Slow Food, Slow Schools.


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Simply "digitising" lessons won't change their quality or effectiveness at all. Instead, We need to adopt a more student-centred approach to our teaching methodology and then apply whatever digital tools suits our needs. One methodology that might achieve this is Project Based Learning. his presentation discusses four key tool categories to allow students to create interesting "final products" for their projects: a note-taking app, an audio recording app, a video editing app and an webpage annotation app.

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  • Highschool English teacherE-learning consultant
  • I’m going to ask you to be my English studentsA short warmer activity with three objectives:To meet people in front and behind you & get to know themTo see how many people have access to a smartphone / Tablet / PC in the roomTO cause chaos and possible disaster in the first 2 minutes of my presentation :-o
  • Free service, allows class to comment on an ongoing lesson. Ironic thing: I’m talking about student-centered learning, yet this will be quite teacher centered Todaysmeet goes some way to solving this problem
  • Abandoned control of my «lesson»Allowed you (students) to «discover» something for yourselves(Hopefully) you took control of your learning(Hopefully) you were more inclined to try harder because you had «ownership» of the information. You discovered this, I didn’t «force» it on you.Why not use it? It’s just a tool. Lower Order Thinking Skills LOTS not HOTS
  • E piu e piu e piu….
  • Qr codes reader and A QR codes writer
  • I’m really sad. This is the education we’ve got right now in Italy. Frontal lessons, easy to prepare, We package up the content, teach it in standardised, fast food lessons. Then test the entire class on their memory of the content. Eat it all up. It might make you sick, but it’s fast, cheap and does the job. Ironic thing is, it’s not particularly fast either!This makes me
  • I’m extra sad, because I have two (soon to be three) daughters, one of whom is going to start school here in Italy next year. I want Italy to have good education system, as an educational professional, but also for them.
  • Technology is the solution.It makes sure that all the students are paying attention. Digital natives. Facebook generation. Blah blah blah. They love technology.All you need is technology, right?
  • Wrong. Just adding technology to our lessons, but not changing the methodology is tantamount to just covering the meal in more ketchup. What we need is a new type of cuisine, not more sauce. Teachers i have seen speding hours preparing an IWB lesson which is still completely teacher centered (frontale), Apart from a couple of moments where 2 or students come to the front and touch the board for a minute. Still frontale, this time its 2 students doing and 30-ish watching.
  • What we need is like the slow food revolution, but for schools. It’s A modern Italian tradition we can be proud of. To hell (inferno!) with curricula. The poor students forget 80% by the time they’re in the world of work. What we need is for students to be able to apply their skills, to solve problems, to create new, interesting innovative solutions to the worlds problems
  • What we need is slow schools. Just like in cooking, it’s the participation in the act,the choice of ingredients, the the pleasure derived from whole process that gives value. The process of learning to be given much more importance, to be more fun and more useful.Today, I want to give us ideas of technology you can use to get your students to make a «product» that they can be proud of. There is no reason why you can’t just make a poster. If the students are as equally engaged, they will learn just as well
  • It’s true! I’m just an English teacher from Trento, what do I know?
  • Dr. Ruben PuenteduraWestern Massachusetts,
  • ... But how do we go about «creating new compiti?» One suggestion is adopting a project-based aproach.Not for all, but some of our curriculum. Thhink of something that you want the students to produce which will demonstrate knowledge of subject, but one which the process of making it will actually stimulate learning.
  • So I can give you a list of apps, but maybe lets think the otherway around?Just using an app isn’t changing our teachingSource: Ruben R. Puentedura,
  • Comments & questions to AG send to Todaysmeeting.com
  • If you have Audioboo, use that. If not, dpm’t bother now, just record it and send it to me I’ll upload them to:
  • If you have Audioboo, use that. If not, dpm’t bother now, just record it and send it to me I’ll upload them to:
  • anche chi aiuta a tradurrlo!
  • anche chi aiuta a tradurrlo!
  • Slow Food, Slow Schools.

    1. 1. Seth Dickens iDidattica App e strumenti per l’utilizzo di tablet, LIM e smartphone in classe
    2. 2. Seth Dickens
    3. 3. QR ?! Che Cosa?
    4. 4. Ask about : Names, city & school. Ask about Names, home city & school. Ask about : Names, city & school. Discuss a really good lesson you did this year. Why was it good? What technology do you *have* at your school and what technology do you *want* at your school. Why? Who will you talk to about the Erickson conference? Why?
    5. 5.
    6. 6. Perché?
    7. 7. • Caccia al tesoro - lingua straniera, problemi matemetici, Italiano L2. • Domande codificate - risposte sui muri • Attività extra per studenti veloci / lenti lettura approfondita / semplificata. • Link ai compiti (audio podcast, video, altri siti internet).
    8. 8. @ Slow Schools
    9. 9. Seth non sa niente!
    10. 10. SAMR Ruben R. Puentedura
    11. 11. Miglioramento Modificazione La tecnologia permette di ridisegnare parti significative di un compito. Aumento La tecnologia sostituisce un altro strumento, con un aumento significativo della funzionalità. Sostituzione: la tecnologia riproduce la stessa funzione di un altro strumento senza un reale cambiamento. Trasformazione Ridefinizione: La tecnologia permette creazione di nuovi compiti, precendentemente inconcepibili
    12. 12. Source:
    13. 13. App chiavi per ProjectBased Learning
    14. 14. Tutte e Due
    15. 15.
    16. 16.
    17. 17. Explain Everything
    18. 18. Explain Everything
    19. 19. Explain Everything
    20. 20. Add link to student audioboo
    21. 21. il nostro progetto: Un Messaggio per uno delle seguente. ‘‘Com’è la scuola di oggi, è bello, vero?’’ Ministro dell'Istruzione, dell'Università e della Ricerca Maria Chiara Carrozza La mia figlia, che comincia la scuola l’anno prossima Gaia Dickens
    22. 22. il nostro progetto: Un Messaggio per uno delle seguente. ‘‘Com’è la scuola di oggi, è bello, vero?’’ Mandate a: Ascoltate a:
    23. 23. Explain Everything
    24. 24. Explain Everything
    25. 25. Explain Everything
    26. 26. Ricordatevi! Image Source:
    27. 27. Quale strumento usi di più, Seth?
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