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  1. 1. StarForce Technologies You Create – We protect Online Copy Protection Service to protect electronic documents in PDF, books, audio / video materials, as well as HTML files from copying, leaking and jointly purchases
  2. 2. 2 A reliable protection system that prevents leakage and loss of revenue Protection against copying and illegal distribution Control the printing functions for electronic documents Activation of access to protected files over the Internet Protection against Print Screen function and screen grabbing Prevents sharing of purchased files by customers Supports all major file formats
  3. 3. What protects 3 Electronic documents Audio and video files HTML pages with content electronic books and magazines, periodicals, reference books, instructions, user manuals, financial reports and audit statements, legal documents, etc. educational materials, seminars, webinars, corporate and home events interactive tutorials with content, including pictures, JavaScript code, flash, video, audio, CSS, java-applets, etc.
  4. 4. Copy protection tech info 4 Protection against copying and illegal use is realized by using the technology of "binding" to the parameters of the user's device, which ensures the start of protected content only on an authorized devises: a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. Authorization is made through the activation of the serial number. If all the activations is exhausted, it is impossible to run content on another device.
  5. 5. Convenient personal account 5 protect your content at any convenient time generate, activate and block serial numbers set limitations on serial numbers before and after they are issued for the end user get detailed reports on the activation of serial numbers Where you can easy and in real time:
  6. 6. Eternal protection without regular payments 6 All files remain protected and can be used without time limits regardless of the period of the purchased license
  7. 7. Protection against screen grabbing and broadcasting 7 1 Blocking of applications Protection against screenshots by blocking apps that can make screenshots. The user should close such programs to successfully start protected content. This protection method can be disabled in the parameters of the serial number. 2 The Black Box The Black Box does not prohibit users from taking screenshots or broadcasting the screen, but while viewing the result of it you will see only a completely black picture or black video frame. It makes useless any attempts to make a screen copy of the protected content. Service provides two methods of protection
  8. 8. Serial number management 8 set serial number lifetime set activations per serial number blacklist a compromised serial number or a batch set serial number expiration date you can allow activations only in selected regions set level of binding to device disable the blocking of applications which can grab the screen Serial number parameters can be edited in the personal account after generation You can:
  9. 9. Exclusive StarForce API 9 provides API to connect the service to any online store. For example, to implement the automatically generating of serial numbers immediately after the payment from the customers.
  10. 10. Binding to disc or USB 10 If end users don't have access to the Internet, you can use alternative types of binding that don't require being online to activate protected materials. CD/DVD disc In this case, the end user can view protected electronic materials only if there is an original disc/USB inserted in the personal computer. Supported only for Windows. USB stick
  11. 11. Protection of electronic documents 11 allows you to protect most popular formats of electronic documents against copying by converting them into the special file format which can be opened only with the viewer program SFPDF StarForce Reader Any format of electronic document can be converted into PDF and protected via
  12. 12. StarForce Reader 12 A special application for viewing protected documents with an ability to make notes and open ordinary PDF and EPUB files. StarForce Reader is available for all popular operating systems: Windows, macOS, Android and iOS
  13. 13. Protection of audio and video files 13 supports a large number of audio and video file formats for protection that are converted into a special format - SFMEDIA can only be played with a special multimedia player - SFMEDIA. StarForce Player
  14. 14. StarForce Player 14 We created StarForce Player for maximum convenience while working with protected audio and video files. The multimedia player can open both protected with and regular media files.
  15. 15. Protection of HTML files 15 During protection HTML documents are converted into an executable file for It contains data from HTML documents and an embedded viewer. Next this file must be protected against copying in the following way: is added to the executable file without which it can not work. the protection library WINDOWS.
  16. 16. Our customers 16 Online stores Publishers and developers Corporate clients sale of protected content through online stores with an ability to automatically generate serial numbers creators of educational programs that distribute their works through a direct downloading link or by email use of protected materials that carry trade secrets or sensitive business information within the company between employees or outside the security perimeter Personal usage protection of personal materials or intellectual property to prevent their leakage into public access without permission or payment
  17. 17. Case study: Deloitte 17 provides copy protection for research reports.
  18. 18. Case study: STATUT 18 The STATUT Digital online store offers law electronic books protected with
  19. 19. Case study: STANDARTINFORM 19 Periodicals of STANDARTINFORM, the Russian scientific and technical information center for standardization, metrology and conformity assessment.
  20. 20. Case study: Institute of Modeling in Business 20 Business magazines with unique materials distributed via subscription.
  21. 21. Case study: Aeroflot Aviation School 21 Periodical thematic publications for the training of specialists in the field of civil aviation at Aeroflot Aviation School.
  22. 22. Case study: TRANSAS 22 Internal use of sensitive documents by TRANSAS employees.
  23. 23. Case study: Private educational courses 23 Development of educational courses in the field of Internet investment, risks and crypto- currency. Anatoly Raznyuk
  24. 24. Watch us on YouTube 24 How to protect video filesHow to stop screen grabbing for documents and video Protection of HTML files About Serial numbers generating
  25. 25. About StarForce Technologies StarForce Technologies is a world recognized expert in protecting software and digital content against illegal copying, hacking and unauthorized distribution. 12 products in the company’s portfolio >70M sold licenses all over the world 2011 started our participation in the innovation center 2000 the company was founded 25% the company's growth in 2017 27 awards were received for StarForce products 25
  26. 26. 26 Protection provided by an international company with partners all over the world The company has a R&D Department that is responsible for innovations in hack-resistance and functionality development. We update our products at least 4 times a year Friendly Support Team that can help via email, phone, Skype, online chat Reasonable prices and a flexible discount system Fast and easy copy protection over Internet (from work and from home) An option to order protection performed by the StarForce specialists An option to order protection analysis by the StarForce experts to get recommendations about possible improvements StarForce benefits
  27. 27. These companies trust us 27
  28. 28. StarForce Moscow Headquarters Phone: +7 495 967-14-50 Business: Support: Information: Address: 5 Altufevskoe shosse Moscow 127106 Russia