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StarForce Technologies to Protect Games


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StarForce specializes in game protection. Any game from a variety of threats.

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StarForce Technologies to Protect Games

  1. 1. You create – We protect StarForce Technologies to Protect Games
  2. 2. You create – We protect We have been protecting games for more than 15 years
  3. 3. You create – We protect StarForce solutions provide source code protection against reverse engineering for any OS or platform
  4. 4. You create – We protect StarForce DRM prevents piracy of games and DLC Windows and Android support
  5. 5. You create – We protect We integrated with Steam to provide reliable and easy-to- use protection
  6. 6. You create – We protect We protect multiplayer online games against cheats and bots
  7. 7. You create – We protect We neutralize threats to online games:  changing the game balance and character stats  memory modification  manipulation with DLL system libraries  modification and substitution of game resources (maps, textures, and so on)  unauthorized access to modification of game variables  traffic interception  debugging and analysis  hacking of paid options  receiving of important encrypted data batches by a fake server application  gaming server substitution  MMO game localizer/operator cheating 7
  8. 8. You create – We protect Custom Development We are ready to develop solutions in the field of information protection based on the unique requirements of customers 8
  9. 9. You create – We protect Why StarForce? High degree of protection against modification and analysis (no successful hacking attempts have been detected for StarForce MMOG and C++ Obfuscation) Flexible solution with an opportunity to customize it according to individual requirements Reasonable pricing policy Development by an international company providing technical support worldwide 9
  10. 10. You create – We protect Our customers 10
  11. 11. You create – We protect Success Story: WarFace  7 territories: RU, CH, KR, EU+NA+TR, BR, VT, X360  30+ million audience  Guinness World Record: the number of players in an online shooter on the same server exceeded 145 thousand people  Shooter №1 for Russia and CIS countries  Received many different awards 11 «We began to use StarForce MMOG before starting beta testing of the project. It allowed us to avoid many troubles associated with vulnerabilities in the game that could be exploited for fraud and violation of the game balance. We do plan to use StarForce MMOG in our future projects». Stanislav Spivakov, Technical Director at Crytek Kyiv
  12. 12. You create – We protect Eagle Dynamics: flight simulators 12 StarForce protection is used to prevent piracy
  13. 13. You create – We protect Red Bull Air Race: August 2016 Protection for an online game with Oculus Rift support
  14. 14. You create – We protect Try StarForce 14 Open a test project today!
  15. 15. You create – We protect StarForce Russia +7 495 967-14-51 StarForce USA +1 925 272-4515 StarForce France +33 (0) 1 44 18-37-05 Business: Support: Information: