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StarForce ProActive for Business


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This advanced solution is designed to protect software against illegal replication, license breach, reverse engineering and hacking. The key benefits of StarForce ProActive for Business are the availability of a wide range of possible binding objects, support for protecting different types of applications (code and data) and the ability to run them on virtual machines without losing protection reliability.

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StarForce ProActive for Business

  1. 1. You create – We protect StarForce ProActive for Business Licensing and protection system for enterprise software
  2. 2. You create – We protect 2  More than half of the world’s computer users admit to using software in a way that breaches the software’s license agreement  The majority of software developers incur revenue losses from the use of unlicensed software that amount to at least 10% of their revenue  Experts estimate about $63.4 billion of annual revenue is lost to the software industry Source: Is Unlicensed Software Hurting Your Bottom Line? (KPMG Survey, 2015) Are you prepared for violations of your software license agreement?
  3. 3. You create – We protect 3 StarForce ProActive for Business Advanced solution for reliable software protection License Agreement Compliance Protection against illegal copying, sharing and installation Protection against analysis and reverse engineering, prevention of unauthorized software modification Use control in real time
  4. 4. You create – We protect How it works 4 Protection When an application is being protected, its code gets a number of modifications that protect it against analysis and reverse engineering and other illegal actions from users Activation To activate the protected application, a serial number is required. This number also defines the applicable license terms. Activation includes binding of a serial number to the hardware parameters to provide a better level of protection Use Control Via the personal area, usage statistics can be accessed at anytime and changes can be made in the conditions of the license (editing the serial number)
  5. 5. You create – We protect Protection Features  Protection of code inside the function / protection of the imported function call  Extra protection of internal variables with hidden classes  Activation of the application modes depending on serial number parameters  Data files protection  Beta version and promotional copy protection  Patch and add-on protection  StarForce SDK included  Selection of binding objects: a computer, a local server and/or a remote server 5
  6. 6. You create – We protect 6 Binding Objects A local server A computer (a server or a workstation) A remote server The easiest way of binding, ideally suits applications that are run on physical computers (not virtual machines) Suitable for software installation on many computers within one local network (one company). Supports running on virtual machines Enables full control of the protected application in real time. You have an opportunity to prolong, revoke, add new users at any moment. It also supports running on virtual machines
  7. 7. You create – We protect Recommendations for selecting binding objects Binding Objects Application configuration Computer Local Server Remote Server Stand-alone application Ideal for applications running on physical machines Suitable for applications running on virtual machines without Internet connection Provides full control. Suitable for applications running on virtual machines “Fat client-server” application – client protection For a few computers Ideal for many computers in one network For remote workstations with a replace “Thin client-server” application – server protection Ideal for applications running on physical machines For corporate use Provides full control. Suitable for applications running on virtual machines 7
  8. 8. You create – We protect “Fat client-server” application binds to Local Server 8 Client of the protected application StarForce License Service Company’s Network Protected application’s Server Client of the protected application Client of the protected application Client of the protected application
  9. 9. You create – We protect “Thin client-server” application or a Cloud Service binds to Remote Server 9 StarForce License Service Protected Application Internet In “thin client server” or Cloud Service configuration only the server part is protected, but the software developer usually specifies the number of users in license terms. Binding to a remote server allows you to monitor the license terms and make quick changes
  10. 10. You create – We protect Total control in real time StarForce ProActive for Business allows you to control access to protected software, change license settings and collect usage statistics immediately with a few clicks 10
  11. 11. You create – We protect International use and customization  More than 16 GUI languages are supported  Dialog boxes can be customized  Custom user interface can be developed 11
  12. 12. You create – We protect Licensing Models 12 Trial Buy Only Try&Die Demo Rent/ Subscription Free use of the product during a certain period of time specified by the publisher. After the period expires, the end users can only continue using the application if they purchase a license Use of the product without restrictions Use of the product without purchasing a license during a certain period of time specified by the publisher. The application cannot run after the period expires. Suitable for beta testing This licensing model allows end users to run the application with limited functionality, but without any time limitations Provides access to the product with time limitations. After the expiration date a new period must be paid to continue work with the protected application
  13. 13. You create – We protect License and Serial Numbers Management  License/Serial Number expiration date  Regional restrictions  Maximum number of runs  Total time of operation  Serial number blacklisting  Limiting the functionality depending on the serial number  Transferring custom information specified in the serial number to the application during activation 13 The parameters of Serial Numbers can be edited after generation
  14. 14. You create – We protect Automatic Activation StarForce servers are located around the world, including Germany, China and Russia, which allows to guarantee automatic activation for end-users via the Internet and manually on the ProActive website (if a PC with protected software installed does not have an Internet connection) 14
  15. 15. You create – We protect Success Story: Tradesoft Tradesoft has selected StarForce ProActive for Business for the protection of its flagship product - AutoIntellekt. This solution is developed for wholesale and retail trade automation. StarForce performs the following tasks:  Product Licensing  Protection against analysis and modification to prevent the situation when the client could modify and refine the product without the developer 15
  16. 16. You create – We protect Success Story: C++ Obfuscator We use StarForce ProActive for Business to protect our own product. StarForce C ++ Obfuscator is a unique stand-alone application that is created to obfuscate software source code. Its work algorithms are very valuable. Why StarForce ProActive for Business  Binding to a remote server allows us to control the protected application and, if necessary, to revoke the access to it  The client can use the product on multiple computers, including virtual machines 16
  17. 17. You create – We protect StarForce ProActive for Business Price Calculation 17 License for protection and activation (per 6 months or per year) Binding Objects Serial Numbers StarForce ProActive for Business Cost
  18. 18. You create – We protect 18 Those companies have chosen us
  19. 19. You create – We protect StarForce Benefits Protection provided by an international company with partners all over the world The company has a R&D Department that is responsible for innovations in hack- resistance and functionality development. We update our products at least 4 times a year Friendly Support Team that can help via email, phone, Skype Online statistics reports for marketing analysis and sales forecasting Reasonable prices and a flexible discount system Fast product protection over Internet (from work and from home) An option to order protection performed by StarForce specialists An option to order protection analysis by StarForce experts to get recommendations about possible improvements 19
  20. 20. You create – We protect Try StarForce Sign up for a 30 days trial of StarForce ProActive for Business for free to make sure that it suits you 20
  21. 21. You create – We protect StarForce Headquarters +7 495 967-14-51 StarForce USA +1 925 272-4515 StarForce France +33 (0) 1 44 18-37-05 Business: Support: Information: