analysis of patient data and outcomes and comparisons of hospitalization rates for certain categories of patients. return to headlines © 2012 American Society of Health-System Pharmacists. News summaries © 2012 Information, Inc.    [subscribe/unsubscribe][1/1/2012 10:09:19 AM]